Modular Restroom Buildings

Module-T specializes in the manufacture and supply of various prefabricated buildings, including modular bathroom and sanitary facilities. For many years, we have provided high-quality modular restrooms and prefabricated bath and toilet buildings to industrial, commercial, and residential sites worldwide.


All Module-T modular toilet and sanitary constructions are factory-built using high technology at our base near Istanbul and then transported in sections to the site. Each section is precision-made to meet current US and EU building regulations, and we ensure the result provides a comfortable and hygienic space to wash and refresh.

If you need to expand an existing restroom or create new shower facilities for staff, our modular bathroom and prefabricated toilet range offer a practical and cost-effective solution. Find out more about our modular sanitary buildings below.


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Technical Specifications of a Modular Restroom Buildings

prefabricated toilet is now a common sight in many locations. These strong, easy-to-clean, portable structures come in many sizes and designs, and they can be customized in many ways to suit a site and purpose. This versatility means that the specifications of a modular bathroom vary, and you have several options during the design stage. Standard specifications include:

  • Size and Design: A standard modular restroom can range from 5,76m2 to 57,6m2. Typical sanitary fixtures include toilet cubicles, urinals, sinks, and showers.
  • Frame and structure: The frame of a prefabricated shower or WC building is made of high-quality steel or aluminum. The internal and external walls are sandwich panels insulated with rock wool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam up to a thickness of 100mm.
  • Plumbing:modular bathroom comes with all utility connection sockets and plumbing systems in place for easy connection at the site.
  • Ceiling and Floor: A ceramic or vinyl-coated fiber cement panel floor and polyurethane 50mm insulated ceiling comes as standard.
  • Additional Features and Accessibility: During the design stage, you can include many features, including ADA-compliant additions such as handrails and ramps for disabled access or wider doors and cubicles.

Transportation and Assembly of a Modular Restroom Buildings

As a leading modular bathroom manufacturer, we ensure our prefabricated toilet and sanitary buildings are swift and easy to install, with most taking just a few hours to assemble.

During the manufacturing stage, we attach lifting hooks to enable a crane or forklift to move the elements into place. All the walls of a modular bathroom come pre-painted and have the necessary utility sockets in place, and the upper and lower chassis arrive pre-assembled to save time.

Most modular bathrooms we produce only require light foundations or can be placed on blocks or beams, which can be laid in advance. We also ensure all the elements can be flat-packed into a 40-foot container to reduce the cost of transporting the building by land and sea to your site.


Areas Where a Modular Restroom Buildings Can Be Used

Our modular restroom and prefabricated shower facilities are watertight, highly functional, and can be used in many environments. Typical applications of a modular bathroom include:

  • Construction Sites: We are a well-established modular bathroom manufacturer in the construction sector. We frequently supply portable restrooms and prefabricated toilet facilities for construction sites and labour camps worldwide.
  • To Expand Facilities: Prefabricated restrooms are often used as a quick and cost-effective way to expand sanitary facilities in factories, schools, and other public and commercial establishments.
  • Hospitals: Due to the cost savings that can be made and the speed with which prefab bathrooms can be delivered and assembled, hospitals and medical facilities often use them to provide sanitary areas for patients and staff.
  • Public Spaces and Events: We often supply modular bathrooms to local councils and private estates to provide washrooms and public convenience facilities to the public.


Benefits of a Modular Restroom Buildings

modular restroom building offers a smart and cost-effective alternative to conventional bathroom construction. They can be designed, built, delivered, and assembled quickly. They can also be modified to form modern single-sex or unisex sanitary facilities with as many features as necessary.

Our high-tech manufacturing processes ensure our sanitary constructions are of a consistently high quality. The materials we use for our prefabricated bath and toilet buildings are also specifically chosen for their strength and durability, meaning they are built to last.

If you need to provide sanitary facilities on a temporary or fixed site, the advantages of a prefabricated bathroom make them a practical choice. Even their sustainability aspects are now gaining recognition, as the remote building process ensures less harmful emissions from heavy construction vehicles, and the use of light foundations ensures minimal environmental damage.


Cost of a Modular Restroom Buildings

On average, you can expect to save up to 30% by opting for a restroom building rather than a conventional build. However, the definitive price of a modular bathroom is difficult to state as many aspects need to be factored into the equation.

The size and design of your modular bathroom will affect the cost, as will the type and thickness of the insulation you require. The transport costs of shipping the building from Türkiye to the site and any customisations you choose to include, such as upgraded facilities, fixtures, and fittings, also influence the modular restroom price. For more specific details on costs, please let us know your requirements, and we will be happy to supply a free quote.


Why a Module-T Modular & Prefabricated Bathroom?

Module-T is a Turkiye-based modular bathroom manufacturer focused on quality and affordability. We believe in using innovation and technology to ensure all our modular constructions exceed expectations and provide a safe, secure, and practical space fit for their purpose.

At our Istanbul factory, we have a skilled team of architects, customer support, and manufacturing personnel ready to assist with all your requirements. We work with each client on an individual basis, and we are always on hand to support and advice throughout the build process.


If you would like to know more about our prefabricated buildings and modular bathroom range or would like to speak to one of our representatives, please contact us.


Yes, the innovative design of a prefabricated bath or shower room ensures it can be quickly assembled or dismantled and moved elsewhere.

Yes, appliances, sockets, and cabling for appliances can be incorporated into the design of a prefab bathroom – just let us know what you require.

Yes, the modular design of a prefabricated bath or toilet building means they can be stacked vertically or placed side by side and connected if wished.

Most modular buildings, including prefabricated toilets and bathrooms, only require beams or light foundations, which can be laid prior to the container’s arrival on site.

Yes, our prefabricated bathrooms are built to offer a safe, hygienic, and practical space to refresh. If necessary, we can also add additional strength to the frame and increase the insulation for optimal thermal and acoustic performance.



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