France – Delivery Of Worksite Portable Container

15 January 2019

What is a portable container?

A Module-T portable container is a special type of modular construction that is highly versatile and has various applications. For example, these buildings can be used as offices, conference rooms, kitchen areas, sanitary facilities, dormitories, and guardhouses. The framework of each building is made of lightweight, high-galvanized steel sandwich panels that have been pre-painted in the factory and are rapidly assembled to make the finish product.


Portable container prices

Portable containers are much more affordable and economic than their traditional concrete counterparts. However, the exact price of a portable container depends on factors including the sandwich panel wall thickness, steel frame thickness, insulation material (polyurethane, rockwool or EPS) and insulation thickness (50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm etc.). The thicknesses and insulation materials needed will depend on the climate and local geography of your worksite as well as the nature of your project. It is therefore important to consider these aspects to ensure that your solution satisfies all the building strength and insulation requirements for your project and that you get just the result you pay for.


Portable container advantages

Our Module-T portable containers excel through multiple advantages. Firstly, consistently excellent workmanship goes into each of our units to make them both highly functional and aesthetically pleasing, so that your building solution will harmonize visually with your worksite surroundings as well as fulfil its practical purpose. Secondly, the buildings are pre-produced and pre-assembled on our factory premises, which means minimal wastage of resources and enables us to work in a highly organized and efficient manner. By calculating all the necessary conditions beforehand, we can also minimize unnecessary delays to the production and assembly process. Our high work efficiency therefore brings you a much faster and much more economic solution than with traditional concrete buildings. The relatively low dispatch costs are largely thanks to the ease with which the building materials can be transported along with the compact packaging in which they come supplied, therefore easily satisfying your budgetary needs.


Another asset of our modular prefabricated buildings is the ease with which the design can be customized. This allows a flexible solution tailored to your exact project requirements depending on the nature, layout, and geographical location of your worksite. For example, the modular units can be laterally connected and vertically stacked to create multi-storied buildings in any configuration.


The overall delivery of the solution is especially fast for short-term projects for which modular units can be rapidly produced and assembled. Once the building is assembled in place, it can be just as easily and quickly disassembled and moved to another location for reuse after a project is complete.

Why choose Module-T for portable container solutions?

Module-T is a world-leading producer and supplier of modular buildings for providing fast, high-quality temporary building solutions at affordable prices to an international client base. We take pride in delivering solutions that are optimally tailored to clients’ exact needs thanks to the customized building design. As a bonus, we will also send over a qualified in-house assembly team to install your tailor-made solution with speed, reliability, and aptitude.



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