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Modular Prefabricated Building Toronto

27 January 2023
Modular Prefabricated Building Toronto

Whether you wish to create an industrial site, accommodate a team, or extend your workplace, you generally have two options – build or buy. Buying a conventional brick and concrete made property may seem a good choice if you intend to stay at a location permanently and find the right property at the right price. Still, suppose you only plan to be at the site for a short time or need a purpose-made building at an affordable price in a tight timeframe. In that case, you should consider purchasing a modular prefabricated building in Toronto.

Modular prefabricated buildings are made remotely in a factory, which has many advantages. This highly controlled environment means the build quality is consistent, and the production time is far faster, significantly reducing cost.

If you’re interested in knowing more about prefabricated constructions, see below a brief overview of who we are, what modular prefab buildings in Toronto we supply, and why you should consider Module-T’s services.

Turkey’s Leading Prefabricated Building Manufacturer, Module-T, is in Toronto!

Module-T is a leading global prefab construction specialist that manufactures, ships, and supplies modular buildings in Toronto. We offer a wide selection of custom and standard purpose-made constructions from our Istanbul facility to cities, towns, and remote locations across Canada. Our modular structures adhere to local and international building codes and often outlast and outperform traditional builds in challenging climatic conditions. See below some of our most popular modular prefabricated building products.

Our Modular Prefabricated Building Solutions  

Three of our most popular prefab modular buildings Toronto include: Prefabricated Offices, Prefabricated Schools, and Prefabricated Accommodation Buildings

Our prefab office buildings are made off-site in Turkey and delivered for assembly at your location. Our standard designs can stand alone or be stacked to create a two-storey office structure. These modules can also be linked to other prefabricated buildings like WC, sanitary units, locker buildings, and accommodation containers.

Most of the prefab office buildings we produce are made with an aluminium or steel frame and have fully insulated dry walls topped with a highly durable poly covering that is abrasion resistant and easy to clean. The structures are optimised for thermal and acoustic performance and come pre-wired for easy electrical connection and pre-set for HVAC.

Our modular offices come in various sizes, from 15,00 M² suitable for a small team to 292,50 M² to create a more significant commercial centre. You can customise each interior to suit your purpose. Interior partition walls make versatile rooms where desks can be placed; you can create meeting/boardrooms; you can form receptions. You can also include toilets and washroom facilities to ensure staff and customer comfort. Popular standard modular office building sizes include 45,00 M² to comfortably accommodate five staff, 72,00 M² to accommodate 12 people, and 87,50 M² to seat 14 employees. Please see our website for complete details.

Prefabricated accommodation buildings are typically used to provide employees, teams, or contractors with a safe and comfortable place to sleep. These durable structures are often found on military bases, construction or industrial sites, and disaster relief zones, although they can equally be used as school dormitories or infirmaries.

Each prefab accommodation building can be highly customised, linked, or joined to other modular constructions. They can include beds or be designed to have toilets, bathrooms, changing facilities, or lounging areas.

Module-T produces standard accommodation units that are 6,00 × 2,50m, 12,00 x 2,50m in size and 2.60 m high, or we can custom build an accommodation container to requirements.

Prefabricated school buildings are not just limited to classrooms. Module-T can manufacture and deliver all the necessary structures to create a school, including classrooms, sanitary and locker rooms, canteens, recreation rooms, and even accommodation for boarders if necessary.

Building a stick-built school or refurbishing and extending an existing educational facility is costly and can take years to complete. It also creates significant disruption and health and safety issues on site. In contrast, prefabricated schools offer a time and cost-effective alternative.


All our school buildings are built to last, fully insulated, safe, secure, and energy-efficient to keep costs down long-term and provide comfort to all who use them. They can be highly customised and are easily assembled and dismantled, meaning you can relocate the buildings should the need arise. These turnkey solutions come in various standard sizes, and popular choices are 30,00 M² and 45,00 M².

Prefab Construction Company in Canada

Why Choose Modular Prefab Buildings in Toronto from Module-T?

You can enjoy many benefits by ordering a prefab building from Module-T. These include:

  • Lower Prices

Ordering a prefabricated modular construction can save you up to 30 per cent compared to building a traditional structure. The controlled factory-built environment ensures a top-quality product every time, and there are no costly bad weather delays. All the materials used are carefully chosen due to their durability and performance, and minimal waste is created, resulting in financial savings. The process is also far faster, meaning there are fewer labour costs which all get passed down to you as the client.

  • Quicker Construction Process

Constructing a brick-built property can take many months or even years, but prefabricated constructions are made relatively quickly due to the technology employed and the factory-built manufacturing process. This means you can have your building up and running in a tight timescale, significantly reducing cost and on-site disruption.

  • Energy Efficiency

The materials used in modern prefabricated construction are geared towards energy efficiency, which makes the buildings far more environmentally friendly than most conventional structures. The walls, floors, and ceilings are insulated, and double glazing ensures minimal heat loss. You can also include solar panels and other optimisations to keep running costs down.

  • They Can Be Relocated

One of the main advantages of prefab buildings over stick-built properties is that they require minimal civil engineering or foundation work before arrival. They can usually be placed on a simple concrete base or blocks and quickly assembled in a matter of hours. If you are creating a temporary site on a construction or mining site, you may wish to take the building down once the work at the location is complete. This can easily be done, and the building can be stored or relocated to the next location for use.

Get Your Modular Prefabricated Buildings from Module-T, A Modular Building Manufacturer in Toronto!  

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