Canteen Container

Canteen Container

A canteen container is a highly durable prefabricated container that can be customised to suit your needs and swiftly made and delivered to your site. Our easy-to-assemble portable canteens are made remotely in Turkey using the latest precision technology to ensure they adhere to international building standards, and they are ideal for use in inner city and remote locations.

Canteen Containers

A prefabricated canteen can include a commercial kitchen, dining space, serving station, restroom facilities, and storage or be linked or joined to other modular buildings. The versatility of a modular canteen, the quality, and the speed at which they can be delivered and used make a canteen container a smart and cost-effective choice if you are looking for an affordable way to create a social or catering space for personnel. Find out more about our standard and construction site canteen range and canteen container prices below.

Technical Specifications of Canteen Containers

Module-T has specialised in manufacturing standard and custom-built modular buildings and canteen containers, which can be enhanced in various ways. See below the standard specifications of a modular canteen:


  •       Size: Portable canteens can cater to between 14 and 76 personnel and range in size from 14,4 m2 to 117 m2.
  •       Frame: A canteen container features a high galvanised steel frame that can be reinforced if necessary.
  •       Walls: Sandwich panel walls come as standard in a prefabricated canteen with rock wool, polystyrene foam, or polyurethane insulation of up to 100 mm.
  •       Floor and Ceiling: The ceiling and floor of a construction site canteen are made from insulated polyurethane.
  •       Roof: A galvanised trapezoidal roof is standard, although insulated polyurethane is also possible should you wish to use the prefab canteen in a harsh climate or remote location.
  •       Door and Window Joinery: Canteen container windows and door joinery are PVC or aluminium, and they can be enhanced with shutters, alarms, security bars, blinds, or mosquito nets if wished.
  •       Customisations: You can choose to enhance the interior or exterior of a modular canteen. Options include adding fixtures, furnishings, serving stations or hatches, catering equipment, work surfaces, restrooms, and security features.

Examples of configurations:

12 Person Canteen Container

14,4 m² Canteen Container

14 Person Canteen Container

19,2 m² Canteen Container

18 Person Canteen Container

24 m² Canteen Container

20 Person Canteen Container

29 m² Canteen Container

24 Person Canteen Container

48,4 m² Canteen Container

24 Person Canteen Container

30 m² Canteen Container

32 Person Canteen Container

43,8 m² Canteen Container

44 Person Canteen Container

48,4 m² Canteen Container

52 Person Canteen Container

77,6 m² Canteen Container

56 Person Canteen Container

87,6 m² Canteen Container

72 Person Canteen Container

97,2 m² Canteen Container

76 Person Canteen Container

117 m² Canteen Container

Transportation and Assembly of Canteen Containers

Our logistics team can easily arrange economical transportation of a canteen container from Turkey to your site. A prefabricated canteen is manufactured at our facility near Istanbul, then expertly flat-packed in sections and loaded into a container for safe and secure movement to the location by land and sea. Lifting hooks are attached to allow a crane or forklift to place the sections on pre-positioned beams or a light cement base. The sockets and cabling for electric and utility connections are already in place, so the necessary local connections can be made once the building is erected. Most prefab canteens can be designed and delivered in a few weeks, and a smaller standard container takes just a few hours to assemble, with complex models taking a few days at most.

Canteen Container Advantages

A canteen container is a highly versatile structure built to order remotely and then transported to your site for assembly. The major benefits of a flatpack canteen include:

Easy to Assemble: Our portable products are lightweight and manufactured in sections. They arrive in a specially packed container that can be quickly erected on a light cement foundation in a few hours. Lifting hooks are attached, and most can be assembled using a few labourers and a crane or forklift truck.

Quick to Deliver: They are rapidly produced, flat-packed, and then quickly delivered by land and sea to your site. Our logistics team handles the arrangements to ensure your container turns up in a matter of weeks in most cases.

Cost-effective: Due to savings in time and streamlined remote manufacturing processes, canteen container prices are typically far less than conventional buildings.

