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 Comfortable and economical office container for sale

Office container in stock

We currently have a 15m2 modular container with 50 mm or 60 mm polyurethane insulation in stock.  Our prefabricated office container has two PVC windows and a steel entrance door. The walls, ceiling and floor of the office container are insulated. We export our modular container worldwide from our factories located in Turkey.

Office Container For Sale

This is a modular and economical solution that can be adapted for use anywhere in the world, regardless of climatic conditions. The Module-T office containers for sale are ideal for creating comfortable workspaces for your on-site personnel or expanding your existing office.  An office container is modular, and you can connect them to form a larger office space on one or more floors.

Office Container: Examples of Configuration


20” Office Container
Capacity: 2 Persons

OC-A6000.4 - 600x240cm

20” Office Container With Sanitary
Capacity: 1 Persons

Quick assembly office container for sale

Our container office solution is shipped in a special pack. We load up to ten 20-foot container offices into a sea container. The office containers for sales is delivered disassembled in a pack and contains all the elements required for easy assembly: assembly guide, assembly kit, touch-up paint, door, windows, walls, ceiling, floor, electrical equipment and lighting. The floor and ceiling frames are shipped fully pre-assembled.

The prefabricated container can be easily assembled in two to three hours. You will, however, need a small crane during the unloading and installation of our office container. Once assembled, the office is placed on a hard, level floor or on concrete pads. You can easily move your office from one site to another. The office containers for sale does not require special maintenance, although touch-up painting may be necessary on impact points. The average lifespan of our office container is 30 years and varies with the frequency of use.

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The cost of the standard 20-foot containers we have for sale

The price of container offices is determined by its size, ceiling height, the quality of steel used, and the thickness and type of insulation. The average selling price of our 20-foot office container is 3,200 Euros. However, the price can reach 4,000 Euros if you add options such as additional windows, anti-burglary steel bars or interior partitions. The container offices for sale are available in different sizes: 10 feet, 20 feet or 40 feet. If you need to create larger spaces such as a meeting room, connection kits are available to join or stack your container office.

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