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Prefabricated Booths

Module-T’s prefabricated booths are high-quality, affordable, and versatile. They feature steel frames and insulated sandwich panel walls, and you can use them in many ways. These strong and secure structures are built remotely and then delivered to the site in a convenient flat-pack form that can be quickly assembled and used.

Prefabricated Booths
Prefabricated Booth

Prefabricated Booths

Our prefabricated booths are now a common sight in many inner city and remote locations worldwide, and they are frequently used as cashier and payment points, security checkpoints, point of sale kiosks, or as forecourt POS or small office booths on temporary and permanent industrial, construction, and commercial sites.


Prefabricated booths for sale are ideal If you want to create space quickly to protect your equipment or staff. Our prefabricated booths price is also attractive, as the remote manufacturing process leads to significant savings in time, costs, and labour.

See below for more information on the prefabricated modular booths and their benefits.



Technical Specifications of Prefabricated Booths 

One of the main advantages of prefabricated booths is that their design is flexible, and they come in various standard sizes or can be custom-built to serve a purpose. The technical specifications of our standard booths and options include the following:

  • Dimensions: Our standard prefabricated booths for sale are 1,50 m × 1,50 m / 2,00 m × 1.50 m / 2,00 m × 2,00 m / 3,00 × 2.40 m / 6,00 m × 2,40 m, with a height of 2,60 m.
  • Structure: Highly galvanised and painted steel frame and surfaces with sandwich panel walls are standard. The walls are filled in a choice of rock wool, polystyrene foam, or polyurethane insulation to a thickness of up to 100 mm.
  • Floor: Prefabricated booths have PVC vinyl flooring. Options include parquet, ceramic, steel, or aluminium sheet flooring.
  • Doors and Window Profiles: Standard booths have windows and doors with PVC or aluminium frames. Customisations include large, oriel, sash windows, security bars, shades, PVC, or aluminium shutters.
  • Sanitary Facilities: Depending on the size and type of booth you order, a compact restroom with a WC, sink, and shower can be added. 
  • Customisations:  Prefabricated booths can include many additional features. Popular options include cabling for security and monitoring equipment, manual or automatic barriers, air conditioning or heating, internet and networking sockets and cables, cabinets, desks, and storage.

Prefabricated Booths: Examples of configuration

GH-1500.1 - 150x150cm

Security guard house

GH-1500.2 - 200X150CM

Prefabricated guard house

GH-2000.1 - 200X200CM

Security kiosks

GH-2400.1 - 240x240cm

Security guard house for sale

GH-2400.2 - 400x240cm


GH-6000.2 - 600x240cm

Modular guard house

GH-6000.1 - 600x240cm

Guard house for sale

GH-3000.1 - 300x240cm


Transportation and Assembly of Prefabricated Booths

Module-T is an expert in organising logistics, and our team can arrange the quick delivery of prefabricated booths to sites throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and Asia. The booths are built in such a way that they can be flat packed into a sea container, and they come with lifting hooks attached to allow for easy placement by crane or forklift at the site. They can be erected on beams or a light foundation, and a connection set is included. Most of our prefab booths take just a few hours to assemble using a few personnel and simple tools. For large projects, we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend.



Areas Where Prefabricated Booths Can Be Used

Most people assume prefabricated booths are only used as security kiosks for one or two personnel; however, with modifications, they can also be used in many other ways. Applications also include:

·        Construction site booths that can be quickly assembled and relocated as necessary on civil engineering sites. The booths can be customised to provide information points or spaces for project management, security, access control or commercial team members.

·        Parking, cashier, and payment booths with windows or hatches that allow attendants to talk to customers, check credentials or take payments. These can be fitted with manual or automatic barriers or lever-arms to restrict entry and exit.

·        Equipment booths can be supplied with or without windows to offer a secure and watertight space to store tools, machinery, and equipment.

·        Screening booths are typically used to separate attendants from those who may be affected by a virus yet still need to interact with the public. These were common in many areas during the pandemic and are still in use in high-risk, disaster, and high-security areas.

Benefits of Prefabricated Booths

You can enjoy many advantages by ordering one of our prefab booths. Some benefits to consider include:

·        Quality Assured: Premanufactured booths are built off-site using precision machinery and quality materials. This ensures that they adhere to European and American standards. In addition, the structure is also cyclonic and earthquake-resistant.

·        Cost and Time Effective: The remote manufacturing process ensures waste materials and labour costs are kept to a minimum, and bad weather days are eliminated. This results in substantial cost and time savings.

·        Versatile: Our prefabricated booths for sale can be highly customised structurally and aesthetically to suit their environment and usage.

·        Portable: Unlike conventional builds, prefabricated booths can be assembled, dismantled, and relocated. This makes kiosks ideal for use in temporary or time-restricted locations.


Cost of Prefabricated Booths

As a prominent prefabricated booth manufacturer, we understand that cost is important to clients. Our range of prefabricated booths is designed to offer premium-quality constructions at an affordable price, and the remote manufacturing process is streamlined to cut wastage and offer time and financial savings. The size, type of insulation, design alterations, and customisations you choose to include, and the transportation of the building to your location will, however, influence the final price. Please contact us to learn more about our prefab booths or for a free quote.

Why Module-T Prefabricated Booths?

Module-T is a market leader in the prefabricated construction industry in Turkiye and a specialist prefabricated booth manufacturer. Prefabricated booths are just one range of many modular building ranges we produce, and our product portfolio also includes modular offices, accommodation, commercial kitchens and canteens, sanitary buildings, prefabricated locker rooms, and shower blocks.


From our base near Istanbul, we design, manufacture, and transport our prefabricated booths for sale to almost any global location, and our buildings are now in use in over 120 countries. Please contact us if you would like to know more about prefabricated booths or any other modular construction we supply.


Yes, our prefab booths are portable, and they can be erected, dismantled, and relocated to other sites quickly.

Standard prefabricated booths come pre-cut with sockets for easy electric and utility connection at the site. You can also include many appliances, heating and cooling, security features, and other fixtures during the design process.

A prefabricated kiosk is modular, and depending on the design you choose, it can be linked or stacked to other modular buildings.

Minimal foundations are required, meaning you can erect prefab booths quickly on a light cement foundation, blocks, or beams.

Our prefabricated booths meet current US and EU building standards and also adhere to current seismic and cyclonic regulations.



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