Caraïbes : Livraison de bungalows modulables

Caribbean-Portable Containers Delivery

15 January 2019

A series of modular containers have been delivered to Martinique, Saint Lucie and Guadalupe Island. The modules have been configured as spaces for offices, locker rooms, WC, showers and warehouses. The steel structures and the sheets of sandwich panel are galvanized and painted. The prefab buildings are easily movable using a lifting hook or a lift fork.

Advantages of Portable Containers

A portable container, or a Portacabin, is a modular building solution with numerous advantages that make it the ideal construction choice for accommodating staff. The first of these is that a portable container or Portacabin can be quickly and easily assembled after being delivered to your site, much faster than traditional construction solutions. Because the separate sandwich panels are manufactured and painted in the factory beforehand and thanks to the noted efficiency of our talented technicians assembling each portable container on your site, our prefabricated Portacabin solution saves you and your business a lot of time whenever you need a new building solution.

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Moreover, the portable containers are easy to transport, which means that you can readily have them moved about on your premises as and when needed. Their ease of transport also provides an ideal economic solution, since they can be delivered compactly in special packaging, thereby saving on transportation costs on your part. In addition, the excellent durability of the highly galvanized painted steel panels with rockwool and polyurethane insulation means that the portacabin is highly weather-resistant and will last for up to 80 years, allowing you to save a great deal on building replacement and maintenance costs.

Caribbean-Portable Containers Delivery

A feature that makes these portable containers especially attractive is their versatility. They have many different areas of usage such as offices, changing rooms, sanitary facilities (showers and toilets), refectories and restaurant spaces, kitchens, dormitories, temporary / permanent clinics and hospitals, school classrooms as well as storage rooms. Individual containers can be juxtaposed, stacked, customized and specially fitted to suit the exact needs of your company space and workforce. Depending on each portable container’s exact designation, we are also able to provide optional supplies of chairs, tables, desks, beds, kitchen equipment, AC generators and much more to complement your basic building solution.


Lastly, safety is another crucially important aspect of our portable containers. The flatpack steel sandwich panels have been made with strong, high-grade materials and supreme workmanship, which makes them highly robust and collapse-resistant, therefore presenting your workforce with an extra-sound working environment. However, since we deliver our portable containers internationally across 6 continents, we also recognise how personal safety requirements differ for different parts of the world. For example, we provide optional extras such as sunshades and mosquito nets for warm / tropical climates, and extra insulation for colder regions. Where containers must be stacked, metal railings can be fitted to the upper stories to safeguard workers against falling.



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