Durable: Due to the advanced technology used in our factory, each section of the canteen is precision made to comply with international building standards. The structure also conforms to seismic and cyclonic regulations making them extremely strong and hard wearing.

Benefits of Canteen Containers

You can enjoy many advantages by ordering a prefabricated canteen rather than building a traditional brick-built structure. Some benefits of a canteen container include the speed at which it can be manufactured and delivered, which saves considerable onsite disruption, time, and expense. The versatility, as canteens, can be enhanced structurally and aesthetically in many ways to suit your requirements. Their durability, as the precision manufacturing process ensures they comply with building codes and are built to consistently high quality, and their portability, as they can be quickly assembled on-site and then relocated to another location if or when a project ends.


Areas Where Canteen Containers Can Be Used

Prefab kitchen and canteen containers are incredibly versatile modular constructions that can be optimised in many ways. They are also modular, meaning they can be joined to prefabricated locker rooms or sanitary containers, meaning they can be used to form entire labour camps if required. Three typical applications of a canteen container include:

  •       A construction site canteen to provide a comfortable space for labour site staff and contractors to socialise and dine.
  •       A school canteen to allow staff a safe and sterile space to prepare and serve food to students.
  •       An emergency shelter canteen that can be erected quickly and used as a safe social space or catering facility in a disaster, emergency zone or refugee camp.

Our range of canteen containers is ideal for use on construction sites, labour camps, schools, or emergency shelters. These innovative and modern prefabricated buildings are as strong as traditionally built constructions, yet they are lightweight and suitable for use on temporary and permanent sites. Our flatpack restaurants are available in several standard configurations that can accommodate between 12 and 76 personnel, all of which can be modified in many ways, and include serving stations, open or closed industrial and catering kitchens, storage,compact restrooms, tables and chairs. These versatile structures can also be linked or joined to other modular buildings, such as accommodation or office containers, to create a fully functional working site. If you need to create an industrial kitchen, catering facility, refectory, or cafeteria, see below the standard specifications of a portable canteen and discover why they may be the solution for you.

Cost of Canteen Containers

Due to the quality of the building, the speed at which it can be manufactured, and the savings in labour costs and waste, a canteen container provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional construction. However, canteen container prices vary according to the size of the container, the type and thickness of the insulation used, the structural and interior amendments you choose to make to the standard models, and the cost of the transportation of the container to the site. Our team realise cost and affordability are important, so if you are considering ordering a modular restaurant or canteen, please get in touch with us with an outline of your requirements for a free competitive quote and a full breakdown of our canteen container prices.


Why Module-T Canteen Containers?

For over 15 years, Module-T has been a leading prefabricated modular container manufacturer supplying a wide range of prefabricated modular buildings to over 120 countries. From our factory near Istanbul, we design canteen containers, accommodation buildings and dormitories, prefabricated offices, WC and sanitary containers, security booths and kiosks, amongst many other structures.

If you want a budget-friendly way to create a high-quality kitchen and dining space for your personnel, please consider our canteen container range and contact us for more information.


Yes, a portable canteen container can be relocated, which makes it ideal for use on temporary sites like mining, civil engineering, or construction zones. Due to the lightweight structure being manufactured in sections, it is possible to disassemble or lift the structure to another location.

Yes, they can do. You can include kitchen and catering appliances, furnishings, cabinets, worksurfaces, tables and chairs, and many other features in a canteen container design.

Yes. One of the main advantages of a modular canteen is that it can stand alone, be linked, or stacked with other modular containers. This widens their scope of use, and you can easily add additional facilities like WC and sanitary containers, locker and changing rooms, or link them to offices and accommodation as needed.

We can supply canteen containers to almost any global location, where they can be erected on lightweight cement foundations or beams. Building regulations differ according to your location, so it is essential to check with your local authorities before ordering if a prefabricated modular building or prefab canteen is allowed on the desired site.

Canteen containers are precision-made to meet international building standards. They also adhere to current seismic and cyclonic standards, meaning they are suitable for use in almost any location, no matter how challenging. In addition, the structure can be reinforced, and other amendments can be made to optimise the strength of the building if desired. 



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