Light Steel Buildings

As pre-engineered metal building manufacturers, we supply various prefabricated metal buildings and light steel building constructions. Our range of prefabricated steel structures can be rapidly produced, highly customized, and used in many ways.

Light steel

In addition, our steel prefab buildings are incredibly durable and only require light foundations, making them far more sustainable than brick-built constructions.


Discover more about our industrial prefab buildings, their uses, specifications, and prefabricated metal building prices below.


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Technical Specifications of Light Steel Building & Industrial Structures

At Module-T, we use the latest precision technology to ensure the framework and panels of our steel prefabricated buildings adhere to current international building standards. We manufacture various prefabricated metal buildings for sale, which can all be modified in multiple ways. See below the general specifications of our prefabricated metal buildings are as follows:

  • Frame: Horizontal and vertical high galvanized steel is used for the frame of a light steel building.
  • Walls: The structure is high galvanized steel with a fire-resistant, non-flammable A1 plasterboard cladding. Concrete fiber cement panels in a natural, woof, or rock appearance can also be used for the façade.  
  • Roof: Panel and galvanized steel roofs are standard on our pre-engineered steel buildings. Optional roof coatings include sandwich panel coating with polyurethane insulation, galvanized and painted trapezoidal sheets or tarred corrugated plates. PVC or Metallic rain guttering and steel intruder protection can also be added.
  • Doors: Prefabricated metal buildings have a choice of PVC, aluminum, steel, or fire-resistant doors. These can be fitted with alarms and other security features. The interior doors are either aluminum, PVC or MDF.
  • Windows: Double-glazed windows with a PVC or aluminum frame are standard. Other options include rolling shutters, parasols, large, guillotine-style or sliding windows. Additional security features, such as alarms or bars, can be added on request.
  • Electrics: The panels of our steel prefabricated buildings come with the necessary lighting structure in place and pre-cut with electric and utility sockets. Sockets and switches, fuses, cables, boxes, relays, and the wiring for networking and internet, TV, aircon, heating, and telephone connections can all be added.
  • Plumbing: You can incorporate full restrooms, sinks, urinals, and showers into the design of your industrial prefab building.
Light steel structure
Light steel building solution

Benefits of Light Steel Building & Industrial Structures

The use of prefabricated metal buildings has increased over recent years, and they are now commonplace in many downtown and remote locations. There are many good reasons for their popularity. Some advantages of steel prefab buildings include:

  • Time Efficient: Pre-engineered steel structures can be manufactured and delivered quickly without bad weather or unreliable labor delays.  
  • Cost-Effective: Savings in time and labor costs lead to significant financial savings.
  • Durable: Prefab metal buildings are strong. Our use of advanced precision technology ensures they adhere to US and EU building standards, and they have even proved to outlast many conventional builds in earthquakes and cyclones.
  • Energy-Efficient: You can optimize the energy efficiency of light steel buildings by including additional insulation, solar panels, and many other features.
  • Eco-Friendly: The remote manufacturing process and our use of state-of-the-art technology help reduce waste material and ensure onsite disruption is minimal. In addition, prefab metal buildings cause less damage to the land, as they only require a light foundation.
  • Versatile: You can structurally and aesthetically enhance prefabricated metal buildings to make the building work for you. The interior can include open or closed spaces, and many appliances, fixtures, fittings, and features can be added during the preliminary design stages.

Transportation and Assembly of Light Steel Buildings & Industrial Structures

As pre-engineered metal building manufacturers, we can organise the swift and economical transportation and delivery of our steel-framed structures to built-up and remote sites throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, and America.


During the build process, we ensure each module is the size and length that fits into a 40-foot container for easy transportation. These elements can then be assembled at the site on beams or a light cement foundation using the attached lifting hooks, a forklift or crane, and the connection kit we supply.


Every project is different, but steel prefab buildings typically take a few hours or days to erect. On request or for large or complex projects, we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend.

Light steel
Light steel supplier
Light steel manufacturer

Areas Where Light Steel Building & Industrial Structures Can Be Used

Prefabricated metal buildings have evolved and are now used in many creative ways. Over the years we have been established, we have supplied them for use as:

  • Workshops: Prefab metal structures are strong and durable, making them ideal for industrial and commercial workshops in even the most remote locations.
  • Storage Areas: Hangers and light steel framed storage units are commonplace in many areas.
  • Construction: Civil engineering and construction sites often use industrial prefab buildings as offices, storage facilities for equipment and materials, accommodation buildings, or to create social facilities.
  • Restaurants: Light steel buildings can be modified, and many features and fittings can be included in our pre-engineered metal building prices to create an attractive and practical restaurant or catering outlet.
  • Schools: Due to the quality of the construction, price, and the speed at which they can be delivered and assembled, prefabricated metal buildings are often used as classrooms, assembly halls, covered sports areas and arenas at schools and universities.


