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Modular Healthcare Facilities Buildings

8 December 2022

Modular healthcare facilities and buildings are purpose-made to meet the ever-changing demands of healthcare providers. These versatile and cost-effective modular health structures can be tailored to include emergency rooms, patient and doctor consulting rooms, wards, administration offices, waiting rooms, operating theatres, sanitary and hygiene facilities, and even temperature-controlled laboratories.

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Modular-T produces several fully functional modular buildings that can be transported quickly to your location for assembly and use. The use of prefabricated buildings to provide healthcare facilities is growing. In many cases, the remote manufacturing process leads to significant savings and cuts the time and cost of traditional onsite construction in half, making the buildings a wise solution.

See below for an overview of the modular health structures we produce, how they can be used, and their advantages.

Modular Health Structures Produced for Clinics, Hospitals, and Medical Buildings

Modular-T uses innovative design and technology to produce several modular buildings for healthcare facilities and emergency clinics. These modern, prefabricated structures come in standard sizes or can be custom-built and highly customised.

One of the main advantages of modular construction is that the buildings are made remotely and then flat-packed and shipped to your location for use. Their robust and durable structure means they can be transported to almost any global site, where they can then be linked, stacked, or joined. You can add additional buildings as required, meaning you can create space in the future as your facility expands.

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The Applications of Modular Health Buildings

Modular constructions and healthcare buildings can be highly customised, making the applications for use almost endless. See below just a few of the ways prefabricated buildings can be used in healthcare:

The strong, affordable, and versatile nature of modular construction makes the buildings ideal for use as hospitals or trauma clinics. Entire medical centres and hospital wings can be designed and created to include patient wards, medical consulting rooms, receptions, operating theatres, administration offices, canteens, WC and sanitary facilities, and laboratories.

Modular health buildings can be used as general practitioner clinics, urgent care facilities, dental centres, or even veterinary rooms.

As technology advances and demand for medical care increases, traditional hospitals and clinics often struggle for space. Modular buildings provide a quick and budget-friendly solution as they can easily be customised to offer a stand-alone or joined facility on site. They can be designed as necessary and include waiting rooms, receptions, consulting rooms, and space for MRI, CT, and most other large medical or imaging equipment.

State-of-the-art medical laboratories for hospitals, universities or medical centres can be created by customising modular structures. These can be as basic or as sophisticated as required and include temperature control equipment, technology, security, benches, or other necessary equipment. These can stand alone to cater to the space needed at an existing site or be linked to other modular constructions.

Many of Module-T’s standard buildings can be made in just a few days and shipped to a site for use quickly, making them perfect for use in areas where medical facilities are urgently required, such as war zones, places of natural disaster, or regions suffering from medical emergencies like a disease or pandemic.

Many medical practitioners set up private clinics. If you are looking for consulting space, many of our smaller modular constructions are ideal. They can be customised to offer comfortable, practical rooms for patients to make appointments, wait and be seen by the practitioner.

Prefabricated Modular Clinic
Modular Container Clinic
Modular Medical Buildings (Clinics & Healthcare Facilities)
Modular Healthcare Facilities Buildings

Modular Health Building Specifications

The following is a rundown of possible healthcare building specifications:

Frames: The modular building frame is made from high galvanised steel that is durable and non-corrosive.

Roof: The buildings have a high-quality galvanised steel roof with painted, gutter-finished sheets or metal tiles.

Floors: The floors are lined with polyurethane and have a vinyl-coated fibre cement panel, which is topped with high-grade parquet or ceramic tiles, which are hard-wearing, easy to clean, and hygienic.

Walls: Our prefabricated buildings’ outer and inner walls consist of pre-painted sandwich panels insulated with rock wool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam with a thickness varying between 50 mm and 200 mm. The walls come pre-painted and decorated in a choice of colours and are supplied pre-cut with electric sockets, utility, and networking connections already in place.

Doors and Windows: Weather-resistant PVC or double-sided aluminium doors and windows are strong and can withstand extreme climatic change.

Prefabricated Hospital Clinic

Modular Health Building Dimensions

Using a prefabricated healthcare building has many advantages compared to traditional construction. They are quick to design, produce and supply, extremely hard-wearing, and fast to assemble on-site, which saves you considerable time and money. During the production process, the medical buildings can also be optimised to include additional insulation, temperature control equipment, air-conditioning, soundproofing, security systems and many other features to ensure the comfort and safety of your staff and patients. They can also include aesthetic enhancements and upgraded fixtures and fittings to ensure the building is practical and looks great.

The Supply of Modular Healthcare Buildings to Remote Locations

Module-T has supplied prefabricated modular buildings to sites in over 120 countries over 6 continents. All our structures are built to meet EU, UK and US standards and are made to withstand transportation over the sea and rough terrain. They adhere to current seismic and cyclonic codes and regulations. They typically outlast and outperform traditional structures in challenging and remote locations, making them ideal for use in remote or disaster zones. No matter where you are located, our logistics time will find a way to deliver your building.

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Modular-T is a leading manufacturer of prefabricated buildings. Whatever your requirements, be it a small local clinic or a large modular hospital, our team has the knowledge and experience to design and supply a suitable medical facility. Contact Module-T today for a quote or to learn more about our products, modular healthcare buildings and services!



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