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Germany Container Office Building

17 November 2022

If you are looking for a fast, effective, and affordable way to accommodate administrative or management staff in Germany, container office buildings may be the answer. Module-T is a leading modular office manufacturer. We produce a range of strong, comfortable, and highly functional prefabricated buildings that can be customised to suit almost any administrative purpose. Our prefab office buildings come in various standard sizes or can be custom-made, and all can be quickly shipped and assembled at your site in just a few hours.

If you are interested and want to know more about prefabricated offices, here’s a look at how you could use our products and why so many companies are choosing container office buildings in Germany.

Germany Container Office Building

Usage Areas of Office Containers

You can use modular offices for many purposes. Module-T has supplied office containers to many commercial and industrial workplaces in more than 120 countries. Here’s a look at some industry sectors that currently use our modular office containers.

Quick and Easy to assemble modular flat-pack container!

Our modular flat-pack container units offer a perfect prefabricated portable solution that make them ideal for use as site offices, locker room, housing, storage area and sanitary facilities.

Construction Sites, Mines and Quarries

Module-T specialises in creating modular buildings for large construction, heavy industry sites, and work camps. We supply prefabricated offices for site staff that can stand alone or be joined or stacked on top of a variety of other modular containers, including accommodation buildings, WC and sanitary buildings, lockers, dormitories, and onsite restaurants/canteens. You can find our modular constructions at building sites, mines, and quarries throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Many of our buildings are shipped and assembled in remote locations. Our technology makes them extremely strong and hardwearing, ensuring they withstand extreme climatic changes and wet or arid conditions. Modular office buildings are a great way to create the site management, projects, and administrative space you need; plus, the structure can be easily disassembled and relocated, so they can be moved on to the next project as necessary.   

Automotive Administration, Sales, and Service Centres

You often find prefabricated office buildings at automotive factories, car showrooms, and used at car sale forecourts. These buildings offer the admin team a safe and comfortable workplace and customers a warm and comfortable area to wait as their car is being fixed or for the sales team to bring clients to formalise a deal after viewing a vehicle.

Waste Management, Landfill and Recycling Centres  

The number of recycling centres and landfills is increasing as the world becomes more focused on the environment and sustainability. Many of these facilities are located on the outskirts of a town or in remote locations. A prefabricated office container is perfect for use at large recycling plants or landfills to provide administrative staff and personnel with a clean, safe, and practical place to escape the elements and control the site’s activities. The buildings can also be linked with changing/ locker rooms or WC and shower containers so that staff can store a change of clothes and freshen up.

Temporary Offices

Modular office containers offer a cost-effective and time-saving solution if you need to make office space quickly and on a budget. Our standard office containers range in size from a small, single desk, 7.2 m2 container with an occupancy of 2 people, a two desk, 4-person 15 m2 prefab office with an occupancy of 4; right the way through to a large, 60 m2 office containers with space for eight desks or a boardroom table that can accommodate 16 staff. All the containers can be fully customised to suit your purpose, and more significant or custom builds are possible.

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Advantages of Our Functional Office Containers

If you are contemplating whether to build a conventional structure or purchase a modular office container, first consider the benefits of prefabricated buildings. These include:      

  • Easy to Assemble

Module-T’s modular office buildings can be quickly made, shipped, and installed at your site, cutting the time and expense of building a traditional structure in half in many cases. Simple tools and a few strong people are all that are required to erect most of the designs. Our easy-to-assemble system means your container arrives in flat pack, kit form, with lifting hooks in place. For example, a standard 15 m2 office container can be assembled in 2 hours. For more complex modular office constructions, a specialist assembly team can attend.

  • Quality Assured

The skilled staff and clever technology used in designing and manufacturing our prefab office containers ensure all the office buildings are consistently high quality and adhere to current European building codes.

  • Flexible

Container offices can be re-purposed and relocated with minimal effort and little expense, making them ideal for use at temporary, commercial, and construction sites. They also come with almost limitless design options and can be highly customised, so you can quickly adapt the floor plans and interiors to suit your needs.

  • Sustainable

Most office prefab containers are more environmentally friendly than conventional structures. They are made off-site, in a strictly controlled factory environment, keeping onsite emissions and waste materials to a minimum. They also require minimal foundations and cause very little damage to the landscape, meaning the location can recover quickly should the building be moved or relocated.

Modular Office Buildings

How Much Does a Container Office Building Cost?

Module-T is a leading manufacturer of container office buildings and modular structures. All our products are offered at highly competitive prices.

Several factors affect the price of our container office buildings. The size and thickness of the internal and external walls, the grade of insulation used, the quality and strength of the steel structure, and the choice of windows and doors all affect the cost. Extras like security features, alarms, guard rails, network connections, upgraded floor coverings, sanitary facilities, and additional fixtures and fittings also increase the price of a standard office building or bespoke construction.

As a guide, a typical Germany container office building costs between 220 and 350 Euros per square metre. Transport, logistics, assembly, and any required civil engineering or foundation work should also be considered. Therefore, the price for a 20 square meter space will range from 4,400 to 7,000 euros. For full details on our products and pricing, please get in touch with us. Contact Module-T today!



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