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Prefabricated Buildings in South Africa

6 May 2021

Prefabricated container cabins for use as offices, sanitary facilities, locker rooms or lodging delivered to South Africa

We are a leading manufacturer of rapid assembly prefabricated container cabins. We ship our modular units to South Africa and beyond. Our prefabricated modular portacabin are shipped in disassembled kits in 40-foot sea containers through Port Tamatave. You can easily install a prefabricated cabin in two or three hours using simple tools.

Our modular portacabin are fully insulated and are ideal for places with high temperatures and high humidity. The internal and exterior sandwich panel walls are made with polyurethane or rock wool insulation and come in thicknesses ranging from 50mm to 100mm. The floors and ceilings are also insulated.



Portacabin can be placed side by side or on top of each other to form larger working or living spaces, such as open-plan offices, meeting rooms or worksite cafeterias.  We supply prefabricated container cabins to be used as offices, locker rooms, sanitary facilities and even lodging. Numerous options are available: aluminium doors and windows, security bars, triple lock doors, parquet or ceramic flooring, air conditioning, various types of sanitary facilities, connection kits, external fibre cement bars and roofing.

Modular portacabin can be placed side by side and on top of each other to form prefabricated modular buildings.

For your lodging, sanitary facilities, locker rooms, restaurant, site offices and living base needs, we offer temporary or durable modular building solutions formed from prefabricated container cabins. Depending on your needs, we offer R+1 or R+2 modular buildings that are perfectly suited to the South African climate. If necessary, we’ll send a supervisor or an assembly team to assist you with the installation work. Our modular sandwich panel solutions are fully insulated and made from highly galvanised and pre-painted metal structures.

Prefabricated Buildings in South Africa

We offer turnkey prefabricated solutions for your on-site housing and office projects. Module-T prefabricated buildings are economical and easy to assemble for your construction site lodging projects in South Africa. These prefabricated sandwich panel buildings are comprised of pre-painted and highly galvanised lightweight steel structures. We offer modular solutions with factory prefabricated floors and ceilings. These prefabricated structures don’t require complicated civil engineering work. The prefabricated building is placed directly on concrete blocks or stringers. Upon completion of your project, you can easily dismantle the structures for use on other sites.

Prefab Buildings Manufacturer

We deliver our prefabricated and modular portacabin solutions directly from our factories in Turkey. Feel free to contact us if you’re planning to purchase a prefabricated container cabin or prefabricated modular building for your projects in South Africa or anywhere else in the world.

Advantages of prefabricated container solutions

Firstly, prefabricated cabins from Module-T stand out through their premium quality and excellent workmanship. They are made from a lightweight, highly galvanized steel frame and sandwich panels that are structurally robust and will endure even the most humid climates. Secondly, the prefabricated cabins are quickly and efficiently pre-produced at our factory in Turkey, whereupon the components are delivered to your worksite for rapid assembly of your solution. In fact, prefabricated container cabins can be assembled twice as fast as traditional concrete structures, and they can also be easily dismantled for transportation to a new site once a project is complete. Moreover, our prefabricated container solutions are highly economic. The costs of transporting the prefabricated cabins over land and sea are very reasonable thanks to the special compact packaging, and the installation of the cabins on lightweight foundations also considerably reduces the costs for concrete and manual labour. Finally, the cabins are highly versatile and customizable to suit various needs of clients, depending on the nature of their projects as well as the local geographical conditions. And importantly, the cabins have been designed to satisfy the insulation and safety standards for each country, so clients can be fully certain of legal compliance.

Why choose Module-T as a prefabricated cabin supplier?

Module-T are a leading international supplier of high-quality prefabricated cabins that cater to a wide range of clients from various industries. Apart from the excellent product workmanship, high operational efficiency, flexibility of solutions offered and strong professional ethos, Module-T also stand out by providing an exclusive modular building assembly service by a qualified in-house assembly team. Once a client’s order is confirmed, the team will be promptly sent over to the worksite to complete the assembly with great speed and aptitude.



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