Portable Living Container

Portable Living Containers

4 October 2022

Advantages of Portable Living Containers

With the price of commercial property and rental demands increasing, many businesses looking to accommodate staff are searching for affordable alternatives to bricks and mortar. Locating safe, secure, and cost-effective accommodations for a workforce can prove challenging, so portable living containers are the solution for a growing number of organisations.


What is a Modular Accommodation Container?

Modular living containers, also known as accommodation containers or prefabricated living containers, are accommodation cabins built remotely, packed, and then shipped to a location for use. Module-T can supply these pre-made living containers in many different sizes and designs. All the containers are fully functional dwellings that include all the necessary sanitary facilities, lighting, and utility connections of a conventional property. Prefabricated modular containers can be single-story, modular, or custom-built, and you can alter them to suit many purposes, such as workforce and offices.

The Advantages of Prefabricated Container Accommodation

Portable accommodation containers have come a long way from the basic portable cabins you may first envisage. New technologies, advances in engineering, and state-of-the-art materials are now employed to create modular container living spaces that can withstand the pressure of today’s changing climate and living conditions.

Some of the benefits of modern container accommodation include:


1. A portable accommodation container can be far more cost-effective and efficient than conventional property
The cost of purchasing a prefabricated modular container is typically far less than a brick-built property. Building, material, and labour costs are kept to a minimum. The container’s fully insulated walls and energy-saving design make them highly efficient, saving you money and leaving you with the funds to invest elsewhere in your work.


2. Container accommodation is quick to build and construct
Conventional buildings can take years to construct, but prefabricated containers can be designed, built, shipped, and delivered to a site within weeks. Modular-T specialises in temporary modular living containers for mining and construction sites, but you can customise accommodation modular containers to suit commercial purposes. Most of the containers we supply can be assembled quickly, using simple tools, in just a few hours.


3. Portable accommodation containers are modular and can be stacked or laid side by side
If you’re short on space, modular containers can be placed side by side or stacked to create more rooms. Additional bedrooms, dormitories, offices, workshops, or even recreation rooms or laundries can be added either during the initial construction or later to give you the needed space.


4. Accommodation prefabricated containers are durable
Portable modular living containers are durable, fire-resistant, and withstand extreme weather conditions. They meet anticyclonic and anti-seismic standards, making them far more hard-wearing than many brick-built buildings and traditional constructions. The floors, walls and ceilings are designed and engineered with practicality. The frame is made from galvanised steel, and the sandwich-panel walls are fully insulated and pre-painted in your chosen colours. You can customise the interior as you wish and add various fixtures and fittings available to create comfortable and attractive accommodations.


5. You can move temporary accommodation containers
One of the main advantages of container accommodation is that you can move them to a new location. Module-T portable containers can be placed directly on concrete blocks, requiring very little civil engineering work. Should you need to relocate the container at any point, it can be dismantled relatively quickly and taken to a new destination.


6. Prefab accommodation containers can be customised
It’s easy to assume that accommodation containers are bare or unattractive, but that’s not the case; you can quickly stamp your style on a container office or unit. Stylish kitchens and bathrooms can be created, and there are lots of décor enhancements you can make to transform the living spaces. Laminate, ceramic or wooden flooring, air-conditioning, smart-home systems, additional security and many other contemporary fixtures and fittings can be included.


7. Portable living containers come in many different sizes
Module-T living containers come in standard sizes or can be custom-made to suit your needs. Most include bathrooms or sanitary facilities, and all have utility connections. The modular living containers can be stacked to fit on a smaller footprint, and you can create interior walls, corridors, and staircases so you can quickly move between rooms and floors. See our product page or contact us for more details.


8. Container accommodation is environmentally friendly
Very little civil engineering work is required before assembling a prefabricated building. Compared with most conventional properties, portable container living spaces put far less pressure on the land, dramatically reducing their environmental impact.

How Are The Portable Containers Made And Delivered?

Module-T prefabricated modular containers are designed and manufactured at our factories in Turkey. Once your order is agreed upon, our team dispatches the standard container or starts making the container to your specifications. On completion, the unit is then packed and shipped to its destination.

All Module-T portable containers are designed to be built and dismantled quickly. Prefabricated solutions arrive at the site, where you can quickly assemble them using simple tools. For larger projects, construction and mining site units, modular assemblies, or if you request assistance, we can arrange a specialist assembly team to visit the site and assist.

Prefab container

What to Consider Before Ordering a Portable Living Container

Before purchasing a portable living container, please talk to your local planning office. Planning regulations differ depending on the country and location, so please get in touch with your local planning office to check if there are any special rules or laws you need to abide by regarding prefabricated properties in your area.

Order Your High-Quality Living Containers from Module-T!

Module-T is the production brand of Group TMEC based in Istanbul, Turkey. We are a leading international manufacturer of prefabricated portable containers, and our solutions can be found in over 120 countries on six continents.
Module-T offers top-quality service to all clients. Our in-house project management and assembly team are on hand to assist with all large, bespoke, and modular projects and construction site living quarters. Our design, manufacturing, and customer service teams are here to help you from your initial enquiry to on-site assembly and aftercare.
If you want to create more space or require cost-effective, portable living accommodations for your business or organisation, please contact or see the Module-T website for details.