Locker Containers

Our sandwich panel locker containers are specially designed for the needs and comfort of staff. Thanks to their galvanized steel structures, our strong locker portable containers can withstand extreme weather conditions. Our standard locker containers are 6m x 2.5m / 6m x 5.00m and 260cm high. Sanitary installation (WC and shower) can be integrated into our portable.

Locker Containers

Technical Specifications of Locker Container

Module T’s locker containers are precision and durability-engineered, distinguishing them as market leaders in the locker solutions market. These containers’ technical specifications attest to their tough design and adaptability.

Key Technical Specifications:

  • Structure: The containers are made of highly galvanized and painted steel sandwich panel surfaces and frames, ensuring structural integrity and longevity in various environments.
  • Wind Resistance: The exteriors are treated to withstand different weather conditions, protecting the contents from the elements.
  • Walls: The most thermally efficient insulation for walls is 50 mm-thick stone wool. For a variety of tastes, polyurethane or polystyrene foam insulation is an option. There is 50mm of polyurethane insulation in the ceiling.
  • Dimensions: Compact units for personal use are available, as are larger configurations for extensive needs. Module T locker containers have a standard size of 6m x 2.5m / 6m x 5.00m and are 260 cm high.
  • Quick-mount container: Cloakroom container with quick-mount sandwich panel: the modular cloakroom can be installed or removed in a matter of hours. All sandwich panels are cut and painted at the factory. The lower and upper chassis are pre-assembled at the factory.
  • Portable locker container: prefabricated locker container can be transported with lifting hooks (optional: specially reinforced locker container type for frequent construction site transports).
  • Modular Design: The containers are built with modularity in mind, allowing for easy expansion or reduction to meet changing requirements.
  • Locking Mechanism: Security is paramount, and Module T’s locker containers include secure locking systems that provide users with peace of mind.
  • Set delivery of cloakroom containers: The cloakroom container is dismantled and delivered in sets to minimize transport costs.
  • Optional interior arrangement: Add locker and lavatory cabins, among other optional interior configurations, to personalize your locker container. Install a shower, washbasin, toilet, and urinal to suit individual needs. Sanitary bungalows can be combined with other prefabricated modules to create larger living areas on construction sites.
  • Optional materials: Metal cloakroom cupboard with single shelf 185cmx50cmx40cm, with two shelves185cmx80cmx40cm, with three shelves 185cmx117cmx40cm , with four shelves 200cmx80x40cm, steel frame benches in lengths ranging from 60 cm to 200 cm .
  • Locker containers are mounted on a lightweight construction structure: concrete block or beam.
  • Optional Materials: A range of optional materials are available, such as steel frame benches with lengths ranging from 60 to 200 cm and metal cloakroom cabinets with one or more shelves. Customize your locker container to meet the particular needs of your undertaking.
  • Installation on a Lightweight Construction Structure: Our locker containers can be mounted on a beam or concrete block with ease, giving you the flexibility to customize them to fit a variety of construction site conditions.


Module T’s locker containers are a dependable and versatile choice for a wide range of applications thanks to these technical specifications.

Locker container: examples of configuration

LC-A3000.1 - 300x240cm

Simple locker container 20”

LC-A3000.2 - 300x240cm

Locker container with shower 20”

LC-A3000.3 - 300x240cm

Locker container with WC & shower 20”

LC-A6000.1 - 600x240cm

Locker prefabricated Container 20 feet

LC-A6000.2 - 600x240cm

Locker container shower 40”

LC-A6000.3 - 600x240cm

Locker container WC & shower 40”

LC-A6000.4 - 600x240cm

Locker container 40” with cabin

Module-T locker container usage areas

Our prefabricated sandwich panel locker room containers are specially designed to satisfy the needs and comfort of personnel in various industries. They are sturdily constructed from a high galvanized, pre-painted steel frame and sandwich panels to withstand physical impacts and extreme weather. The locker rooms thereby perfectly fulfil their purpose of securing personal possessions and valuables belonging to staff. Optional sanitary facilities (WC and shower) can also be installed in the locker rooms for use as changing rooms and washrooms if necessary.



