Prefabricated Construction Jamaica

What Are the Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings?

17 November 2022
Prefabricated Construction Jamaica

What Are the Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings?

Suppose you need to expand your workplace or create a safe, temporary worksite for your construction or industrial team. In that case, the cost and speed it takes to deliver a solution are important considerations. Building a conventional structure can be expensive, cause considerable disruption to your site, and take a lot of time. In contrast, prefabricated buildings offer a fast, efficient, and cost-effective alternative. 

But what are the advantages of prefabricated buildings? And why are so many commercial companies choosing prefabricated modular constructions to accommodate the needs of their workforce?

What Is a Prefabricated Building?


Prefabricated buildings or “prefabs” are made in a factory, divided into easy-to-ship sections, and then transported to your site for assembly. They require minimal foundations in most cases and can usually be erected and dismantled in a few hours using simple tools. Once the sections are connected, they form a fully functional and operational building.

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The Advantages of Prefabricated Buildings


Whether you’re looking to expand your industrial facility, create an extra classroom, require a flat-pack kiosk for your forecourt, or need to accommodate and cater to a workforce on a temporary mining or construction site, Module-T offers a prefabricated building to suit. Here’s a look at the main benefits of prefabricated buildings:

The recruitment of reliable building labour and contractors to construct premises onsite is costly and takes time. Weather delays and hold-ups along the supply chain often mean new builds complete past the deadline or over the initial budget. Prefabricated buildings take significantly less time to produce and are made in a covered, controlled factory environment. This eliminates the chance of bad weather delays. The skilled staff and technology used during the production process also ensure that the prefab building meets the agreed criteria and is produced on time and within budget. This can result in a saving of more than 30% in some cases.

One of the main advantages of prefabricated buildings is the financial savings you can make compared with traditional construction. Many assume modular buildings are expensive, but they can work out far more cost-efficient than building a conventional office, accommodation block, or workspace. Module-T produces various standard prefabricated modular buildings to suit many needs, which can all be highly customised to cut costs. The offsite building process also saves considerable time and labour expenses. The quality, insulation, and high technology used in making prefabricated buildings also mean they are quality-assured and energy efficient, keeping your long-term heating and cooling costs down.

The materials used in prefabricated constructions are solid and durable. Prefab buildings are designed and engineered to withstand long-distance transit and relocation multiple times. They are cyclone and earthquake-resistant and can often perform far better than brick buildings in these conditions. This makes prefab buildings ideal for use in remote locations and areas that endure significant climatic change.  

Module-T prefabricates our buildings in our factory in Turkey, eliminating the chance of weather damage or delays. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure all the frames, panels, and components of the buildings are uniform and adhere to current UK, US, and EU building codes and regulations. This efficient and streamlined approach means the quality of our products is consistently high.

The heavy machinery, additional labour, materials, and onsite disruption caused when building a brick-built structure can pose health and safety risks. However, since prefabricated buildings are constructed remotely in our strictly controlled factory environment, there is far less risk to your onsite workers and crew.

Another prefab building advantage is that they are highly versatile and can be used for many purposes. They can stand alone, be joined, or be placed on top of one another to create the space you need. They are easy to assemble, disassemble, and move to another location. Each unit can be highly customised, and you can add many additional features during the design and production stages. This reduces the resources and time spent building and amending a traditional structure.

Constructing or extending conventional workspaces requires a lot of additional labour, contractors, machinery, and materials to be on site. In contrast, the components of a prefab building are made in a factory, so there’s far less danger, disturbance, waste, and emissions from vehicles at your location.

The Environmental Benefits of Prefabricated Buildings


Prefabricated and monoblock buildings are often commended for their sustainability and energy efficiency for good reasons:


  • The strict, regulated production process during the making of prefab buildings dramatically reduces emission levels. It ensures excess and waste materials are kept to a minimum, and most of the waste created can be recycled rather than dumped in a landfill.


  • The lightweight foundations required for prefabricated buildings reduce the impact on the landscape, helping to preserve the local flora and fauna. This also allows the location to quickly recover if the prefab structure is ever moved or relocated.


  • The insulation used in the walls, ceiling, and floor panels maximises energy efficiency, helping to keep heating and cooling costs in check.

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The list of prefab building advantages could go on as technological advancements, innovative designs, and materials continue to develop and are employed in making prefab modular constructions. Prefabrication is not a new concept, but it is a construction process gaining momentum due to its cost-effective, greener, and time-saving approach to construction.   


Module-T is a leading global supplier of prefabricated buildings and the production brand of Group TMEC based in Istanbul, Turkey. We have specialised in designing and manufacturing modular prefabricated constructions for over 15 years and produce a wide range of pre-manufactured buildings for commercial, industrial, and residential use. Our prefabricated offices, locker rooms, WC and sanitary facilities, accommodation blocks, flat-pack kiosks and guard houses are now in use in over 120 countries. 


If you want to know more about Module-T, our product range, or our services, please refer to our website or contact us.



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