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5 January 2023

Are you looking for a modular building manufacturer in Kenya? If so, read on, as Module-T is a leading supplier of prefabricated building solutions to Africa. From our factory in Turkey, we design and deliver ready-made buildings for assembly on industrial, commercial, and residential sites. See a few of our products and services below, along with a rundown of why modular constructions may be the perfect choice for you.


Applications for Our Prefabricated Building Solutions

Module-T specialises in designing and manufacturing standard and custom-made modular buildings for industrial, residential, and commercial purposes. We produce a wide range of modular constructions. Some of the most popular buildings we make and ship to Africa include the following:


  • Modular Office Buildings

Our prefabricated modular office buildings are flexible and can be linked, stacked, or extended. They create space on industrial or construction sites to provide room for administrative or commercial teams. These highly durable constructions come in various standard sizes that can be amended to suit your purpose or custom-made. They arrive in easy-to-assemble, flat-pack form, with electric and utility sockets in place to allow for easy connection. 


  • Modular Accommodation Buildings

If you require an affordable and effective way to accommodate personnel, our range of modular accommodation buildings is a great solution. These safe, comfortable, and well-built constructions can include showers and toilets or be dormitory-style and linked to a modular WC and sanitary building or locker block. We tend to supply these to clients looking to create labour camps for mining, engineering, or other industrial sites. They could also be used as wards for hospitals, to accommodate those in emergency or disaster relief zones, or at orphanages or schools.


  • Modular Locker Room Buildings 

Our range of modular locker room buildings is ideal for use at schools, sports stadiums, work sites, and labour camps. They come in different styles and sizes that can be altered to include benches, metal lockers, changing cubicles, toilets, sinks or showers. Each is easy to clean, hard-wearing, insulated, and weather resistant, so perfect for use in Kenya.


  • Modular Restaurant Buildings 

The Module-T range of canteen, restaurant and catering buildings provides a fully functional space for people to gather, socialise, cook, and enjoy meals. We offer a range of sizes to cater to up to 126, and each of the buildings can be customised to include serving stations, kitchens, tables and chairs, and sanitary facilities.

High-Quality Modular Buildings in Kenya at Affordable Prices

If you are looking for an affordable way to create space or accommodate personnel in Kenya, modular constructions are a great solution. The benefits of modular buildings include the following:

  • Top-Quality Construction

Module-T’s factory in Istanbul employs skilled staff and uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure all the modular building sections are of uniformly high quality. All our constructions adhere to local, UK, EU, and US building codes meaning the construction you receive is often of a far higher quality than traditionally built structures.

  • Financial Savings

The prefabricated manufacturing process is optimised for savings, and the technology ensures minimal waste, keeping costs down. In addition, there are no bad weather delays, and the build comes pre-fitted with sockets, fixtures, and connection points to save time and labour costs on assembly. Clients can save up to 50% by ordering a modular building in Kenya compared with traditional construction, making prefab constructions a sensible choice for those looking to create space or expand on a tight budget.

  • No Bad Weather Delays 

Rain, wind, storms or challenging dry conditions can lead to delays on a traditional building site, costing you significant time and money. In contrast, modular buildings are made in our controlled factory environment, where building the structures is possible year-round. That way, your project runs on time and to budget.

  • Extremely Time Efficient

Modular buildings are designed and manufactured remotely, then flat-packed and transported to your location for assembly. This cuts the production time by almost half and means you can be up and running quickly compared to a traditional build.

  • Less Danger On-Site

Because modular buildings are made remotely, onsite disruption and risk to your staff are almost eliminated. Only the light foundation work and the assembly of the structures are completed at your location, which usually takes no more than a few hours or days, depending on the project size.

  • Energy Efficient

Using a prefabricated building means you can enjoy long-term savings on heating, cooling, and utility bills. Due to the quality of materials used, the double-glazed windows, and the insulation placed in the sandwich panel walls, floors and ceilings, the buildings are extremely energy efficient.

  • Versatile

The interior and exterior of modular buildings can be highly customised to suit your style and purpose, and extra additions can be added to suit Kenya’s climate and location. A choice of flooring, colours, décor, windows, fixtures, and fittings comes as standard, and heating and cooling systems, air conditioning, temperature control units, additional security, alarms, mosquito nets, network connections, and cables can all be fitted as necessary.

  • Buildings Can Be Moved or Relocated

Modular constructions are built to withstand multiple assemblies and can be dismantled and moved to other locations as required. This makes the buildings perfect for temporary construction and industrial sites.

  • Durable

Modular buildings are strong and made to last. They are built to withstand transportation by land and sea and can be used in areas with extreme climates like Kenya. Built to code, they also meet current seismic and cyclonic building regulations, so they are often far more practical and longer lasting than traditionally built constructions.

Module-T Is Everywhere in Africa!

Module-T is a leading prefabricated building supplier based in Istanbul, Turkey. Our factory supplies high-quality modular constructions across Africa, including Cameroon, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. Please contact us if you are looking for a modular building manufacturer in Kenya and need information about modular buildings prices. Our temporary and permanent prefabricated buildings are ideal for temporary and permanent use in the country.

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