Transportation and Assembly of Locker Container

Module T’s locker containers stand out due to their ease of transportation and assembly. Their modular design allows for efficient shipping, lowering transportation costs. The containers are quickly assembled upon arrival, ensuring a hassle-free setup process.

The assembly process is simple and requires few tools and labor. The simple installation instructions provided by Module T make these locker containers a viable option for both short-term and long-term requirements. These containers can be easily deployed in either an urban or remote setting.



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Locker Containers
Locker Container
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Locker Container Applications

Because of their adaptability, locker containers can be used in a variety of ways. Urban areas, building sites, schools, and event management are just a few of the places where these containers are employed. Some critical applications include being used for securing personal belongings, changing rooms, and washrooms in:

  • Educational Campuses
  • Construction Sites
  • Event Administration
  • Retail Locations

Because of their versatility, locker containers are a great asset in a range of situations.



Cost of Locker Containers

While locker containers’ technical prowess and adaptability are impressive, one of their most appealing features is their low cost. Module T’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions at competitive prices places them at the market’s forefront.

Compared to traditional options, locker containers are more cost-effective, particularly for temporary or modular solution needs. Long-term, the initial investment pays off because of their resilience and low maintenance needs. Because of the low locker container price, they are appealing to both businesses and individuals.

Locker room container advantages

Each locker container is constructed from premium-quality steel components that make the modular building highly durable, rust-proof and impact-proof. The modular locker room container walls and roofs are lined with standard 50mm-thick rockwool, polyurethane or polystyrene insulation, and the thickness can be adjusted to optimize the modular construction’s thermal performance in all climates. Moreover, the modular locker room container can be rapidly installed and removed within hours thanks to quick-mount sandwich panels. And because all components, including the upper and lower chassis, are pre-assembled at the factory, everything is ready for assembly once your solution arrives at your worksite. Finally, the locker room containers can be designed, configured, and equipped to meet your exact needs. For example, you can choose the interior arrangement of the locker and sanitary cabins, or you can join and combine the locker and sanitary facilities with other prefabricated modules to create a complete modular building solution for accommodating your workforce. At Module-T, we stand for flexibility and ease of customization to give clients exactly the modular building solution they require for their projects.


Why Module T Locker Containers?

Module T for locker containers is a decision based on dependability and innovation. Module T, a leading locker container manufacturer, has consistently delivered containers that meet or exceed industry standards. Their careful selection of materials, which guarantees longevity and durability, is indicative of their commitment to quality. The locker containers in Module T are an example of creative design, not just a place to store stuff. Each container can be customized to meet specific needs thanks to the modular design. Module T’s locker container for sale provides a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics for commercial use, educational institutions, or personal use.


Indeed, locker containers are made to be portable. The compact and modular design of Module T’s containers facilitates economical and efficient transportation. The containers are easily moved using standard transportation techniques, whether they are being moved within a site or transported to a new location.

No, appliances are not usually included with locker containers. They are intended to be flexible locker room options that let users alter the interiors to suit their requirements. Although some containers come with electrical connections, it is up to the user whether or not to add appliances.

Yes, the locker containers in Module T can be stacked. This feature, which maximizes space utilization, makes them ideal for projects with limited space. Stacking is done safely to guarantee stability and security. It’s a helpful way to build small or multi-level locker containers.

If you want to have a locker container on your property, you must have enough room for it and follow local zoning laws. Delivery truck accessibility should also be taken into account during installation. To make sure that any special rules or permits are followed, it is advisable to inquire with the local authorities.

The design of locker containers prioritizes safety. Superior construction is guaranteed by Module T, which also features robust locking mechanisms. Sturdy steel construction shields stored goods from the elements and offers security against unwanted access. By adhering to the correct assembly instructions and locking containers in place while in use, users can increase safety.

Indeed, locker container customization is available in Module T. By adding elements like extra shelving, dividers, or designated sections, users can modify the interiors to suit their unique requirements. The containers can be used in various sectors and applications due to their versatility.

Yes, weather-resistant materials were used to construct the locker containers in Module T. The external surfaces are coated to endure severe weather, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of the contents. Because of this feature, they can be used indoors and outdoors and offer dependable solutions in various settings.



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