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Congo-Prefabricated Buildings Work Camp

15 January 2019


The Module-T prefabricated building is a modular structure that can be quickly assembled and conveniently used for a wide variety of work projects thanks to its versatility. One of the numerous areas of application of these prefabricated units is for work camp projects. The buildings are made from strong, high-grade galvanized steel frames and lined with heat-insulating rockwool, polyurethane or polystyrene foam in various thicknesses; thereby ensuring a durable, high-quality working environment that is also safe and comfortable for work camp employees. Moreover, the high versatility of these buildings means that they can be dedicated to various uses within the same kind of project. For example, a prefabricated work camp building can be used for accommodation, staff rooms, WC and shower facilities, locker rooms, kitchen facilities and refectories.

prefabricated work camp building
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Prefabricated building prices

A prefabricated work camp building provides a much more affordable solution than traditional concrete units thanks to our special manufacturing methods and production processes at our factory in Turkey. Because these buildings are much more lightweight than conventional concrete counterparts and thanks to our special compact packaging, they are relatively inexpensive to transport, therefore presenting you with an ideal economic solution for a prefabricated work camp.


The exact price of each prefabricated work camp building depends on several factors. These include the sandwich panel wall thickness, steel frame thickness, insulation material (polyurethane, rockwool or EPS) and insulation thickness (50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm etc. Required thicknesses and insulation material will depend on the climatic conditions and geographical nature of your project, so it will be important to take this into account to ensure that your solution delivers precisely what you pay for.

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Prefabricated building advantages

Our Module-T prefabricated buildings have numerous advantages that make them stand out. Apart from the excellent workmanship that goes into each of our units, the buildings are also pre-produced and pre-assembled on our factory premises. This ensures minimal wastage of resources and enables us to work in a highly organized and efficient manner. Calculating all the necessary conditions beforehand also allows us to minimize unnecessary delays to the production and assembly process. Along with the ease of transportation of the building frames and the compact packaging in which they are dispatched, our high work efficiency guarantees a much more economical solution than with traditional structures, therefore easily satisfying your budgetary needs.


Another asset of our modular prefabricated buildings is the ease with which the design can be customized. This allows flexible solutions tailored to your exact project needs depending on the nature, layout, and geographical location of your worksite. For example, the modular units can be laterally connected and vertically stacked to create multi-storied buildings in any configuration.

The overall delivery of the solution is relatively fast, especially for short-term projects for which modular units can be rapidly produced and assembled. Once the building is assembled in place, it can be just as easily and quickly disassembled and moved to another location for reuse after a project has finished.

Aesthetics are also important to us. The buildings have been carefully designed not just to be highly functional, but also aesthetically pleasing to ensure that they harmonize with the physical setting of your work camp site.

Prefabricated Buildings Work Camp

Why choose Module-T for prefabricated building solutions?

Module-T is the go-to manufacturer and supplier of modular buildings for providing fast, high-quality temporary building solutions at affordable prices to an international client base. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that are optimally tailored to clients’ needs thanks to the customized design. As a bonus, we can also send over a qualified in-house assembly team of technicians to install your solution with speed and aptitude.



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