Modular Commercial Buildings

Modular commercial buildings are constantly evolving, and as a leading modular construction company, we make a point of remaining at the forefront of our industry. Our range of prefab commercial buildings for sale provides a high-quality and fast-to-produce workspace that now matches and can even outperform many conventional builds in terms of strength and durability. We also supply many purpose-specific designs or can tailor-make our prefab commercial buildings to make them fit your purpose.


Should you need a quick, cost-effective workspace for a temporary or permanent site, please consider our constructions. Learn more about the specifications and advantages of our modular commercial buildings below.


Technical Specifications of Modular & Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

  • Commercial modular construction offers a practical and financially effective alternative to conventional brick-built construction. We work individually with all our clients and work with you to design the ideal prefabricated building to ensure you receive the perfect construction for your location and team. See below the standard specifications and a few of the options for a prefab commercial building:
  • Structure: Vertical and horizontal high galvanised steel is used for the structure of our prefab buildings.
  • Walls: The walls of our commercial and prefab retail buildings are sandwich panels insulated with rock wool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam to a thickness of between 50mm and 100mm.
  • Floor and Ceiling: The ceiling of a prefab commercial building is formed from 50mm thick insulated polyurethane. A vinyl-coated fibre cement panel is used for the base.
  • Windows: Most of our standard commercial units use double-glazed windows with PVC or aluminium frames. Shutters, security bars, mosquito nets, alarms, or extra-large windows are also available.
  • Doors: Standard commercial builds typically use aluminium, steel, or PVC fire-resistant doors with optional alarms or security measures.  
  • Optional Extras: Modular commercial buildings can include additional insulation or be structurally enhanced to provide additional weather resistance. During the initial design stages, you can also amend the interior layout and include the cabling and sockets for appliances and utilities, including cabinetry, security systems, heating and cooling, and many other features.


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Transportation and Assembly of Modular & Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Module-T specialised in the swift and economical delivery of prefabricated constructions and modular commercial buildings. All the structural elements are made in sections remotely at our facility in Türkiye. These are then expertly flat packed into a 40 ft sea container for transport via land and sea to the site.

Once the container arrives, the sections can be easily lifted onto beams or a light cement baseplate, which can be laid in advance. The prefab retail commercial buildings can then be bolted together using the connection kit we supply. Typically, our prefabricated constructions take just a few hours to erect. A specialist assembly team can also attend on request.  


Areas Where a Modular & Prefabricated Commercial Buildings Can Be Used

One of the main advantages of modular commercial construction is its versatility, as it can be highly customised to suit almost any retail or commercial use. Typical applications of a prefab building for commercial use include:

  • Retail: Prefab commercial retail buildings can be used for portable shops, stores, factory forecourt merchandise points, and payment booths.
  • Catering: You can aesthetically enhance the interior and exterior of a premanufactured commercial building to create restaurants, canteens, coffee shops, cafes, and catering areas in temporary and fixed locations.
  • Offices: If you wish to expand or create an entirely new office space from scratch, we supply a wide range of large and small-scale commercial office buildings.
  • Daycares: A prefabricated building provides a safe and comfortable space that can be transformed into an attractive and practical daycare centre for children or young people.
  • Healthcare: Pharmacies, medical supply centres, doctors, and dental surgeries can be created using our prefab buildings.
  • Industrial: Construction and industrial supplies can be stored and sold, and workshops with retail or customer service points can be created using modular commercial construction.

Benefits of Modular Commercial Buildings

Prefabricated commercial buildings for sale not only save you time and money compared to purchasing or constructing a traditional retail or office building, but you can also enjoy many other advantages. Some other benefits of a prefab building include:

  • Easy to Assemble/Dismantle: Our commercial buildings only require light cement foundations, and their innovative design ensures they can be easily assembled and dismantled. This makes them suitable for use on fixed and temporary sites.
  • Sustainable: Our remote manufacturing process and use of precision technology ensure that less waste materials end up in landfills and keep onsite carbon emissions and disruption to a minimum.
  • Adaptable: You can customise modular commercial buildings in numerous ways to make the space work for you. The interior can be modified, and the exterior enhanced or branded to provide the ideal workspace for your team.
  • High Quality: All Module-T prefabricated constructions are quality-assured and built to adhere to US and EU building standards. They are also cyclone- and earthquake-resistant.


Cost of Modular & Prefabricated Commercial Buildings

Due to the modifications you can make to prefabricated constructions, it is difficult to state our modular commercial building prices without first discussing your requirements. Several factors influence the cost of prefab commercial buildings, including:

  • The Size and Type: Module-T manufactures modular commercial buildings of various sizes and designs. The model type and size will affect the price.
  • Insulation: You can choose to optimise the acoustic and thermal performance of your prefab building by adding extra insulation to a thickness of 100mm.
  • Modifications: Changes and upgrades to the interior and exterior of the commercial building will incur an additional cost.
  • Transportation: We transport flat-pack commercial buildings to sites in over 120 countries. The price of shipping your container to your location will affect the final price.


Why Module-T Modular & Prefabricated Commercial Buildings?

Module-T is a large and well-established modular commercial building manufacturer specialising in high-quality constructions at a competitive price. Our prefab commercial buildings can now be found in remote and city locations worldwide.

Throughout the order process and beyond, our skilled, multi-lingual team is on hand to assist you and ensure our constructions meet and exceed your expectations.

If you want a fast and efficient way to expand your existing operations or create a new commercial workspace, please consider our modular commercial buildings. For a free quote or to discuss your requirements, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most of our prefab constructions are portable and can be dismantled and relocated to other sites.

Yes, during the initial design stages, you can specify the cabling, sockets, and appliances included in your commercial building design.

Yes, our commercial buildings are modular, so they can be linked, stacked, or joined to other modular constructions.

The prefabricated commercial buildings we supply are lightweight and can be erected on beams or a light cement baseplate. We provide a connection kit, and depending on the size and type of building you order, modular commercial buildings can typically be installed in a few hours or days.

Prefabricated retail and commercial buildings are manufactured using high technology to ensure the sections are consistently high quality and adhere to current building standards. They have also proven to outlast many traditional structures in extreme weather conditions, cyclones, and earthquakes.



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