• module-t
  • Prefab Construction Company in Canada
    Of worksite camps made of fully equipped modular containers.
  • Prefab Construction Company in Canada
    Of worksite camps made of fully equipped modular containers.
  • Prefab Construction Company in Canada
    For public infrastructure works, mining companies, gas and oil industry.

Quick and Easy to assemble modular flat-pack container!


Our modular flat-pack container units offer a perfect prefabricated portable solution that make them ideal for use as site offices, locker room, housing, storage area and sanitary facilities.





Our prefabricated container sets are designed for both demanding conditions of construction site and staff comfort.


We can use the Module-T prefab containers to create modular buildings of several levels, according to the needs of your project.


The elements of the building are prefabricated in the factory and delivered for assembly at the worksite.


Module-T’s light steel buildings are aimed at construction professionals who are looking for solid and aesthetic solutions.


Analysis, Design and Assembly of hangars, warehouses and industrial structures made of steel, according the the needs of the client.
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    We are a modular building manufacturer and export our modular structures to over 120 countries. We offer cost-effective modular and prefabricated solutions with quick and easy assembly! As a modular building manufacturer in Turkey, we offer tailor-made solutions with various layouts for the creation of offices, site accommodation, changing rooms, storage space, workshops or various temporary or permanent accommodation buildings. We offer temporary solutions for your site accommodation and office projects and living quarters. Our modular solutions have a fully galvanized light steel structure, with walls made of pre-cut insulated sandwich panels. Our modular structures are manufactured to international standards, and all structural calculations are carried out to European or American standards. So please do not hesitate to contact Module-T, your modular building manufacturer, and we will send you our best price offer as soon as possible.

    Various criteria affect the price of a modular construction with sandwich panels, including the thickness of internal and external walls, the type and density of the insulation used, the thickness and quality of the steel structure, and the type of doors and windows (aluminium or PVC). The quality of the finish (elements such as paint type and flooring quality) also contributes to different prices being set by modular and prefabricated construction manufacturers. Reinforcements catering to wind load requirements, especially in areas prone to cyclones, can also significantly increase the cost of a modular construction.
    The average price of a modular building ranges from 180 to 420 euros per square metre. There are also extra charges for transport, handling, assembly and concrete foundations. These vary according to the modular technology used by the manufacturer.

    This depends on the dimensions and configurations. A demounted modular site container with a standard 15 sq. m surface area, a door and two windows can be installed in two or three hours. We supply the plans and assembly details so you can easily set up your modular site constructions.
    A demounted modular site container is perfect if you want to install an office or accommodation area in record time with minimal handling and foundation costs.
    We offer different modular container configurations: office, dormitory, changing room, accommodation or showroom.

    Our modular office building system is designed to be installed quickly on your construction site with minimal fees for installation, handling, transport and concrete foundations.
    The modular office with sandwich panels is fully insulated (internal and external walls, floor and ceilings are insulated with polyurethane or rockwool).
    A 15 sq. m prefabricated modular office can be assembled in just two hours! These prefabricated modules can be connected with a kit to create modular office buildings that are bigger and more comfortable to suit your project. Choose the Module-T modular office and get a high-quality modular building that can be assembled quickly and at a competitive price.

    Both are “prefabricated”, meaning the structure is made at our Turkish factories and assembly takes place on site.
    The structure is generally made of light gauge steel with insulated sandwich panel walls.
    In our production range, a modular building is a prefabricated construction made up of prefab modular container created by standard or non-standard insulated sandwich panels which connect up and are overlaid to create bigger spaces over one or more floors. A standard modular container has a surface area of 15 or 30 sq. m. A prefabricated building is a light gauge steel structure with internal and external walls in standard 1250 mm or 2500 mm lengths. Both solutions can be dismantled. The modular building is installed on concrete blocks or floor beams, while the prefabricated building needs a concrete slab. A modular building costs an average of 20% to 30% more than a standard prefabricated building.