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Locker Containers

Our sandwich panel locker containers are specially designed for the needs and comfort of staff. Thanks to their galvanized steel structures, our strong locker portable containers can withstand extreme weather conditions. Our standard locker containers are 6m x 2.5m / 6m x 5.00m and 260cm high. Sanitary installation (WC and shower) can be integrated into our portable.

Locker Containers
  • Structure: Locker container with high galvanized and painted steel sandwich panel surface and frame.
  • Walls: Standard insulated with 50mm-thick-stone wool (optional: walls are of polyurethane or polystyrene foam insulation) construction site locker with sandwich panel. Polyurethane (50mm) ceiling insulation.
  • Quick-mount container: Cloakroom container with quick-mount sandwich panel: the modular cloakroom can be installed or removed in a matter of hours. All sandwich panels are cut and painted at the factory. The lower and upper chassis are pre-assembled at the factory.
  • Portable locker container: prefabricated locker container can be transported with lifting hooks (optional: specially reinforced locker container type for frequent construction site transports).
  • Set delivery of cloakroom containers: The cloakroom container is dismantled and delivered in sets to minimize transport costs.
  • Optional interior arrangement: Locker and sanitary cabins (WC, urinal, sink and shower) can be added. You can combine your sanitary bungalows with other prefabricated modules to create larger structures for the living spaces of your construction site.
  • Optional materials: Metal cloakroom cupboard with single shelf 185cmx50cmx40cm, with two shelves185cmx80cmx40cm, with three shelves 185cmx117cmx40cm , with four shelves 200cmx80x40cm, steel frame benches in lengths ranging from 60 cm to 200 cm .
  • Locker containers are mounted on a lightweight construction structure: concrete block or beam.

Locker container: examples of configuration

LC-A3000.1 - 300x240cm

Simple locker container 20”

LC-A3000.2 - 300x240cm

Locker container with shower 20”

LC-A3000.3 - 300x240cm

Locker container with WC & shower 20”

LC-A6000.1 - 600x240cm

Locker prefabricated Container 20 feet

LC-A6000.2 - 600x240cm

Locker container shower 40”

LC-A6000.3 - 600x240cm

Locker container WC & shower 40”

LC-A6000.4 - 600x240cm

Locker container 40” with cabin

Module-T locker container usage areas

Our prefabricated sandwich panel locker room containers are specially designed to satisfy the needs and comfort of personnel in various industries. They are sturdily constructed from a high galvanized, pre-painted steel frame and sandwich panels to withstand physical impacts and extreme weather. The locker rooms thereby perfectly fulfil their purpose of securing personal possessions and valuables belonging to staff. Optional sanitary facilities (WC and shower) can also be installed in the locker rooms for use as changing rooms and washrooms if necessary.

Locker Containers
Locker Container
Locker container manufactuers

Locker room container advantages

Each locker container is constructed from premium-quality steel components that make the modular building highly durable, rust-proof and impact-proof. The modular locker room container walls and roofs are lined with standard 50mm-thick rockwool, polyurethane or polystyrene insulation, and the thickness can be adjusted to optimize the modular construction’s thermal performance in all climates. Moreover, the modular locker room container can be rapidly installed and removed within hours thanks to quick-mount sandwich panels. And because all components, including the upper and lower chassis, are pre-assembled at the factory, everything is ready for assembly once your solution arrives at your worksite. Finally, the locker room containers can be designed, configured, and equipped to meet your exact needs. For example, you can choose the interior arrangement of the locker and sanitary cabins, or you can join and combine the locker and sanitary facilities with other prefabricated modules to create a complete modular building solution for accommodating your workforce. At Module-T, we stand for flexibility and ease of customization to give clients exactly the modular building solution they require for their projects.



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