Dormitory Containers

If you need to accommodate a labour force or provide multiple personnel with a comfortable and secure space to reside, a dormitory container offers a fast and cost-effective solution. These strong, prefabricated structures can be easily assembled and dismantled, and they are made using the latest technology to ensure they adhere to international building regulations.

Dormitory containers
dormitory container

Module-T is a modular building specialist and dormitory container manufacturer that designs, builds, and supplies a full range of prefabricated dormitory buildings to inner city and remote global locations. Our dormitories are now used in labour camps, construction and mining sites, hospitals, and schools worldwide.  


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Discover the advantages of a dormitory container, their specifications, and information about our dormitory container price below.

Technical Specifications of Dormitory Containers

  • Structure: Dormitory container with high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panel surface and frame (purlin).
  • Walls: The external and internal walls of a dormitory container for sale are made from sandwich panels that come with up to 100mm of either polyurethane, rock wool, or polystyrene insulation.
  • Size and Dimensions: Standard dormitory containers are 6,00m x 2,50m or 12,00m x 2.50m, with a height of 2,60m.
  • Frame: High galvanised and painted steel with a sandwich panel surface is used for the structure of dormitories.
  • Ceiling and Floor: Polyurethane insulated ceiling (50mm). The base surface is of vinyl-coated fiber cement panel.
  • Quick-mount dormitory container: A construction site dormitory container with sandwich panel can be installed or dismantled within a few hours. All sandwich panels are cut and painted at the factory. The lower and upper chassis are pre-assembled at the factory.
  • Portable dormitory container: Module-t dormitory container can be transported with lifting hooks (optional: specially reinforced dormitory container for frequent transport).
  • Floor and Ceiling:  Standard modular dormitories have a vinyl-coated fibre cement base topped with vinyl PVC flooring. Ceramic and parquet flooring is also available. Insulated polyurethane is used for the ceiling.
  • Delivery in Set: Module-T dormitory container is delivered as a set to minimize transport costs by road and sea. Portable dormitory containers are delivered in a special package with a 40-foot sea container. Sanitary equipment, plumbing and additional materials are delivered in packages out of sets.
  • Optional internal arrangement: Special arrangements can be made for dormitory container and construction site camps upon request. The prefabricated dormitory container can be integrated with a bathroom or a small kitchen.
  • Optional materials: Bathroom (wc and shower), kitchen equipment, single bed or bunk bed,   closet, wardrobe.
  • Connection Set: You can combine dormitory bungalows with each other to create larger structures for your construction site living spaces.
  • Dormitory containers are mounted on a lightweight construction structure: concrete block or beam.
  • Doors and Windows: Windows are double-glazed with aluminium or PVC frames as standard. If wished, you can add larger windows, shutters, alarms, mosquito nets, and security bars.
  • Additional: The exterior and interior of a dormitory container can be highly customised. You can include open or closed spaces, restrooms and sanitary facilities, cabinets, appliances, and additional sockets and connections for electricity, utility, and networking.

Dormitory containers: examples of configuration

Dormitory Container DC-A6000.1

Dormitory container type studio 20”

Dormitory Container DC-A6000.2

Dormitory container with sanitary 20”

Dormitory Container DC-A6000.3

Modular dormitory container


Dormitory container with sanitary 20”

Dormitory Container DC-C9000.1

Dormitory container type studio 20”

Dormitory Container DC-B6000.1

Dormitory container type studio 20”

Transportation and Assembly of Dormitory Containers

dormitory container is precision-made in sections, then carefully flat-packed in a container for safe and economical transportation to the site. Once the building arrives, the sections can be easily lifted onto beans or a light cement foundation using the lifting hooks attached. All the sections of a dormitory are pre-cut with electric and utility sockets for swift local connection. Simple tools and a few personnel are usually all that’s necessary to erect the frame and structure. However, we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend to larger projects if necessary.


