Prefab Building Companies

13 April 2021

The cost-effective construction solution

Traditional building methods can be expensive and slow. Unreliable contractors, budgets exceeding targets, delays in completion… these all add up to extra costs which eat into profit margins and handover dates.

Prefabricated building offers the ideal solution to the restrictions of conventional construction and are becoming more popular as companies look for fast and efficient ways to create offices, businesses and homes.

Prefab Building Companies

Prefabricated buildings can be used for a variety of sectors, including

  • business (offices, social areas, storage)
  • public buildings (schools, hospitals, clinics…)
  • residential homes
  • construction (site offices, marketing suites)
  • industrial (hangars, warehouses)
  • accommodation (dormitories, toilet and shower facilities)


What are the benefits of prefab building?

This modern construction method is leading the way for the future of durable and affordable buildings. The prefab building of today is a comfortable and flexible space whether it’s an office, hospital or temporary or permanent accommodation. The cold, inferior quality prefabricated buildings of the past are long gone – prefabrication today is all about high standard, well-insulated modular architecture.


Prefabricated building offers a range of benefits, including:

  1. Turnkey options

Prefabricated buildings are designed and constructed to suit the client’s needs. Constructions are either ‘off-the-shelf’ or tailor made, allowing the client to choose the number of levels, finish, interior specification and design they require. Windows, doors, electric installations and internal walls can all be adapted to the bespoke requirement of the client.


  1. Off-site construction

The manufacturing and construction of prefabricated buildings take place in purpose-built factories, meaning consistent quality, reliable productivity and no downtime due to poor weather or other delays often experienced on a traditional construction site. Each structure is built using sandwich panels, which are easy to install, offer a high degree of security and good fire resistance. The panels are painted before they are delivered to the client, which further minimises delays.


  1. Fast construction

Constructing off-site and assembling on-site can vastly reduce the time it takes to erect a traditional building. Construction time can often be halved, making prefabricated building ideal for projects with a fast turnaround.


  1. Cost efficiency

Purchasing a prefab building is a fixed cost that includes design, construction, delivery and installation, depending on the client’s needs. This can be much cheaper than an on-site building project, which often relies on several different contractors, all of whom may go over budget for various reasons.


  1. Eco-friendly

Factory manufacturing limits waste whereas traditional construction must dispose of excess materials, often to landfill sites. It also creates energy efficiency, with the latest technology providing precise and accurate construction.


  1. Flexibility

Prefabricated buildings can be temporary or permanent fixtures and can be extended or adjusted to grow with the business. They also have the benefit of being easily dismantled and moved to another site, which is ideal for a company that’s expanding or relocating.

The concept of prefabricated building compared to standard building methods is growing and is the ideal answer for companies and organisations that want rapid, top-quality construction at an economical price.


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Prefabricated Containers

A rapid and low-cost alternative

If you’re looking for an easy to assemble accommodation solution, a prefabricated container is a way to create space fast. Flat packed and functional, this evolution in modular buildings is ideal for companies looking for quality construction at an attractive price.

Construct the building you need

A prefab container can be used to build a construction to your individual specifications, resulting in a unique building that works for you.

Prefabricated containers can be used to create:

  • offices
  • dormitories
  • guardhouses
  • accommodation
  • showrooms
  • toilet facilities
  • staff or sports centre lockers
Prefab Building Companies

Why choose a prefabricated container?

This type of construction is much cheaper than traditional building and faster too. If your company needs a security kiosk, instant showroom or any other type of small, modular building then a prefab container is an efficient solution.


Prefabricated containers come with many benefits including:

  1. Fast assembly

Set up an office or kiosk in less than a day. All the sections and extras you order are delivered as packs and can be assembled by your staff or we can assist.

  1. Inexpensive

Prefabricated containers are cheaper than conventional permanent buildings as the whole project is carried out in one factory. This means no need for individual labour or project management, which can be expensive and take time. Transport costs are also kept to a minimum due to the flat pack packaging.

  1. Creativity

Use your imagination and design an office or showroom to suit your needs. Every prefabricated container can be customised according to size and layout and can include extras such as furniture, windows, flooring, electrics and lighting.

  1. Convenience

Prefabricated containers are delivered as flat packs, so can be stored easily until they’re needed. Likewise, they can be easily disassembled and stored if not required. This kind of building is also highly portable, so can be dismantled, packed up and moved from location to location as needed.

