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What Is a Guardhouse?

20 February 2023
What Is a Guardhouse?

What Is a Guardhouse?

The definition of a guardhouse (also referred to as a watchhouse, guard shelter, or security booth) is a building used to house security personnel or keep security equipment. The term comes from times when guards or sentries were posted at the entry of buildings or along a perimeter to “keep guard”, deter intruders, and restrict entry. Today, guardhouses are still in use and have many applications. If you are looking for guardhouse manufacturers USA, UK, or any other location, here’s some info on the guardhouses we produce, how they can be used, and why they offer extra security to your premises.

Some of Our Products

Module-T, A Leading Guardhouse Manufacturers Turkey

Module-T is a leading guardhouse manufacturer based in Turkey. From our facility in Istanbul, we make and deliver prefabricated guardhouses and security booths for use by the military, security, border and defence personnel, airports, private industry, and industrial sites across the globe. All our guardhouses are prefabricated structures and precision made to be long-lasting, safe, comfortable, and highly durable. They adhere to US, UK, and EU standards and can resist extremely harsh weather conditions so that they can be placed in remote or challenging locations.

Common Applications of Guard Kiosks

Our factory-produced guard shelters can be used in many ways. Common guardhouse applications include:


  1.     Security Booths as Checkpoints: Many private, military, hospital, airport, and industrial sites use guardhouses at their entrances to control access, oversee entry, and register movement in and out of the facility.


  1.     Guardhouses for Observation: Prefabricated guardhouses are often used as watchtowers or observation points along boundaries and perimeters. They offer a visible defence and deterrent against intruders and can be used to monitor movement across borders or along prison walls, high-security fences, and boundaries.


  1.     Guard Booths as Forecourt Payment Points: Carparks, shopping malls, drive-throughs, and stadiums typically use prefabricated security booths as point-of-sale ticket distribution kiosks or to accept payments on entry and exit.


  1.     Guard Shelters as Night Watchman Booths: You often see prefabricated guardhouses used to provide shelter for CCTV operators and overnight security staff on industrial sites, construction sites, and private estates.

Get support from our Expert Team

Module-T Security Kiosks: Features and Product Range

Module-T produces pre-manufactured guardhouses and security booths in several standard sizes and designs, or we can custom-make a guardhouse for your purpose. See below the features of our standard solid modular guardhouses:


  • Standard Guardhouse Sizes: 1,50 × 1,50 m / 2.00 × 1.50 m / 2.00 × 2.00 m / 3.00 × 2.40 m / 6.00 × 2.40 m
  • Standard Height: 2,60 m
  • Walls: The walls of the guardhouse containers are made with high-galvanised and painted steel or aluminium surfaces with insulated sandwich panels.
  • Wall Insulation: Rockwool, polyurethane, or polystyrene insulation with a minimum thickness of 40 mm
  • Door and Window Profiles: There is a choice of window designs with PVC or aluminium profiles. Standard options include large windows, sash, or oriel windows. These can be customised with aluminium or PVC shutters, sunshades, steel bars, and additional locking systems to prevent unauthorised entry.
  • Floor Covering: Our standard guard kiosks and construction site cabins have PVC vinyl flooring. Parquet, ceramic, steel, or aluminium sheet flooring is also possible.
  • WC and Sanitary Guardhouses: Our prefabricated security booths can be fitted with a toilet, sink, and shower if necessary.

Customisations: You can customise your guardhouse or construction site kiosk in many ways during the design stage. Popular options include additional insulation, changes in colour and décor, adding movable barriers, additional security systems, CCTV cameras, video monitoring technology, air conditioning, heating, shutters, storage shelves, PC and networking equipment, furniture, cabinets, safes, and intercom systems.

Guardhouse & Kiosk Supplier
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Guardhouse Manufacturer

Fast Manufacture and Delivery of Code-Compliant Guardhouses and Security Booths

Module-T has been supplying security kiosks, guardhouses, and sentry booths to businesses, industrial and construction sites, and other facilities for over 15 years. Our cost and time-effective prefabricated constructions and code-compliant booths are precision made for quality and can be customised and styled to suit your business and needs.

Guardhouse Delivery and Installation

All Module-T standard and custom guardhouses are designed and manufactured at our high-spec facility in Istanbul. They are made to your agreed specifications, then flat-packed and delivered to your site for assembly and use. The security cabins and prefabricated kiosks arrive in specially designed packages that minimise land and sea transportation costs. They can be placed on simple concrete blocks or foundations and erected quickly using lifting hooks and simple tools.


Order Your Guardhouse Now From Module-T!

Module-T is committed to supplying top-quality modular buildings for many purposes. We are a global supplier of modular constructions, including prefabricated offices, pre-manufactured accommodation containers and dormitories, prefab WC and sanitary buildings, canteens, school buildings, and many other modular structures. If you are looking for guardhouse manufacturers UK, Europe, South Africa, the Caribbean or the USA, please look at our website for more details or contact us for a quote.



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