Light Steel Buildings

Light steel

Framework: galvanized bolted steel.

Wall  / Facade : Structure made of galvanized steel, cladding of non-flammable Plasterboard A1. Cladding of concrete fiber panels (natural, rock and wood appearance).

Roof: Panel and galvanized steel roofs, a wide selection of roof coating (galvanized and painted trapezoidal sheet or sandwich panel coating with polyurethane insulation, or tarred corrugated plates). Metallic or Pvc rain gutters and drainage pipes.

Insulation: Rock wool or glass fiber

Door: exterior (Steel, aluminum, Pvc, fire-resistant doors, anti-intruders protection); interior( Mdf, Aluminium, Pvc, fire-resistant doors)

Windows: Double-glass with Pvc or aluminum frame, double-panel windows, sliding or guillotine-style. Parasol, rolling shutter in Pvc, steel anti-intrusion protection.

Painting: Exterior in silicone or epoxy. Interior: polyurethane.

Electrical system: lighting structures, sockets and switches, cables, fuses and fuse boxes, relays. Option to add wiring for internet, telephone and TV.

Plumbing: Sink, hot water showers, WC, urinals. Option to add heating or AC systems.

Why choose the Modular-T light steel building solution?

An aesthetically pleasing, quick and practical solution, the Module-T Light Steel Building combines multiple advantages for various types of use in the professional or personal sphere. The frame is made from highly-galvanized steel, as are the walls, which are then clad with sandwich panels or fibre cement panels. Numerous options are available during the project design phase, such as woodwork/trim finishes and colours. For the roof, numerous options are also available.


The steel is of high quality and is certified with a reinforced anti-cyclonic and anti-seismic system. The structure complies with Eurocodes and American standards. This lightweight steel construction offers the option of setting up a project very quickly with custom assembly according to your needs. The production is also analysed in order to optimize it and to allow the completion of a project within your production deadlines. Lastly, the packaging is designed to reduce transportation costs.


The assembly of the various elements is then carried out directly on the construction site and allows the project to be completed very quickly.

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Light steel
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Module-T’s light gauge steel building offers an aesthetic quality, which allows this particular technique to be used for the following types of buildings:


  • Workshops
  • Storage areas
  • Construction site offices
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Lightweight steel housing

It’s a solution that’s appreciated by more and more building professionals faced with difficulties affecting the construction process, where certain materials are hard to get. Our lightweight steel construction is easy to use for fast and solid construction of spaces that last over time. These prefabricated solutions can be adapted to individual needs and are very popular throughout the world, particularly in America and in Europe. Feel free to ask for information to launch your Module-T lightweight steel building project.



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