Prefabricated Modular building Turks and Caicos

5 May 2023
Prefabricated Modular building Turks and Caicos

Modular & Prefabricated Building Supplier | Turks and Caicos

A prefabricated building is not a new concept. However, innovative materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes have pushed their use into the spotlight, as they now offer a far more sustainable, affordable, and timely alternative to conventional construction. Module-T supplies standard and custom-made modular buildings to clients all over the globe, including the West Indies. Our team is skilled in organising the swift, economical delivery of a full range of commercial, industrial, and residential modular buildings to almost any location, no matter how far. Discover more about our services and our prefabricated modular building Turks and Caicos product range below. 

Some of Our Products

Modular Offices, Livable Spaces and More in Turks and Caicos!

Prefabricated buildings are no longer simply associated with portable sanitary facilities, guard houses, payment kiosks, and flat-pack showrooms. A modern modular building manufacturer like Module-T now builds to such a high standard that their products often outperform conventional builds in terms of strength and durability, leading them to be used to create entire schools, labour or work sites, industrial centres, emergency accommodation camps, commercial offices, and even infirmaries. Module-T’s prefabricated structures adhere to US and international building codes and are designed to conform to current seismic and cyclonic standards, making them ideal for use in the tropics. The buildings can also be customised in various structural and aesthetic ways and include additional strength and insulation, making them better suited to wet and humid environments. If you are considering purchasing a prefabricated building in Turks and Caicos, here are a few examples of the modular constructions we can supply:

·       Modular Offices

You can use our modular offices on temporary and permanent sites. These versatile structures can stand alone, be linked laterally, or be placed on top of one another to form a two-storey building. We can custom-build a prefabricated office to your requirements; alternatively, you can customise one of our many standard models that range in size from 15 m2 to 292.50 m2. The interiors can include open-plan and closed office spaces, WC and restroom facilities, kitchens, receptions, meeting rooms, and storage spaces. Popular customisations to modular offices in Turks and Caicos include interior and exterior décor and design changes, additional sockets for technology or utility connections, widow and door security bars or camera systems, integration of solar panels or energy-saving technology, and upgrades to the standard fixtures and fittings.


·       Modular Accommodation Buildings

Our prefabricated accommodation modules are available in standard dimensions of 20 and 40 feet. They are typically used to create safe and comfortable spaces for worksite employees to reside or accommodate aid workers and those needing shelter on emergency sites. The building can be dormitory style or divided into rooms. The interior can also include washroom facilities.


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Modular Building and Prefabricated Building Production and Supply Process in Module-T

Module-T is an expert in organising the swift design, manufacture, and delivery of our modular buildings to sites worldwide. Our structures are precision-made remotely in Turkey. We use the latest technology to ensure each section (module) is of a uniformly high quality that adheres to the agreed design plans and fits seamlessly together once the building is assembled. The sections are carefully packed in a container and shipped by land and sea to your location. Typically, a standard 140 m2 prefabricated building will fit into one 40-foot shipping container. Regarding assembly, once the building arrives, it can be quickly assembled on light cement foundations using the supplied lifting hooks. It would be beneficial to hire a team of professionals to assist with the assembly. So, we can also advise or organise a skilled assembly team to attend.

Prefabricated Modular building

Affordable Prefabricated Buildings in Turks and Caicos

Module-T is a modular building manufacturer committed to providing premium quality prefabricated structures at affordable prices. As a guide, clients can expect cost and time savings of more than 30% compared to constructing a conventional brick-built structure in most cases. If you would like to know more about our services and our prefabricated modular building Turks and Caicos, please get in touch with us.

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