Office cabin manufacturer in Ireland

Office cabin manufacturer in Ireland

10 July 2023

Office Cabin Manufacturer in Ireland | Module-T

The rapidly increasing new build and commercial property prices in Ireland are leading many companies to search for cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction. Thankfully, prefabricated modular buildings offer a practical and affordable solution. Module-T is an office cabin manufacturer in Ireland that can supply a wide range of customisable office cabins and other portable buildings ideally suited for use on a wide range of temporary and permanent sites. Find below information on our innovative office space solutions, office cabin prices, and why they may offer you the ideal answer for your site.

office cabin manufacturer

Office Cabins Where Innovation and Aesthetics Meet

Module-T’s office cabin range comes in many sizes and configurations, all of which can be structurally and aesthetically enhanced to include all the elements you need to provide a strong, safe, and comfortable space for your administration or management personnel to work and spend time. This has led our versatile office buildings to be used on construction and industrial sites, factory forecourts, and other locations throughout Northern and Southern Ireland. We also manufacture and deliver modular buildings to locations in over 120 other countries.

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Rediscover Your Working Environment with Modern Office Cabins

Prefabricated office cabins are not a new concept, and portable buildings have existed for many years. Up until recently, many people assumed flatpack constructions were flimsy or substandard. However, today, modern office cabins are a go-to space solution for many organisations due to the use of innovative materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. An office cabin is built to such a high standard that it adheres to EU building regulations and can often outperform conventional buildings in strength and durability.

You can use Module-T’s portable offices to expand your existing facility or create an entire working site from scratch. These clever steel-frame structures can be interconnected, stacked on top of one another, or stand-alone, allowing you the flexibility to totally revamp and recreate your facility. An office cabin is also simple to erect and dismantle, making them perfect for use in temporary locations or areas of environmental importance, as their lightweight design requires minimal foundations and means the land it’s placed on can recover quickly if the building is moved or relocated.

Office cabin manufacturer in Ireland
office cabin manufacturer in Ireland

Customisable Office Cabins Tailored to Your Needs

Our range of modern office cabins has many advantages, and they are made with a strong, highly galvanised, painted steel frame. The sandwich panel walls contain between 50 mm and 100 mm of Rockwool or polyurethane insulation, meaning the structure copes well with Ireland’s changeable and often wet and challenging climate. Our flatpack office containers can be custom-made or come in a range of standard sizes, as shown on our website. They vary from a small 10” (7,2 m²) office with room for a desk and a capacity for one person to larger 20″ (14,4 m²) prefab office cabins with a capacity for two or more personnel and an interior that can include a couple of desks, a partition wall or a small restroom, seating area, or kitchenette if wished. During the design stage, you can customise the office cabin for sale to include the following:

  •  Air conditioning or heating and cooling systems.
  •  Security bars on the doors and windows, alarm systems, safes, CCTV, and guard rails.
  •  Extra insulation if the cabin is to be used in a particularly remote or challenging location.
  •  Additional structural strength for cabins that will be frequently dismantled or transported.
  •  Sockets and cables for technology, computers, telephones, and networking.
  •  Aesthetic changes to the interior and exterior design.
  •  Desks, cabinetry and upgrades to the interior fixtures and fittings.

Office Cabin Prices In Ireland

As a leading international office cabin manufacturer, we offer quality prefabricated offices and modular constructions at highly competitive prices. Due to the variation in the size and design of our office containers, it is easier to state definitive office cabin prices after first assessing your requirements in more detail.


Aside from the size and model of the office building you choose, the price of your office container will depend on several factors, such as the insulation type (polyurethane, Rockwool or expanded polystyrene) and thickness (50mm to 100 mm) you need. The thickness of the sandwich panel walls will also affect the price, as they can be 50, 60, 80 or 100 mm, depending on your thermal requirements. Customisations you choose to include, and the transportation costs from our factory near Istanbul in Turkey to your site in Ireland, also need to be calculated to provide you with the final quote. The more upgrades and amendments to the standard design you require, the higher the office cabin prices will be.

Unique Sales Experience with Your Reliable Manufacturer, Module-T

Module-T aims to ensure your happiness with all our prefabricated constructions, and our professional sales and customer service team offer full support from your initial enquiry through to the delivery and assembly of your office container. Throughout the manufacturing process, each element of our office containers is optimised for quality, consistency, and cost savings. Ways we achieve this include:

  •  The frame and structure of our portable offices are manufactured remotely in sections using the latest precision technology to ensure consistent quality and savings on time and material waste. In addition, the sandwich panel walls come pre-insulated and with the electric and utility sockets required in place for easy connection at your site.
  •  We supply our offices expertly packed in kit form to ensure economical transportation to your site. To give you an idea, ten sets of standard 30 m2 / 6 meter-long office cabins can be delivered in just one 40-foot sea container. 
  •  All our prefab offices are designed to be quickly assembled on a light cement base or beams using a few labourers and a forklift truck or crane. It typically takes a few hours to erect a smaller standard construction. We can arrange a specialist assembly team to attend for more significant constructions, modular builds and worksites.

Want to know more? If you are looking for a reliable office cabin manufacturer in Ireland, please consider our services and contact Module-T now to receive a quote!



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