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10 March 2023

What Are the Factors That Determine Modular Office Prices?

How much do modular office buildings cost? It’s a question we are often asked. Module-T is known as a supplier of affordable prefabricated buildings, but many factors must be considered before determining modular office prices. Every client, location, and project is different. The buildings range in size, and you may wish to include upgrades or customisations, which all cost money. The cost of preparing your site for assembly and the shipping of the building from our facility in Turkey to your location also needs to be figured into the equation.

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See below the main factors that affect the price of modular office buildings for you to consider.


Key Factors That Affect Modular Office Prices

          1. The Reason You Need a Modular Office Building

The reasons why you wish to purchase a modular office building affect its price. Prefabricated buildings can be temporary or permanent. If you only need to use the structure short term, you may only require a standard or basic model and very few customisations. Modular offices for temporary use, say on a construction site or as a temporary forecourt sales office, tend only to need the necessities. In this case, the focus is on how durable and lightweight the building is so that it can be assembled, dismantled, and relocated for use many times.


A permanent modular office is different and designed to stay at the site long-term, so you may spend more money on optimising the building for comfort, long-term savings, and function. In this case, you may purchase additional design features, extra insulation, upgraded fixtures and fittings, air-conditioning, or cabinetry and furnishings, which all adds to the modular office price.

        2. The Size of The Modular Building

The size of the construction is a key factor determining the end cost. Module-T supplies prefabricated office buildings in various standard sizes to keep costs down, or we can custom-build a structure to suit your purpose. The bigger the building, the higher the price. However, as the size of the building increases, the cost per square metre does decrease, meaning you still receive a highly competitive price and cost-effective solution.

        3. Customisations And Your Choice of Materials

The modular offices we produce are available in various standard forms, or the materials can be upgraded during the design stage. The thickness of the steel frames and the level of insulation in the sandwich panel walls can be increased. The quality of the fixtures and finishings, the type of flooring, doors and windows can also be upgraded. Paint quality, exterior cladding, additional security measures, and cabinetry and furnishings can all be added, which will affect the final cost of the construction.  


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       4. Site Preparations and Foundations

One of the significant benefits of modular office buildings is that they only require light foundations in most cases. That said, your site does need to be levelled and prepared before the building can be assembled and used. The cost of the preliminary work depends on the site itself, the size and weight of the office building, and the labour costs of contractors in your area. Additional work may be required if the land is unstable, slopes or prone to flooding. Utility connections should also be considered. Your prefab building comes with pre-cut sockets and connections for electricity, gas, water, and drainage, but the connection cost should also be figured into your budget.

      5. Transportation and Logistics

Another factor affecting the price of your modular office building is the cost of transporting it from our factory in Turkey to your site. This differs according to your location. Our skilled logistics team is used to shipping small and large-scale modular constructions by land and sea to sites worldwide, so they are perfectly positioned to secure the best transport deals. Our buildings all arrive expertly flat-packed in sections for easy assembly at your location. As a guide, a standard office building and its components can usually be shipped in a standard sea transport container.

       6. Assembly Costs

All Module-T modular constructions are designed to be easily assembled by a small team using the attached lifting hooks and simple tools onsite. We suggest using a few local contractors to erect the building to keep costs down. Still, we are happy to arrange for a specialist team to attend for larger modular projects or, if requested. For example, a 20-foot modular office building can typically be erected in two hours.

      7. Local Laws and Regulations

Your modular building and the materials used to make it must adhere to your location’s building codes and legal material regulations. The standard materials Module-T use during the manufacturing process are of exceptionally high quality and carefully chosen to meet most EU, US, and UK building codes. However, in some cases, the materials may need to be changed to conform to local regs, which could affect the price. It is also advisable to check that the building’s size and any upgrades or customisations you may wish to add adhere to the laws in your area to avoid fines and costly repercussions.

Modular Office Prices

Best Modular Office Prices from Module-T

Module-T is committed to manufacturing top-quality prefabricated buildings at affordable prices – it’s one of the reasons we are one of the world’s leading modular office building suppliers.

For example, our prefabricated office prices start at as little as €180/m² for our basic standard models. These structures are highly durable and watertight, ideal for sales and project management offices on heavy industry and temporary construction sites.


The average modular office price is upwards from €220/m². You can stack or join these models, making them an excellent choice for more significant remote, industrial, and construction sites or use in commercial areas on industrial estates.


If you are looking for a high-end customised modular office building, factor in a budget of at least €350/m². These constructions include top-quality materials, enjoy many upgrades, and have external cladding with coated fibre cement strips.

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