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24 October 2022

Prefabricated Buildings in Ghana: The 10 Main Advantages


Module-T is a leading global supplier of modular prefabricated containers and constructions. From our base in Istanbul, Turkey, we supply a wide range of ready-made buildings for use on sites worldwide. If you are looking for affordable prefabricated buildings in Ghana, here’s a rundown of the products and services we offer, including a look at the many advantages of prefabricated buildings rather than opting for conventional constructions.

The Advantages of Module-T Prefabricated Buildings

Module-T has designed, manufactured, and supplied many prefabricated buildings in Ghana and West Africa. The reason is simple; prefab solutions make sense. If you are considering prefab buildings for sale in Ghana, consider these advantages:

  1. Prefabricated buildings are designed to withstand extreme heat and weather conditions

One of the main benefits of using prefabricated modular buildings is that they are highly durable and suitable for use in any location, even in remote arid areas and in harsh climatic environments. Our prefab buildings have a strong, corrosion-resistant galvanised steel base and frame, and they can be made to withstand extreme heat and humidity. The walls come fully insulated, and many location-relevant additions can be added, such as anti-slip flooring, air-conditioning, temperature control systems, additional security measures, guardrails etc. The majority of the time, our prefab modular buildings are much more durable than conventional constructions because they all adhere to anticyclonic and anti-seismic requirements.


  1. Modular buildings are cost-effective

Compared to conventional buildings, modular constructions typically prove far more affordable and cost-efficient. Because the bulk of the manufacturing process is done remotely, construction, labour, and material costs are kept to a minimum.


  1. Ordering a prefabricated container is time efficient

Traditional buildings can take months or years to design and construct. If you want to expand, accommodate staff, or create more space in a tight timescale, prefabricated buildings are the ideal solution. The timeframe from the initial order to delivery of our products is a matter of weeks in most cases, meaning you get to use the space you need quickly, which saves you money and boosts efficiency.


  1. Modular containers are quick to assemble and dismantle

One of the main advantages of prefabricated buildings is that they are portable. The structure is shipped to your site and arrives carefully packed in sections, ready to construct. Minimal foundations or civil engineering work is required, and most buildings can be placed on a simple concrete level base or concrete blocks. Most constructions are easy to erect using simple tools, and they come pre-fitted with electric sockets, utility connections, and your choice of customisations, all saving you time and cost. Most of our prefabricated buildings can be assembled in a matter of hours. Plus, they can be disassembled and relocated if necessary.


  1. Our prefab range is modular and can be joined or stacked

The range of modular containers we can supply to Ghana is modular. In other words, they are built to be extended, joined, stacked, or placed side by side to create the additional room you need. You can add other offices, classrooms, toilet and shower rooms, lockers, dormitories, canteens, or even recreation or playrooms with your first order or as the need arises.


  1. Prefabricated buildings are energy efficient

All our prefabricated containers include fully insulated walls, floors, and ceilings. This highly efficient energy-saving design saves you money and reduces your long-term expenditure on heating and cooling.


  1. You can enjoy reduced onsite disruption with Module-T prefabricated buildings

Traditional heavy construction is costly, takes time, and can bring chaos to a site. The use of heavy machinery, labourers, noise, waste, material deliveries, and traffic sparks safety concerns and can disturb regular staff and site performance. Prefabricated buildings, in comparison, are manufactured remotely, flat-packed, and then delivered to the site. Most prefab buildings take just a few hours to assemble using simple tools, thereby minimising site disruption.


  1. Portable buildings have a lower impact on the environment

Compared to traditional construction, prefab buildings are typically far more environmentally friendly. The facilities are placed on minimal foundations, meaning the effect on the land, local flora, and fauna is minimal. Offsite production of the sections dramatically reduces disruption and emissions. The intelligent design and technology used in the manufacturing process of our prefab buildings ensure waste is kept to a minimum and allow scrap metal and other offcut materials to be recycled.


  1. The manufacturing of prefab containers is quality controlled

Onsite disruption, challenging weather conditions, and inexperienced labour can all affect a traditional build. However, Module-T modular buildings are designed and manufactured remotely in a controlled environment in Turkey. They are then packed and shipped to your site. Our trained and skilled team use state-of-the-art technologies and equipment to ensure the highest standard of the product is maintained, meaning you rely on the quality of the prefab building you receive. All Module-T products are precision made and adhere to local building codes and regulations.


  1. Prefabricated buildings can be customised to suit your needs

Module-T prefabricated buildings come in standard sizes or can be custom-built. All our modular containers come with a choice of standard fixtures and fittings, and we offer a wide range of additional elements that can be added to your order so the unit best suits its location and purpose. The walls come pre-painted in a choice of colours. There’s a choice of flooring and a vast range of optional extras, including security enhancements, furnishings, cabinetry, sanitary items, air-conditioning, and technology systems. Our customer support team will discuss your needs and the various options available on enquiry.

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Invest in Durable Buildings with Module-T Prefabs!

The production brand of Turkey-based Group TMEC in Istanbul, is known as Module-T. We have been in business for more than 15 years and are a top provider of prefabricated buildings. If you are interested in knowing more about Module-T and the prefabricated solutions we can supply to Ghana, please look at our website. Please contact us if you would like to speak to one of our customer representatives or place an order.



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