Prefabricated Hospital Clinic

Prefabricated Hospital Clinic

Fast construction of prefabricated Hospitals & Clinics

Module-T offers modular and prefabricated buildings for the construction of hospitals, care and emergency centers. Our prefabricated buildings are in sandwich panels with rock wool insulation having a thickness varying from 50 to 200 mm. Floor covering consists of a special parquet or ceramic which is suitable for hospital environment. Our prefabricated buildings intended to the rapid realization of hospitals, center of care and emergency, room of infirmary are manufactured in a couple of days by our factories in Turkey.

Over-sea shipping can be made all over the world.


We offer the following equipment:

– Low-cost fast construction of prefabricated Hospitals and clinics

– Prefabricated buildings of care unit and infirmary

– Prefabricated hospital with modular containers

Module-T provides modular units that are ideally suited as prefabricated hospital / clinic buildings and care units in many different ways. The first of these is the fast production and assembly of our prefabricated units to form a fully functional hospital, clinic or care unit. Production of units to form hospitals and emergency treatment centres takes just a few days at our factory in Turkey after we receive your order, so the preassembly stage is super-fast. After the components are delivered to you, the hospital or clinic is assembled in just a few hours thanks to a relatively small number of components that are pre-welded and painted before dispatch and therefore do not need further processing on arrival. This is also greatly facilitated by our own gifted technicians we can send over from Turkey to assist with assembly. So this is our fast and efficient emergency solution to a building a temporary emergency treatment centre just when you need one.

The prefabricated hospital building manufactured and supplied by Module-T is also very well insulated all around. The floor and ceiling are lined with polyurethane, with the floor also having a vinyl-coated fibre cement panel. Standard interior and exterior walls are fitted with insulating stone wool, or with polyurethane and polystyrene foam as optional substitutes on request. The insulation thickness can be adjusted depending on the local climate of your project, and the all-round excellent insulating properties of the materials help create the perfect interior temperatures to make hospital and clinic patients feel optimally comfortable during their treatment in prefabricated clinic building.


Another important aspect of the prefabricated clinic building is its high level of safety and structural soundness. The modular building framework and panels are made from high galvanized steel that is strong and sturdy as well as being corrosion-proof. The same applies to the aluminium door and window frames. These properties make the building weather-resistant and able to withstand turbulent storms and rust-inducing rainwater. There is also a floor covering consisting of a parquet arrangement or special ceramic that is excellently suited to hospital environments. So overall, our modular buildings are extremely safe and will easily protect patients against the elements from outside.


This prefabricated hospital building made from Module-T containers also offers you a perfect economical solution. This is partly thanks to the long-lastingness of the materials that will not need replacing for decades (up to 80 years), and because we can manufacture and dispatch the individual components relatively cheaply. The pre-assembled parts are dispatched compactly in special packaging that helps make delivery highly affordable and thereby allows you to save a considerable amount of money on transportation costs.

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Prefab Clinic
Modular Prefabricated Hospital Clinic
prefab hospital

Prefabricated Hospital Clinics Advantages

  • Our prefabricated clinics bring a variety of benefits that help reshape the way the medical world functions today. 
  • Swift Deployment: Traditional hospital construction involves a lengthy process, but prefabrication significantly reduces the time required. This speed is crucial, especially during health crises or emergencies.
  • Cost Efficiency: Prefabricated clinics often lead to cost savings due to controlled manufacturing environments, reduced material wastage, and minimized labor expenses.
  • Quality Assurance: Constructed within controlled environments, these clinics uphold rigorous quality standards, guaranteeing the utmost level of medical care and patient safety.
  • Flexibility and Expansion: Modular design allows for easy expansion or reconfiguration, adapting to evolving medical demands without disrupting ongoing operations.
  • Advanced Medical Technology: Prefabricated clinics are equipped with the latest medical technology, allowing for accurate diagnostics and cutting-edge treatments.
  • Patient-Centric Design: The layout prioritizes patient comfort and convenience, providing a soothing environment that contributes to the healing process.
  • Efficient Space Utilization: Every inch of space is optimized for medical functionality, ensuring seamless workflows and minimizing unnecessary movements.
  • Sustainability: These clinics embrace eco-friendly practices by using sustainable materials, energy-efficient systems, and waste reduction strategies.

Why is it the Perfect Solution?

Our container clinics are the go-to solutions today, and this is why. 

Robust Framework: Built from high galvanized steel, the modular structure offers exceptional strength and durability.

Corrosion Resistance: The steel framework and panels, along with aluminum door and window frames, are corrosion-proof, ensuring a long-lasting building.

Weather Resilience: The construction’s materials and design enable it to withstand harsh weather conditions, including storms and rain, safeguarding patients and equipment.

Protection Against Rust: The corrosion-resistant materials prevent rust-inducing rainwater from compromising the building’s integrity.

Hospital-Grade Flooring: The floor covering, whether in parquet arrangement or special ceramic, prefabricated hospital clinic is well-suited to the healthcare industry, enhancing safety and hygiene.

Elemental Protection: The overall design ensures a secure environment, effectively shielding patients from external elements.

Prefabricated Hospital Clinics Prices

While the benefits and features are appealing, it’s essential to understand the pricing of container clinics. However, it’s important to note that the long-term advantages, including reduced operational costs and quicker revenue generation, often outweigh the expense. 

Other elements that impact prefabricated hospital clinic pricing are: 

  • Customization: Due to specialized medical equipment and intricate layouts, the cost may differ. But in any case, the budget-friendly feature is at the forefront for business owners.
  • Technology integration: The extent to which cutting edge technology is integrated into the design will impact overall pricing structure.
  • Size: Larger clinics will require more materials and resources, thereby the costs are calculated accordingly.
  • Regulations: Local building codes, permits and regulations along with compliance will influence the final prices. 



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