Container House In Costa Rica

Container House In Costa Rica

24 April 2023

Container House Costa Rica Manufacturer

Costa Rica’s warm tropical climate and the mix of long, intense rainy and dry winter seasons make traditional construction difficult in many places. The diversity of the landscape, with the mountains, volcanos, beaches, and rainforests, also poses problems if you are looking to build a strong and affordable construction quickly without encountering lengthy and costly bad weather delays. This is why purchasing a container house in Costa Rica makes sense. These cost-effective prefabricated buildings are made remotely in Turkey and can be shipped to any location in Costa Rica in flat-pack form, where a small team can quickly assemble them. There are many container house types, which can all be highly customised to suit your purpose and style.

Container House In Costa Rica

Here is a look at Module-T’s container homes for sale, their advantages, and why a Module-T container house construction may be the right solution for you.

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Why Choose Container Houses?

Module-T is a leading container house supplier based in Turkey that offers a wide range of attractive modern container house types.  These versatile buildings boast many advantages, some of which include the following:

  • Container homes are cost-effective: Due to the remote container house construction process, you can benefit from substantial savings compared with building a conventional home onsite. The quality materials and high technology used to make a container house means the sections can be built precisely, with little waste and no time-consuming bad weather delays. Savings of between 30% and 50% in many cases.  
  • Container houses come fully insulated: All our container houses come with fully insulated sandwich panel walls optimised for acoustic and thermal performance. For highly challenging climates and locations, additional insulation can be added. This ensures that the container house can withstand even the most extreme conditions and helps prevent energy loss resulting in long-term savings in electric and utility bills.
  • Container constructions are better for the environment: Costa Rica is a beautiful country, so it’s essential to take measures to keep it that way. The container house solutions we manufacture are built with sustainability in mind. They only require a lightweight concrete base or studs, which causes minimal damage to the land and rarely requires building permissions. The technology used during the manufacturing ensures far less waste ends up in landfills, and the lack of heavy machinery on site means fewer carbon emissions are released into the atmosphere.
  • You can customise your container home:  All our container homes for sale in Costa Rica can be highly customised and adapted in various structural and aesthetic ways. Although all the structures we produce adhere to current seismic and cyclonic standards and US building codes, they can also be optimised further with additional structural reinforcements for use in particularly challenging areas. In addition, the interior walls can be moved, other facilities added, and various stylish elements can be created to make the space work for you. The buildings come with sockets for electric and utility connection already in place for easy connection, and many exterior features can be included to make your container home more attractive
  • Our Container Homes Are Quality Assured: Module-T container homes and constructions are built using state-of-the-art technology to ensure they are of a uniform quality that adheres to EU and US building codes and regulations.


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Container House Costa Rica Supplier

Types and Square Meters of Container Houses we Produce

Module-T supplies three standard sizes of container homes in Costa Rica, which can all be modified in many ways or aesthetically enhanced with a choice of interior and exterior colours, fixtures, and fittings. Alternatively, we can build a container home to your specifications. The standard sizes we manufacture include:

  •       2 x 20” (30m2) Container Houses: Our 30m2 structures can accommodate 2 or 3 people. They typically come in an open-plan studio design with a bathroom, a small seating area, and a kitchen to one side. If wished, an interior wall can be added to create a separate bedroom with room for up to three single beds.
  •       3 x 20” (45m2) Container Houses: These highly durable buildings typically accommodate up to 4 people. Most have two or three single bedrooms with en-suite or shared restroom and shower facilities. A kitchen or seating area can be added, and a communal dining or seating space can be created depending on your preference.  
  •       2 x 40” (80m2) Container Houses: The largest container homes we supply are 80m2 and generally suitable for up to 6 people. The interior can include up to 4 bedrooms of a single or twin design with shared restrooms and showers and a communal kitchen. Alternatively, we may be able to amend the plan to be dormitory-style or include a seating and dining area if wished.   
Container Houses

Container House: Custom-Built Container Homes for Sale

There are many reasons to consider purchasing a container house in Costa Rica, with time, cost, and sustainability just three of the significant benefits. Another major advantage is how quickly and easily a container home can be assembled and up and running once it reaches your site.

Container house solutions arrive in carefully packed containers in a flat-packed form designed for easy and economical transportation. Each section is precisely cut to fit together flawlessly and, when assembled, form a completely functional structure. The structures are assembled on light foundations, which can be laid before arrival to save time. Lifting hooks are included, and our skilled assembly team is on hand to guide you through the entire assembly process.

Cost-effective, Fast-to-Install Container House Solutions in Costa Rica: Module-T

Module-T is a large, well-established Turkish container house manufacturer. We produce a broad selection of innovative container homes from our facility in Istanbul for use in Costa Rica and over 120 other countries. We supply several standard sizes of container houses that can all be customised, or we can custom-build a container home for you. Please take a look at our website for our full range of container homes for sale in Costa Rica, or contact us for more information and a competitive quote.


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