Modular & Prefabricated Office Buildings

Conventional building processes can be costly and take months or even years to complete. Bad weather delays, unreliable contractors, and damage to goods can eat into your budget and delivery timeframes. In contrast, our prefabricated office buildings offer a time and cost-effective alternative.


We manufacture modular office buildings remotely using the latest technology to ensure they are consistently high quality and adhere to current building standards. You can also customise them in various ways to make the prefabricated backyard office or warehouse suit its purpose. In addition, our constructions can be delivered and assembled quickly and relocated if necessary, leading to savings in time and expense of up to 30% compared to most traditional constructions.



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Learn more about our office portable cabinsinplant offices, and other prefabricated office buildings below.

Custom-made temporary or permanent modular office !

Need a quick-to-install and cost-effective workspace?  Our modular construction solutions address your urgent need to create a temporary site office, a durable office structure or to extend your existing workspace.


Module-T modular construction manufacturer provides modular buildings for office use and various work spaces.  The modular office building is made up of prefabricated containers of a standard size of 6×2.50 that are juxtaposed and superimposed to form large spaces on one or more levels.  All our modular offices are made to measure to meet the requirements of comfort and aesthetics as well as thermal and acoustic performance. The thickness of the internal and external insulated sandwich panel walls varies from 50mm to 200mm.


Below are some examples of modular office layouts shipped in kit form. These modular constructions are quick to install.

permanent modular office building

45 m² Modular Office - 5 PE

modular office building

72 m² Modular Office - 12 PE

Modular office

87,50 m² Modular Office Building - 14 PE

Modular Office container 15,00M2

Modular Office Container 15 m²

Modular Office building 30,00M2

Modular Office Building 30 m²

Modular Office building 58,50M2

Modular Office Building 58,50 m²

Modular Office building 60M2

Modular Office Building 60 m²

Before each production launch, static calculations are carried out according to Eurocodes or American standards.

Modular Office building 292,50M2

Modular Office Building 292,50 m²

Technical Specifications of Modular & Prefabricated Office Buildings

Module-T is a prefabricated office building manufacturer that works with you to design your prefabricated office building to suit your needs and location. We produce “off-the-shelf” and custom-made office containers, and you can choose to enhance and optimise the exterior and interior in many ways. Technical specifications and options for standard prefabricated office cabins include:

  • Size: The office portable cabins we supply can accommodate between 13 and 20 staff and have an interior size of 207 m2 or 277 m2 (28,75 m x 6,875 m or 22,50 m x 11,875 m). The height can be 2,50 m or 3,00 m. The interiors can be closed or open-plan.
  • Structure: The lightweight frame of a warehouse modular office is formed from highly galvanised and painted steel.
  • Floor: Standard prefabricated office buildings have a vinyl-coated fibre cement panel floor with a vinyl PVC floor covering. Other options include ceramic or parquet flooring.
  • Walls: The interior and exterior walls of modular offices are insulated sandwich panels (60mm – 100 mm thick) with a highly galvanised and painted steel surface. The wall thickness options are 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, or 200mm.
  • Doors and Windows: Standard inplant offices have PVC or aluminium framed windows. Oversized or bay windows, shutters, security bars, and mosquito nets can be fitted. A triple-locked steel entry door can also be included if necessary.
  • Additional: Our team takes time to establish your requirements during the design stage. You can rework the interiors of our modular office buildings to create open-plan offices and workstations, closed offices, receptions, board rooms, compact kitchens, restrooms, etc. You can also add air conditioning, heating, appliances, cabinetry, security features, sockets, and cabling for extra electric or networking requirements.


Transportation and Assembly of Modular & Prefabricated Office Buildings

At Module T, our logistics team specialises in arranging the economical transportation of prefabricated office buildings to remote and inner-city locations worldwide. Our constructions are made in sections that arrive flat-packed in a sea container, and they come pre-cut and pre-painted to save time.


Once the container with the prefabricated office cabin arrives on site, a forklift or crane and the supplied connection kit can be used to erect the structure on a light foundation or beams. Typically, it takes just a few hours or days to install a prefabricated backyard office or standard modular building using simple tools and a few labourers. However, we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend for large or more complex modular projects.


