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Portable Storages & Outdoor Sheds

Our portable storage solutions and outdoor sheds for sale offer a cost-effective and versatile solution if you need to keep machinery, tools, vehicles, goods, or household items safe and secure. As a garden sheds manufacturer, our range comes in many sizes and designs, all of which can be modified to suit your purpose. In addition, they are quick to deliver and easy to assemble and use at your site.


Module-T is a leading portable storage manufacturer that produces a full range of large and small light steel-framed storage buildings. Over the past 15 years, we have supplied portable storage buildings to protect construction machinery from theft and the elements, garden sheds to keep mowers and tools, and prefab storage to people renovating their property or keeping items safe before moving into new offices or properties.


If you need a secure and practical space to store almost any items or goods, our practical outdoor sheds for storage offer a convenient and affordable solution.


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Technical Specifications of Portable Storages & Outdoor Sheds

The portable storage buildings we manufacture come in various sizes and designs that can be modified during the initial manufacturing stages. See below a list of standard portable storage specifications:

  • Frame and structure: Galvanised bolted steel is used for the frame and structure of our outdoor sheds for storage. The cladding is concrete fibre cement panels with fire-resistant A1 plasterboard.
  • Roof: Portable storage roofs are made from the panel and galvanised steel. Roof coatings come as sandwich panels with polyurethane insulation, galvanised and painted trapezoidal sheets, or tarred corrugated plates. Additions include PVC or metallic guttering and drainage pipes.
  • Doors: The exterior doors are either flame-resistant aluminium, steel, or PVC. You can choose MDF, Aluminium, or PVC for the interior doors.
  • Windows: If windows are included in your portable storage building, they come double-glazed with aluminium or PVC frames. You can also add double-panel windows, guillotine or sliding windows, PVC roller shutters, steel security bars, alarms, and intruder protection.
  • Electric connections: Our storage comes pre-cut with lighting sockets, switches, cabling, fuses, and fuse boxes for easy local connection. You can also add wiring for networking and internet connections if wished.
  • Plumbing: Depending on the design of your storage building, WCs, sinks, urinals, showers, heating, and air conditioning can be included.
  • Additions: All the prefab storage sheds we produce can be customised to include various fixtures and fittings, shelves, cabinetry, and security measures. In addition, you can enhance them aesthetically by choosing colours to brand or make the space fit its purpose.

Transportation and Assembly of Portable Storages & Outdoor Sheds

Our logistics team is on hand to organise the fast and affordable delivery of our outdoor sheds for sale and portable storage units. The storage buildings are manufactured in sections at our factory in Türkiye, where they are expertly flat packed into a container and then taken by land and sea to your site. We can deliver our products to built-up and remote locations over six continents, where they arrive on-site and can be erected onto a stable base, light concrete foundation, or blocks using the lifting hooks attached. Simple tools and a crane or forklift truck (if a larger construction) are all that are necessary to assemble the frame, floor, roof, and interior before use. Most portable storage buildings can be up and running in just a few hours.


Areas Where Portable Storages & Outdoor Sheds Can Be Used

As leading storage and garden shed manufacturers, we have supplied our solutions to many large and small-scale commercial, industrial, and residential sites. A few popular applications of portable storage include:

·        Construction and civil engineering site storage provides a secure, watertight space to keep machinery, tools, equipment, vehicles, and materials.

·        Temporary or seasonal equipment storage where seasonal garden mowers or tools can be kept, or construction equipment can be safely stored in areas where laws limit projects or operations year-round.

·        Household storage to keep items safe and dry whilst waiting to move or renovate rooms.

·        Event and exhibition storage to protect merchandise, supplies, food, beverages, catering equipment, tables, chairs, etc.

·        Outdoor sheds for storage to keep garden tools and equipment secure.

·        Family storage to use whilst downsizing or to keep relatives’ goods, inheritance items or miscellaneous artefacts safe.

Benefits of Portable Storages & Outdoor Sheds

You can enjoy many benefits by ordering from a portable storage manufacturer rather than organising the traditional construction of a storage building. Advantages include:

Portability: Prefabricated storage buildings are portable and can be quickly erected, dismantled, or relocated when necessary.

Time: Our portable garden sheds and storage solutions are quick to manufacture, deliver, and assemble, resulting in considerable savings in time and cost.

Durable: High-quality light steel and materials ensure our sheds and storage units are extremely strong and earthquake and cyclone-resistant.

Affordable: The portable storage precision manufacturing process reduces waste, eliminates bad weather delays, and reduces labour costs, leading to significant financial savings.


Cost of Portable Storages & Outdoor Sheds

At Module-T, we ensure all our portable storage buildings and light steel garden shed prices are competitive and that you receive a high-quality and well-made construction for your money. However, several factors influence the price, including the size, design, modifications you choose to make to the structure, and the transportation costs to deliver the storage to your site from Turkey. If you are interested in knowing more about our products, for specific portable storage prices and a free quote, please get in touch with us.


Why Module-T Portable Storages & Outdoor Sheds?

When considering portable storage solutions, please view our storage range, as the buildings provide a highly durable and budget-friendly solution.

Module-T is a large portable building manufacturer; storage is just one of many prefabricated buildings we produce. Due to our leading position in the modular construction industry, we can rapidly design and build both standard and bespoke storage solutions and organise the swift and economical transportation of the structures to over 120 countries worldwide.


Our modular and prefabricated building ranges are competitively priced, and our team is on ready to assist throughout the entire order process, from your initial enquiry and discussing the modifications you need to make the spaces work for you to the delivery and assembly of your storage buildings at the site.


If you are searching for garden shed manufacturers or want to know more about our portable storage prices and products, please contact us.


Yes, Module-T light steel storage buildings are designed to be portable, and they can all be easily assembled and disassembled and moved to other locations.

Yes, outdoor sheds for storage can come with appliances. Depending on the size and style of the storage building you choose, we can arrange to include appliances and many other fixtures and fittings.

Yes, you can stack, link or place light steel storage buildings side by side. Our portable storage buildings can also be optimised and reinforced if necessary.

Most outdoor sheds for storage and light steel storage buildings we supply can be assembled quickly on a light foundation or beams that can be prepared before arrival. For larger storage buildings and constructions, we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend or assist.

Portable light-steel storage has revolutionised the storage industry, as the strength and quality of the constructions ensure they are incredibly safe and meet US and EU building standards. The steel used is also certified and of excellent quality, adhering to anti-cyclonic and anti-seismic regulations.



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