Container Shop Features

7 February 2023
Container Shop Features


Prefabricated shopping containers offer a fast and affordable way to create an attractive and practical commercial space to present and sell your products. Container shops come in a wide range of sizes, can be custom styled and fitted to suit your brand and needs, and can be easily assembled and dismantled, allowing you to relocate the shop if necessary. Here’s a look at our modular container shops, why they make sense, and a few key container shop features.


Container Shop
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What Is a Prefabricated Shopping Container?

A container shop or prefabricated shopping container is a commercial structure built remotely and shipped to your site for assembly and use. Once the flat-packed shipment arrives, the sections (modules) can be erected and fixed into place easily using lifting hooks and simple tools. The building can be laid on minimal concrete foundations or on a stable forecourt where contractors can connect the electric, gas, plumbing, and utilities to the pre-cut sockets and complete any final touches. Most modular shops can be assembled at your site in just a few hours, meaning you can have your shop up and running quickly, saving you considerable time and money compared to building a conventional stick-built structure.




Attractive, Fast, and Affordable Prefabricated Shopping Containers from Module-T

Despite popular belief, modular shopping containers don’t need to look unattractive, prefab, or cheap– they can be highly customised and styled as you wish. Module-T has been a leading modular building manufacturer supplying prefab buildings for commercial and industrial use for more than 15 years. From our facilities in Turkey, we have provided modular shops and other structures for use in over 120 countries. 

Module-T is known for supplying top-quality installations that adhere to local and international building codes and regulations. Whether you are looking for a container shop Germany, the UK, Africa, Canada, or elsewhere, our design and logistics team are on hand to ensure your shop arrives on schedule and is in perfect condition so you can use the space quickly.



Container Shop Features

Module-T produces a broad range of standard modular container shops or can custom-build a shop to suit your needs. Our classic prefab shops come in three sizes: 10 ft, 20 ft, and 40 ft, and each is based on a six or twelve-metre-long prefabricated sandwich panel container. The features of our standard modular shop are as follows:


  • The Main Structure: Our modular container shops are made with highly galvanised, painted steel frames and sandwich panel surfaces.


  • Walls: The walls of our prefabricated shopping containers are made from sandwich panels insulated with either polyurethane, polystyrene, or rock wool to a thickness of 100 mm. The walls come pre-painted and pre-cut with plumbing points and electric and utility connection sockets.


  • Windows: Our standard prefab shops come with aluminium or PVC windows, although custom designs and sizes or bay windows are available. Roller-shutters, mosquito nets, security bars, blinds, or protection grids can all be added for an additional cost if required.


  • Structure of the Ceilings and Floors: The ceilings are made from insulated (50mm – 100mm) polyurethane with a base vinyl-coated fibre cement panel.


  • Flooring: Our standard shop designs come with a choice of PVC, vinyl, parquet, or ceramic tile flooring. Other options are available on request.


  • Assembly Hooks: The container shop modules can be easily assembled, relocated, and transported using the attached lifting hooks.


  • Optional Extras: Many elements can be added during the design stage. Common additions include air conditioning, cabinetry and furnishings, WC and sanitary rooms, kitchen and catering equipment, serving stations and desks, additional electric, technology, or network connection points, exterior features and cladding (to change the appearance).
Advantages of Modular Buildings

The Main Advantages of a Modular Shop Container

The main benefits of prefabricated container shops are as follows:


1 – The Prefabricated Container Shops Are Time and Cost-Effective; 

Traditional building methods are often costly and take time to construct. In contrast, modular shopping containers are built remotely in a controlled factory where weather delays are eliminated and labour costs are kept to a minimum. This results in time and financial savings of more than 30% in most cases.


2 – Container Shops Are Eco-Friendly

The clever technology used in modular container shops means far less waste is created during the build process, and much of the result can be recycled. Minimal foundations are needed to place the prefab shopping container leading to less damage to the site. This ensures that the land and environment recover quickly should the structure ever be dismantled or relocated.


3 – You Can Customise Modular Container Shops

One of the main advantages of prefabricated shops is that the interior and exterior can be highly customised and fitted out to suit your purpose. If the building is to be used as a shop, display cabinets making hanging rooms can be fitted, or for use as a café, a serving desk, a restroom, and space for tables and chairs can all be created. Modular shops are also ideal as forecourt offices or point-of-sale centres in factories or to sell merchandise at stadiums, and you can brand the structure and choose the flooring, décor, fixtures, and fittings.


4 – Prefabricated Shopping Containers Are Strong and Durable

Prefabricated shops are specifically made to be solid and long-lasting. They adhere to current seismic and cyclonic building regulations and often outperform traditional builds in terms of strength and durability. Quality materials used in building the modules are carefully chosen to stand up to the rigours of transportation and bad weather conditions. The structure is also designed to withstand multiple assemblies and can be optimised with additional measures to ensure maximum strength and durability.


5 – Prefab Shops Can Be Relocated

One of the main benefits of modular shop containers is that they can be easily transported and relocated, a feature that sets them apart from traditional constructions. This makes them perfect for use on temporary or seasonal sites or at festivals and shows.




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