Areas Where Modular & Prefabricated Office Buildings Can Be Used

Recent years have seen a shift in how people use prefabricated constructions. Although warehouse modular offices are still common on industrial sites, the sustainability benefits of prefabricated constructions and their time and cost-saving benefits have led them to be used in many other creative ways. Examples include:

  • Temporary Workspaces: The portability of our prefabricated offices means they are ideal for use on time-restricted sites, such as construction projects.
  • Commercial and Inplant Offices: Modular office buildings can be modified for use on forecourts or to extend the workspace within existing factories and facilities.
  • Stackable Offices: Our prefabricated office buildings’ innovative modular design allows them to be stacked or linked quickly to create additional space.
  • Prefabricated Backyard Office: Working from home has become the norm for many, and installing an office portable cabin in the garden can provide a comfortable and watertight workspace, home office, or studio.
  • Portable Coworking Spaces: Modern life has led to many people working remotely and requiring high-speed internet access or professional space to hold meetings. A prefabricated office cabin can be modified to include all the appliances and technology necessary to form a modern and contemporary coworking space for multiple uses.


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 Benefits of Modular & Prefabricated Office Buildings

You can enjoy many advantages by investing in a prefabricated office building compared to a brick-built construction. The main benefits of a portable office include:

·        Versatility: As large-scale prefabricated office building manufacturers, we can customise and create modular offices to suit almost any purpose.

·        Less Onsite Disruption: Portable offices are manufactured remotely, and the assembly of the buildings on-site typically takes just a few hours or days at most. This means onsite dangers and disruption are kept to a minimum.

·        Cost-Effective: Savings in time, labour, and material waste mean a prefabricated modular office costs far less than a conventional building.

·        Quick to Deliver: The off-site production process eliminates time-consuming bad weather and unreliable labour delays. This means you receive your custom-made office container and can use the space quickly.



 Cost of Modular & Prefabricated Office Buildings

Aside from the quality and durability of our modular and prefabricated office buildings, one of the main reasons many choose our products is the price. Our office portable cabins typically cost up to 30% less than constructing a brick-built office. This said several factors do influence the price, including the size of the prefab office you choose, the customisations to the exterior and interior you wish to make, and the transportation costs of shipping the prefabricated office cabin from our site in Türkiye to your location.


Module T is committed to providing high-quality modular constructions at competitive prices. We optimise all our manufacturing processes for cost savings. If you would like to know more about our prices, please get in touch with us for a free quote.

Quick Assembly Modular Construction System


No welding or cutting is required during assembly. The floors and ceilings are shipped pre-assembled, while the interior and exterior sandwich panel walls are shipped pre-cut from our factory in Turkey.


The electrical equipment is to European or American standards. We offer a wide range of choices for flooring, sanitary equipment, doors and windows. Many optional features can be installed, such as air conditioning, security systems and office furniture.


To get a quote for your modular office construction project, contact us via our online form.  Our team will be happy to offer you an economical, aesthetic and quick solution to install on your worksite whatever the weather conditions.

Why use a modular Office building?

The modular office building is a workspace that’s quickly installed on-site, with low expenses related to handling and concrete foundations.


This solution creates a comfortable workspace not only for site personnel, but also to welcome the public during meetings. The pre-equipped modular office is installed at the start of a construction project, so a delay in installation can disrupt the final delivery date. Choosing the right supplier and modular solution is an important and essential step for all construction professionals.


It’s vital to go with a modular building manufacturer that provides quick installation solutions and mobility options, with minimal handling and civil engineering costs.


Module-T, a leading manufacturer, offers affordable solutions that are quick to install and movable, and which meet the specifications in terms of layout, thermal & acoustic performance, and cyclonic and seismic resistance.


Our solutions are ready to be installed on your site!


A 20-foot office modular container can be installed in just two hours.


The assembly time of a modular building varies according to the layout and number of modules used.


To get a quick quote on a pre-equipped modular office building, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or via our online form. Our advisers will be happy to help make your project a reality.


 Why Module-T Modular & Prefabricated Office Buildings?

Module-T is a specialist prefabricated office building manufacturer based in Türkiye. From our facility near Istanbul, we design, build, and supply a full range of versatile prefabricated office buildings and other modular constructions to clients on all six continents. All our steel-framed and sandwich panel office portable cabins can be used on a temporary or permanent basis, meaning you can erect, dismantle, and repurpose or relocate the structures quickly, leaving minimal damage to the land.


If you want to know more about our modular and prefabricated and modular office buildings or want us to issue a free quote, please contact us.


Yes, our modular and prefabricated office buildings are lightweight and easy to assemble and dismantle. A portable office can be moved or relocated as necessary.

Yes, you can include all the sockets and cabling for the appliances you need in the design of your office portable cabin.

Yes, modular offices can be stacked, placed side by side, or stand-alone. Connection kits can also be supplied to join modular office buildings with other constructions in our range.

Prefabricated office buildings require minimal preliminary groundwork and can be installed on a light cement foundation, blocks, or beams.

Module-T’s prefabricated office cabins are durable and optimised to withstand the challenges of extreme climates, seafronts, cyclones, and earthquakes. In addition, the precision technology we use to make each section ensures our buildings adhere to American and European building standards.



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