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Accommodation Container to Bahamas

10 May 2021

Delivery of Accommodation Container to Bahamas

Discover our safe, convenient, healthy living spaces with all the requirements for independent living. These accommodation containers are ideal for workplaces, as site housing, or to fill a range of other accommodation requirements, and come with or without kitchen amenities and dining areas. Every option includes a comfortable sleeping space including a bed and a nightstand, and also features a fully equipped bathroom including a washbasin, a toilet and a shower. The kitchen option features a refrigerator, sink and draining board, food preparation countertop, gas hob, and storage cupboards.

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These flatpack living container provide excellent security and durability, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions such as flooding, earthquakes and heat waves, and are even fire resistant. The walls and ceilings are fully insulated, minimising disturbance due to heat or sound, and there is optional air conditioning, as well as furniture and data sockets. Furthermore, there is an option for the flatpack living container to be joined or overlapped by way of a connection set to other accommodation container.


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Flat pack living and office containers

Module-T is a pioneer of accommodation container in Bahamas. Containers can be quickly installed and dismantled, and with Module-T you have the benefit of a supervisor who is sent upon delivery to help assemble it. For housing requirements that need to be arranged quickly, these flatpack living containers are the perfect solution given their speedy assembly. They are an economical choice, and furthermore are easily moved.

The interiors feature sturdy furnishings made of high-quality materials and have a classic yet contemporary design. The spaces have clean lines, with internal components optimally arranged to maximise the space, with the ample ceiling height of 2.4 metres further optimising the roomy atmosphere, with plenty of scope for the inhabitant to personalise the space and make it homely.

The accommodation containers are crafted to the highest standards, where the chosen materials are of excellent quality, and the workmanship gone into their construction is optimal. They are made from high galvanised painted steel sandwich panels and roof frames, making them corrosion-resistant and weatherproof. Module-T export high quality products all around the world. Flatpack living area container projects in Bahamas or different countries.


These accommodation container are an ideal option for site workers, to create dormitory style living for students in schools, and are fully operational simply as general living areas or houses. The standard dimensions are 6 x 2.4 metres, and 11.7 x 2.4 metres, and the wall thickness can be 50, 80 or 100 mm, with polyurethane or rock wool insulation, depending on requirements considering typical weather conditions. The flooring is made up of 18 mm fibre cement panel surface and 3 mm PVC flooring, or there is optional parquet or ceramic tile flooring also available. The various models can be customised according to customer needs and plans, and always of a high standard whatever the choice.



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