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Prefabricated Toilet and Bathroom Buildings UK

1 November 2022

Module-T specialises in the manufacturing and supply of prefabricated toilet and bathroom buildings and other modular container solutions. For over 15 years, from our factory in Istanbul, we have produced modular bathroom buildings and prefabricated sanitary units for commercial use in many countries, including the UK.

All Module-T bathroom containers are cost-effective, highly functional, easy to install, and waterproof. We offer a wide range of options that all arrive flat-packed with utility connections already in place, ready to be assembled at your site. Here’s a brief look at our most popular bathroom buildings and why they may be the sanitary solution your business needs.


Who Uses Prefabricated Toilet and Bathroom Buildings?

Opting for a prefabricated WC, bathroom or shower building is the ideal solution in many situations. Here’s a look at just a couple of examples:


1.      Prefabricated Bathrooms and Sinks for Industrial Use

The portable nature of prefabricated containers and their robust and durable structure means you can use them in the most challenging terrains and weather conditions.       It makes modular bathroom buildings and prefabricated WCs perfect for industrial, mining, and construction sites, so they are often purchased and installed at work camps and on living bases. We have shipped sanitary units to many global locations and currently have sanitary containers on sites throughout the UK.


One of the main benefits of prefabricated bathrooms and WC buildings is that they can be easily moved and relocated. Building a traditional bathroom or sanitary facility on a temporary industrial site is costly and often impractical. The nature of most heavy industry sites is that labourers, contractors and building staff are at the location for a limited period of weeks, months, or maybe years. The site’s commercial office buildings and sanitary containers must then be repurposed or removed.


Prefabricated WC and bathroom buildings, living containers, and modular offices are not only cost-effective but also designed to be quickly assembled and dismantled. They require minimal civil engineering or foundation work, so the impact on the land is minimal, meaning you can reclaim the landscape soon after use. Prefabricated bathroom buildings are also modular, so you can join them to living containers to form on-site living quarters. They are also fire-resistant, waterproof, and strong, so they are ideal for frequent and heavy-duty use.


2.      Prefabricated Sanitary Buildings for Schools and Education

Schools and education authorities face tight budgets and often struggle to accommodate the needs of students, and catering to their hygiene and sanitary needs is paramount. Prefabricated school rooms, locker rooms, and WC and bathroom buildings offer a practical and cost-effective solution.


Prefabricated buildings are safe, comfortable, and secure and comply with UK building codes and regulations. Traditional builds can take many months and causes disruption. The on-site materials, heavy machinery, and influx of unknown contractors on site also cause safety concerns.


In contrast, prefabricated buildings can be delivered and erected within hours and certainly over a weekend or half-term, limiting on-site disruption. The sanitary containers are also modular, so they can be linked to locker rooms or other prefabricated buildings to accommodate future requirements.

Prefabricated Toilet and Bathroom Buildings UK
Prefabricated Toilet and Bathroom Buildings Manufacturer

Module-T Standard and Custom-Built Modular Bathroom Buildings

Module-T manufactures a wide range of standard sanitary containers or can custom-build a bathroom container or sanitary bungalow to suit your needs. Our typical prefabricated WC and shower buildings come in set sizes of 1.50m x 2.50m, 2.00m x 2.50m, and 2.00 x 2.50m, with a height of 2.60m. Each is made from a high galvanised steel sandwich panel surface and frame with insulated solid sandwich panel walls. The ceilings are polyurethane, and the base surfaces are made from vinyl-coated fibre cement panels, making them robust and hardwearing, in many cases far more practical than a brick-built building. Each prefabricated building has a choice of standard fixtures and fittings, and many other elements can be added as required.



Quick to Install Prefabricated Bathrooms and WCs

All Module-T prefabricated buildings are designed to be easily transported, assembled, and dismantled. For example, a standard construction site bathroom building is made to be long-lasting and moved for use on multiple sites, as mentioned above. The container arrives flat-packed and can be assembled using basic tools and up and running quickly. The upper and lower chassis come pre-assembled, and the walls are ready-painted and fit together easily, with pre-cut electric sockets and utility connections in place. Waterproof PVC or ceramic tiles are the floorings of choice and come in various colours. Extras and upgrades in sinks, cabinets, toilets, showers or added security measures can also be added if wished.

Swift Order and Delivery of Prefabricated Bathroom Buildings UK

With Module-T, ordering prefabricated WCs and bathroom buildings is easy. Our trained, multilingual sales and customer support team are on hand to assist with every step, from your initial enquiry to the manufacture and assembly of your bathroom building.

First, please email or contact us for a quote and to discuss your requirements. Once your order is confirmed, a detailed container plan to include all the measurements, walls, floors, ceiling specifications and custom inclusions is drawn up and submitted for approval. The manufacturing process can then begin.


The timeframe from order to delivery of prefabricated bathroom buildings varies. If the sanitary container is based on a standard design, the design and manufacturing process can be done quickly. Still, the process can take longer for more complex modular sanitary buildings and custom bathroom containers. Generally, our sanitary products can be designed, built, packed, and shipped quickly in a matter of days or weeks in most cases.

Enjoy Competitive Prefabricated Toilet and Bathroom Prices at Module-T!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for a prefabricated bathroom building or commercial sanitary container at a highly competitive price. Module-T is a leading global manufacturer of prefabricated modular buildings. We offer a wide range of flat-pack and portable buildings ideal for use in industrial and commercial environments. Visit our website if you appreciate more information on our products and services.



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