How Much Does a Steel Prefab Building Cost?

Module-T works individually with all clients, and rarely do we supply two modular or light steel constructions that are the same. For this reason, without first assessing your needs and requirements, it is difficult to state our prefabricated metal building prices. The cost of our prefab steel buildings depends on the following:

  • Size/Type: We supply industrial prefab buildings in various sizes and designs. The price of each standard model varies.
  • Customisations: You can choose to alter the design of a light steel building and include many additional features, all of which vary in cost. You can also include structural reinforcements and extra insulation if you wish.
  • Transportation: The cost of transporting the modules from our base in Türkiye to your location will affect our prefabricated metal buildings prices.

Types of Light Steel Building & Industrial Structures

From our factory near Istanbul, we manufacture several types of prefabricated metal buildings, including:


Fabric & Tent Structures

Prefabricated light steel fabric and tent buildings are advanced, high-quality constructions with light steel frames and stretched, tension, weather-resistant fabric. They offer an excellent level of strength and durability. They are commonly used for storage or to provide emergency relief buildings and accommodation, as sports stadiums or arenas, or as restaurant or factory enclosures.


Light Steel & Prefabricated Hangar

Our robust and lightweight pre-engineered steel buildings are versatile structures that can be used in many ways. They have become popular due to their strength, cost, sustainability benefits and the speed they can be manufactured and erected. They are now used in many global locations to store vehicles, construction equipment, materials, and agricultural supplies and produce.


Prefabricated Warehouses

The range of prefabricated warehouses we supply offers a practical and time-effective way to extend your existing facility or create additional warehouse, manufacturing or operational space for almost any purpose. The buildings can be enhanced and modified in many ways to make them suit your purpose, making them ideal for many applications. Due to the affordable prefabricated metal buildings’ prices and ease of assembly, they are now one of our most popular constructions.


Portable Storages & Outdoor Sheds

Our light-steel framed outdoor sheds and portable storage structures come in various sizes and are quick to assemble. They are highly durable and can be used for various industrial, commercial, and residential uses.



Why Module-T Light Steel Building & Industrial Structures?

Module-T is a prefabricated industrial building manufacturer committed to supplying high-quality modular and light steel buildings at competitive prices. Over the 15 years we have been established, we have provided metal framed constructions for clients in over 120 countries, where they are now used to provide many practical spaces.

Please contact us to learn more about our range of prefabricated metal buildings or to request a free quote.

Why choose the Modular-T light steel building solution?

An aesthetically pleasing, quick and practical solution, the Module-T Light Steel Building combines multiple advantages for various types of use in the professional or personal sphere. The frame is made from highly-galvanized steel, as are the walls, which are then clad with sandwich panels or fibre cement panels. Numerous options are available during the project design phase, such as woodwork/trim finishes and colours. For the roof, numerous options are also available.


The steel is of high quality and is certified with a reinforced anti-cyclonic and anti-seismic system. The structure complies with Eurocodes and American standards. This lightweight steel construction offers the option of setting up a project very quickly with custom assembly according to your needs. The production is also analysed in order to optimize it and to allow the completion of a project within your production deadlines. Lastly, the packaging is designed to reduce transportation costs.


The assembly of the various elements is then carried out directly on the construction site and allows the project to be completed very quickly.


Yes, due to the remote manufacturing process and reduction in waste materials and labour costs, prefabricated metal building prices are considerably cheaper than traditional construction.

Yes, our prefab metal buildings are lightweight and only require minimal foundations. This means that they can be disassembled and relocated if necessary.

Yes, you can include many appliances, fixtures, and fittings in prefab metal building designs.

Yes, you can stack some light steel buildings, although it depends on the design.

Yes, you can choose to include utility sockets and connections in the design of prefabricated metal buildings.

Our prefabricated metal buildings require minimal advanced groundwork and can be placed on beams or a light cement foundation. To save time, this foundation can be laid before the container’s arrival.



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