Modular Office Buildings

Custom-made temporary or permanent modular office !

Need a quick-to-install and cost-effective workspace?  Our modular construction solutions address your urgent need to create a temporary site office, a durable office structure or to extend your existing workspace.

Modular office

Module-T modular construction manufacturer provides modular buildings for office use and various work spaces.  The modular office building is made up of prefabricated containers of a standard size of 6×2.50 that are juxtaposed and superimposed to form large spaces on one or more levels.  All our modular offices are made to measure to meet the requirements of comfort and aesthetics as well as thermal and acoustic performance. The thickness of the internal and external insulated sandwich panel walls varies from 50mm to 200mm.

Below are some examples of modular office layouts shipped in kit form. These modular constructions are quick to install.

45,00 M² Modular Office - 5 Pax

modular construction office

72,00 M² Modular Office - 12 Pax

modular office building

87,50 M² Modular Office Building - 14 Pax

Modular office

Before each production launch, static calculations are carried out according to Eurocodes or American standards.


Quick Assembly Modular Construction System

No welding or cutting is required during assembly. The floors and ceilings are shipped pre-assembled, while the interior and exterior sandwich panel walls are shipped pre-cut from our factory in Turkey.

The electrical equipment is to European or American standards. We offer a wide range of choices for flooring, sanitary equipment, doors and windows. Many optional features can be installed, such as air conditioning, security systems and office furniture.

To get a quote for your modular office construction project, contact us via our online form.  Our team will be happy to offer you an economical, aesthetic and quick solution to install on your worksite whatever the weather conditions.