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Dormitory Containers

Dormitory containers

The Module-T dormitory container is specially designed for the needs and comfort of construction site personnel. Dormitory container is a sandwich panel modular container which is widely used in construction sites, especially in the living spaces of companies operating in the construction and mining sectors. Our dormitory containers are delivered as standard, 6,00 × 2,50m or 12,00 x 2,50m in size and 2.60 m in exterior height. To make your container a fully equipped studio, we can add a bathroom (shower and wc) or a kitchenette .

  • Structure: Dormitory container with high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panel surface and frame (purlin).
  • Walls: Dormitory container with internal and external walls with sandwich panels and stone wool, polyurethane or polystyrene foam insulation up to 100 mm thickness.
  • Ceiling and Floor: Polyurethane insulated ceiling (50mm). The base surface is of vinyl-coated fiber cement panel.
  • Quick-mount dormitory container: A construction site dormitory container with sandwich panel can be installed or dismantled within a few hours. All sandwich panels are cut and painted at the factory. The lower and upper chassis are pre-assembled at the factory.
  • Portable dormitory container: Module-t dormitory container can be transported with lifting hooks (optional: specially reinforced dormitory container for frequent transport).
  • Flooring: Dormitory container with vinyl pvc or parquet flooring.
  • Delivery in Set: Module-T dormitory container is delivered as a set to minimize transport costs by road and sea. Portable dormitory containers are delivered in a special package with a 40-foot sea container. Sanitary equipment, plumbing and additional materials are delivered in packages out of sets.
  • Optional internal arrangement: Special arrangements can be made for dormitory container and construction site camps upon request. The prefabricated dormitory container can be integrated with a bathroom or a small kitchen.
  • Optional materials: Bathroom (wc and shower), kitchen equipment, single bed or bunk bed,   closet, wardrobe.
  • Connection Set: You can combine dormitory bungalows with each other to create larger structures for your construction site living spaces.
  • Dormitory containers are mounted on a lightweight construction structure: concrete block or beam.

Dormitory containers: examples of configuration


Dormitory container type studio 20”


Dormitory container with sanitary 20”


Modular dormitory container


Dormitory container with sanitary 20”


Dormitory container type studio 20”


Dormitory container type studio 20”

Dormitory container usage areas and advantages

The Module-T dormitory container provides a reliable solution for accommodating construction site workforces and ensuring that their comfort needs are fully satisfied. The dormitory container comes with numerous advantages that make it a choice accommodation solution. Firstly, the container is made from premium-quality materials that are highly durable and functional. The framework consists of high galvanized steel sandwich panels insulated with rockwool, polyurethane or polystyrene of up to 100 m thickness. The dormitory container can be designed and constructed in multiple configurations, and special arrangements can also be made on request. For example, closets, wardrobes, bunk beds or single beds can be installed, and bathroom and kitchenette areas can also be added optionally. It is this ease of customization that makes Module-T prefabricated building solutions so popular with clients all over the world. As well as flexibility with internal arrangements, the single-story modular dormitory units themselves can be combined with each other to create larger accommodation buildings in various configurations.


Why choose Module-T for providing dormitory container solutions?

Module-T is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of first-rate modular building solutions to clients across all continents. We stand for quality, reliability, and rapid speed of service. Moreover, the flexibility with which we can design solutions tailored to the exact spatial and geographical needs of your project is something else that sets us apart, and applies just as much to sleeping accommodation solutions as to other types of building solution. As an added bonus, we also send over a fully qualified in-house assembly team to install your solution for you with remarkable speed and efficiency.



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