Modular building supplier in Cameroon

Modular building supplier in Cameroon

5 January 2023

Module-T has supplied a wide range of prefab buildings in West Africa. Our team can provide the ideal solution if you are looking for a modular building supplier in Cameroon. We can customise a modular building for use in the arid plains of the north, organise transport to Cameroon’s mountainous central regions, or optimise the prefabricated buildings to withstand the harsh climate and tropical rainforests. Here’s a brief look at a few Module-T products and the advantages of using modular construction in Cameroon.

Modular building supplier in Cameroon

Modular Building: A Fast and Quality Container Solution

To understand the advantages of modular building, you first need to think of modular construction as a building process rather than a product. It’s an alternative to conventional site-built construction whereby the structure is designed and manufactured away from your location, in our factory in Turkey, and then shipped in sections to your site for assembly and use. Each unit is precision made in our controlled environment using trained staff and high technology to ensure a top-quality product every time. T Once delivered and erected, the modular building adheres to the same UK, US, and EU building codes and regulations as standard constructions. It can be designed, produced, and delivered in almost half the time of a traditional structure in most cases, often saving you up to 50% compared with conventional construction.

The Benefits You Will Gain with Module-T Prefab Modular Containers

The last decade has seen modular buildings become a hot topic in construction. Modular construction is not a new concept. However, advances in modular design and the materials used in the building process have improved so much that the benefits make a modular structure a wise, cost-effective, and time-saving alternative to ordering a traditional construction. See below a few of the key benefits of a modular building.


  1. Modular Buildings Save Time

Modular constructions are mostly built away from the location, with only the foundation work, assembly, and utility connections at your site. This time-saving approach means the preliminary footings can take place as the structure is being manufactured, typically resulting in a time saving of up to 50 per cent in build time compared to brick-built constructions.


  1. Modular Buildings Can Be Relocated

The main advantage of a modular building for many is that it can be dismantled and relocated, making them ideal for creating workcamps, offices, dormitories, or facilities on heavy engineering sites, mines, construction sites, or any other temporary location. In the same way, as the building is erected, it can also be taken down, packed, transported, and relocated.


  1. Lower Labour Costs

One significant benefit of ordering a modular construction is the financial savings you can make on labour costs. Reliable, skilled contractors in West Africa can be hard to find, and those that do exist often charge a premium. This shortage of good labour can lead to sub-standard builds and cost you considerable time and money. Alternatively, a prefab building is built by trained full-time staff and technology remotely, so the quality of the labour and product is assured, saving you time, hassle, and money.


  1. Weather Delays Are Virtually Eliminated

The climate in Cameroon can cause weather delays which can cause damage to the on-site build, be a risk to on-site contractors and employees, and often push the project back weeks or even months in some cases. In contrast, prefabricated structures are built in a factory in controlled conditions to ensure quality. Only the foundations and assembly are done at the site, so bad weather doesn’t usually impact the building process.


  1. A Modular Building Is Flexible

Prefab structures are highly flexible and can be expanded, reconfigured, reduced, or relocated as necessary. Each structure is designed to be stacked, linked, joined, stand-alone, or placed alongside another modular structure to allow you to create all the space required.


  1. Fewer Waste Materials

Substantial savings on materials can be made by ordering a modular construction. Often, with traditional building methods, a lot of waste is created that ultimately hits your pocket and ends up in landfill sites. Due to the precise technology and controlled nature of prefabrication, waste is kept to a minimum, and what results can often be recycled. This keeps costs down and is far more sustainable and better for the environment.

Advantages of Modular Buildings

Modular Container for Portable Offices, WCs, Residences

Module-T produces a wide range of modular constructions that can each be highly customised to suit your purpose and your location in Cameroon. Some of our most popular products include:


  •  Accommodation Buildings and Dormitories

Modular accommodation buildings are perfect for use as labour camps, emergency accommodations, orphanages and medical facilities or used as group housing in remote locations. These safe, comfortable buildings can be linked or placed near other modular buildings to create a fully functional living or accommodation complex.


  • Modular Office Buildings

Our prefabricated office buildings create fully equipped administrative spaces for your commercial or project team. Each can be joined, stacked, or extended to provide room for small or large teams comfortably. We offer a full range of standard and custom options.


  • Shower, WC and Sanitary Buildings

Clean and hygienic sanitary facilities are essential for any site, and our modular WC and sanitary containers can provide a high level of cleanliness and comfort for your entire team. Our range includes single WC units right the way through to large restrooms and shower blocks, all of which can be up, connected, and running quickly in a matter of hours or days.

Get in Touch with Module-T!

Established for over 15 years, Module-T is a leading modular building manufacturer in Turkey that designs, manufactures, and delivers prefabricated buildings and fully equipped modular structures to customers in more than 120 countries, including Cameroon. We are the production brand of Group TMEC in Istanbul and produce a wide range of specialised large-scale modular products for the construction, oil, gas, industrial, and public infrastructure sectors and general or commercial use. If you are looking for a modular building manufacturer in Cameroon, please see our website to view our full prefabricated building range or to speak to one of our team and arrange a quote; please get in touch with us.



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