Modular Prefabricated Buildings in Turkey

28 September 2022
Modular Prefabricated Buildings in Turkey

What You Need to Know About Modular Prefabricated Buildings


Module-T is the leading supplier of modular prefabricated buildings in Turkey. For over 15 years, we have designed, manufactured, and supplied modular solutions to factories, building sites, schools, workplaces, and residential homes in Turkey and abroad. Modular buildings offer an innovative solution to residential and commercial space issues. Prefabricated containers have come a long way from simple portable sanitary facilities, workshops, and storefront sales offices. They are now more sophisticated and used in many creative ways.

What Is A Prefabricated Modular Building?

A prefabricated building is essentially a container designed and built off-site, packed, and then shipped to a location for use. The containers have been specially engineered to be “modular”, in other words, built-in sections that can be used as single units, placed side by side or stacked on top of one another to maximise space so you can create the room you need. All Module-T containers are built with a sturdy galvanised steel frame and include fully insulated walls, ceilings, doors, and windows. These durable structures are made to meet conventional building and safety regulations in over 120 countries, making them ideal for use in most locations. They are also quick to make, deliver and assemble, and they come in either standard sizes or can be custom-made with interiors fitted to suit your purpose.

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Types of Prefabricated Modular Buildings

There are two main types of prefabricated modular buildings, permanent and temporary:
  • Permanent Modular Constructions

(PMC) Permanent Modular Constructions (PMC) refers to a prefabricated building that will be assembled and then remain at the location permanently. These structures are not designed to be relocated and require firm concrete foundations like a conventional home. Permanent prefabricated buildings tend to be highly customised compared to temporary installations. Some include elaborately designed interiors, stairwells, security systems, upgraded fixtures and fittings, and even lifts. Many of the most impressive modular structures are commissioned by architects and placed unconventionally or stacked to create a contemporary home, school, office block or commercial building. Permanent modular buildings take longer to design and assemble, but the space they create for the cost involved makes them an excellent option for many purposes.


  • Temporary Modular Constructions

(TMC) Temporary Modular Constructions (TMC) are prefabricated containers designed with mobility in mind. They comply with the same building standards as the above and are manufactured similarly to their permanent counterparts, but they can be repurposed and relocated when necessary. Temporary prefab buildings can be assembled quickly and require little civil engineering work or preparation. They can typically be placed directly onto a foundation of concrete blocks, meaning their impact on the land and environment is minimal. These temporary structures are commonly used as affordable housing, medical clinics, workshops, on-site commercial offices, or to accommodate staff on a building site.

Modular Prefabricated Buildings in Turkey

Ways To Use Modular Prefabricated Buildings

Modular buildings can be used in many ways. Popular options include:


  • Modular Offices

Lack of development land and the rising cost of commercial property has led business owners to seek affordable alternatives to buying or renting additional space. Prefabricated buildings address this issue and can be delivered, stacked, and assembled quickly to accommodate the growing needs of your organisation. Modern office blocks, showrooms, warehouses, and washroom facilities can all be fitted in just a few hours, meaning downtime and company disruption are kept to a minimum.


  • Prefabricated Equipment Cabins

Many food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and technology companies require space to store equipment. In many cases, these buildings must also be sound-proofed or temperature controlled. Prefabricated cabins are ideal for this purpose and can be customised to include all control equipment. The containers can be small and made to fit a required space or stacked to meet the needs of larger companies.


  • Cashier, Shop, Snack and Security Booths

You often see prefabricated booths at building sites, factories, theme parks, resorts, amusement parks, marinas, and movie theatres. These practical cabins offer shelter from the extremes and can be moved to different locations as required. Some choose to use a single cabin as a payment booth or a small security office. Still, you could join several modular units to create a shop or restaurant with a drive-through facility or allow payment for goods via another window. These modular buildings come in various sizes and can also be fitted with anti-theft features and additional prevent the theft of cash or goods.


  • Modular Construction Site Offices and Dormitories

Prefabricated buildings can be assembled quickly and easily relocated, making them ideal for use on building and construction sites. Module-T has supplied temporary sales and project management offices, staff dormitories, and sanitary cabins (toilets, showers etc.) to building sites worldwide. These lightweight and durable structures can be transported easily and taken to even the most remote locations.


  • Garages and Workshops

Prefabricated containers make ideal garages and workshops that can be ordered to your specifications and assembled on-site. The containers can be linked and used to form commercial workshops, or a single building can be placed next to your residential home. You can also install automatic doors, cameras and enhanced security systems to ensure vehicles and goods are stored securely.


  • Modular Residential Homes

Although prefabricated homes have been around for many years, they have recently hit the spotlight as an affordable way to create stylish and comfortable living spaces. Rising house prices and increases in the cost of living leave many people struggling to purchase or rent traditional brick-built properties. A prefabricated home is a savvy solution. Pre-made housing can be single-storey, modular or custom-built and include many design features. They can be as basic or as luxurious as you wish, and many architects have created award-winning homes using prefabricated solutions. You can adjust all Module-T containers to suit your style and taste. Please look at our blog and website for inspiration.

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Why Module-T?

Module-T is the production brand of Group TMEC. From our base in Istanbul, we design, build, and supply prefabricated modular buildings in Turkey and over 120 other countries. The Module-T team has over 15 years of experience providing cost- effective and durable modular buildings that can be used for various purposes. Please get in touch if you want more information on our products and services.



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