Our productions as a leading manufacturer of modular and prefabricated construction in Turkey


As a manufacturer of modular and prefabricated buildings, we have a range of custom solutions for you. As a leading manufacturer in Turkey, we export our international range to Europe and all over the world.

What do we produce?

Your modular building manufacturer offers a wide selection of modular and prefabricated construction:

Office container for optimum comfort and flexibility on your site

Wc container for your employees’ comfort and well-being

– Accommodation container, ideal for accommodating workers and managers on a construction site

House container for your temporary or permanent housing project

Locker room container so that workers can change on site

Guardhouse and kiosk for increased security

Modular buildings made of modular containers stack next to and on top of each other so you can create large spaces on one or more levels

Prefabricated construction ready to be installed on your site that you can take with you should you move

Light steel buildings that don’t skimp on the quality and finish for more robustness

Steel structures for a designer, industrial style that looks contemporary


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Easy to install and competitively priced module construction


Modular construction has the advantage of competitive pricing and unbeatable speed of installation. And you get all this without compromising on quality. From construction containers to modular and prefabricated housing containers, choose the prefab building that suits you. Opting for a MODULE-T modular prefabricated container is a modern, easy-to-install choice that will save you money and energy. Site your container wherever you want.


You’ll receive it disassembled in a special package in order to minimise delivery costs. Depending on your choice, custom fittings and supplies may be available at extra cost. Your prefabricated modular container is made of highly galvanised and painted steel for a better combination of aesthetics and practicality. They use sandwich panels so they’re easy to construct quickly.


This means your modular building can be easily assembled and disassembled in just a few hours. Our sandwich panels are cut and painted directly in the factory and can be delivered pre-assembled. It would help to use a lifting hook should you need to move the assembled construction. Because some modular containers, especially site containers, may end up frequently getting moved from one site to another, it is important to think about this kind of detail.


You can count on the flexibility and quality of our constructions. We’re a manufacturer from Turkey that has been in the international market for many years. We have already supported many customers with their on-site needs both in Turkey and abroad. Whether it’s a business, office or construction site, a temporary or a permanent solution: we have the modular building you are looking for. So, have you chosen yours yet?



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