Benefits of Dormitory Containers

With traditional build prices rising, many businesses are now turning to modular construction to provide an affordable alternative when they need to accommodate staff. But cost savings are just one of many benefits you can enjoy by investing in a prefabricated container. Other advantages of a dormitory container include:

  • Time: Due to the remote building process, bad weather and unreliable contractor delays are eliminated, meaning you can have your dormitory container up and running quickly.
  • Versatility: All our accommodation containers can be highly customised. Interior walls can be added or removed, restrooms and showers can be fitted, living rooms or compact kitchens can be added, or lockers and bunk beds can be supplied to suit your requirements.
  • Portability: Our dormitory buildings are designed in easy-to-assemble sections. This means you can dismantle and relocate them if necessary.
  • Greener: Prefabricated containers are far more sustainable than most traditional builds as they only require a light foundation, so the land can recover quickly if it is ever removed. In addition, the remote build process eliminates onsite disruption and minimises waste materials.

Two modular floor dorm building

dormitory container manufacturers

Wood cladded dormitory container


Two floor modular dormitory

dormitory container supplier

Fiber cement cladded dormitory container

Areas Where Dormitory Containers Can Be Used

Modular dormitories are versatile prefabricated buildings that can be customised in many ways to suit a purpose or location. Common reasons clients purchase a dormitory container for sale include:

  • Workforce Accommodation: The portability of dormitory containers makes them ideal for use in labour camps or to accommodate a workforce on temporary or permanent construction or industrial sites.
  • Wards in Infirmaries: Hospitals, medical clinics, and disaster relief zones often use a dormitory container to provide extra patient beds or accommodation for nurses, aid workers, and medical staff.
  • School and University Accommodation: Our prefabricated dormitories can be modified to offer attractive, affordable, and comfortable accommodations for students of all ages.

The Module-T dormitory container provides a reliable solution for accommodating construction site workforces and ensuring that their comfort needs are fully satisfied. The dormitory container comes with numerous advantages that make it a choice accommodation solution. Firstly, the container is made from premium-quality materials that are highly durable and functional. The framework consists of high galvanized steel sandwich panels insulated with rockwool, polyurethane or polystyrene of up to 100 m thickness. The dormitory container can be designed and constructed in multiple configurations, and special arrangements can also be made on request. For example, closets, wardrobes, bunk beds or single beds can be installed, and bathroom and kitchenette areas can also be added optionally. It is this ease of customization that makes Module-T prefabricated building solutions so popular with clients all over the world. As well as flexibility with internal arrangements, the single-story modular dormitory units themselves can be combined with each other to create larger accommodation buildings in various configurations.


Why choose Module-T for providing dormitory container solutions?

Module-T is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of first-rate modular building solutions to clients across all continents. We stand for quality, reliability, and rapid speed of service. Moreover, the flexibility with which we can design solutions tailored to the exact spatial and geographical needs of your project is something else that sets us apart, and applies just as much to sleeping accommodation solutions as to other types of building solution. As an added bonus, we also send over a fully qualified in-house assembly team to install your solution for you with remarkable speed and efficiency.

Cost of Dormitory Containers

Due to the varying sizes of a dormitory container for sale and the many ways the building can be modified, it is easier to state a definitive price after first establishing your requirements. Many factors influence the dormitory container price, including the type and grade of insulation you require and the transportation of the container from our site in Turkiye to your location. Please get in touch with us for a free quote.


Why Module-T Dormitory Containers?

Over the last 15 years, we have become known for our high-quality, easy-to-assemble constructions. From our factory near Istanbul, we now supply a wide range of industrial and commercial prefabricated buildings for temporary and permanent use. We are also committed to offering a premium quality of build and service at a highly competitive price.

If you are looking for a dormitory container manufacturer, please consider Module-T! Get in touch with us now to learn more about our accommodation containers or for a dormitory container price.


Yes, the innovative lightweight design of prefabricated dormitory buildings means they can be disassembled and moved or relocated using the lifting hooks and a crane to other locations.

dormitory container design can include appliances, furnishings, and many other features. The customisations and interior/exterior requirements you need are discussed during the initial design stages.

Yes, if you wish to expand your accommodation or include additional facilities at your site, you can stack or join a dormitory container with other modular buildings.

Dormitory and accommodation containers require very little onsite planning. Each section can be quickly lifted onto a light foundation or blocks using a forklift or crane and secured using the connection kit we supply.

Our dormitory containers are built to withstand earthquakes, cyclones, and extreme weather conditions, so they offer a high level of safety and comfort for their occupants. We use quality materials throughout the manufacturing process, and our technology also ensures all our modular buildings adhere to US and EU construction standards.



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