  1. Secure

Security is key and prefabricated containers provide a high level of security due to their solid construction. This also makes them weather-proof and resistant to damage.

  1. Attractive

Choose from a selection of colours and we’ll paint your prefab container to match your brand, logo or corporate image. We do this in the factory before the container leaves our premises, so you don´t have to worry about hiring a painter as an extra cost.

  1. Environmentally friendly

This type of construction is kind to the environment as it produces little to no waste, whereas traditional building creates excess waste. As prefabricated containers are factory-made any waste is often reused in another form.

A final benefit of using a prefabricated container for business, events or even homes is the choice. The design options are endless, and with the incredible cost-efficiency, this is a quick and functional solution.

Prefabricated buildings – the construction of the future

There is a growing trend globally for prefabricated buildings for commercial and residential use. Cheap to construct, easy to assemble and long-lasting, prefabricated constructions offer high build quality at a low build price.

The list of prefabricated opportunities is endless, from construction site offices to employee accommodation to government buildings, there’s an option for every sector.

As the demand for prefabricated buildings increases, the technology used to design and manufacture these ‘pop up’ buildings is becoming more advanced. This allows clients to select more sophisticated turnkey prefabricated buildings to fit their needs.

At Module-T, as one of the largest prefabricated companies in Turkey, we constantly adhere to the highest standards and invest in state-of-the-art technology.

Why is it time to consider prefabricated buildings?

Every business needs to run as efficiently as possible. As one of the most experienced prefabricated companies in the world, we’re aware of this and understand the advantages prefabricated buildings deliver. From streamlining the building process to more effective use of space and resources, prefabricated buildings offer the perfect solution for saving time and money.

The advantage of prefabricated buildings is that they can be used for a wide range of facilities, such as:

  • Site offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Hospitals and clinical projects
  • Dormitories and employee accommodation
  • Dining rooms
  • Rest areas
  • Kitchens
  • Locker rooms
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Residential housing

Prefabricated building reduces costs, time and labour. This allows prefabricated companies to complete projects faster and therefore increase efficiency.


What are the advantages of prefabricated buildings?

As a major supplier of prefabricated building Turkey, we’ve seen companies move away from traditional building methods for many reasons, including:

  • Security – less construction time on-site means a limited opportunity for break-ins.
  • Reduced environmental impact – offsite construction reduces site waste and pollution from onsite traffic.
  • Cost and time savings – permit the undertaking of more projects/work.
  • Quality – factory manufacturing of buildings means quality standards can be managed under one roof.
  • Safety – there is less risk of onsite accidents in a controlled factory environment.
  • Reduction of delays – indoor factory production avoids stoppages due to bad weather.
  • Site access – it’s easier to construct offsite, particularly in urban areas or locations large machinery can’t access.

Prefabricated Building – the Turnkey Solution

We’ll work with you from the design and manufacturing stages right through to delivery. Whatever your needs for prefabricated buildings, we’ll listen and offer suggestions for your ideas and plans that fit with your budget.

You can also choose from a selection of extras such as doors, windows, air conditioning and heating systems, to personalise your prefabricated building design.

Many prefabricated companies only offer ‘off-the-shelf’ packages. But Module-T is different. From adapting existing buildings to the production of new prefabricated constructions, we offer flexible solutions for both permanent and temporary infrastructures.

Many homeowners are also turning to prefabricated buildings as a cost-effective home solution. From individually designed properties to residential housing estates, prefabricated buildings can be assembled fast and easily.

It’s also possible to disassemble and relocate a prefabricated building to another site – perfect if you love your home but need to move or are expanding your business in another area.


Why Choose Module-T?

Our experience as a major manufacturer of prefabricated building Turkey means we can offer the latest solutions for your prefabricated building needs. Whether you want to build a small office in a corner of your warehouse, accommodation for several hundred employees or students, or a showroom for your business Module-T can help.

Our manufacturing processes will ensure the prefabricated buildings you order meet the health and safety standards in your country, as quality and premier workmanship are a key focus.

We’re one of the leading prefabricated building Turkey and transport to locations worldwide, including South America, Africa and the Caribbean. We also offer an assembly service, which can also save you time and money as there’s no need to source local labour or use the employees’ valuable time.

As companies all over the world embrace the prefabricated building concept it’s time to review whether your business could benefit from this affordable and efficient construction solution.



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