Permanent Modular Office Building

The modular office building, a convenient and permanent solution

Modular office buildings are not always a temporary solution, and this system is perfectly suited for your permanent projects. A permanent modular office building is a light steel structure with sandwich panel cladding and fibre cement panels. This lightweight, fully insulated steel system  was designed to facilitate the assembly of permanent office buildings.

Permanent Modular Office Building Manufacturer

The permanent modular office building is a convenient and economical solution

Our prefabricated light steel solution is ideal for the creation of your office, meeting room or various premises for your staff. Before launching production, our company performs a static study of your project in accordance with European or American standards. Our single and multi-storey modular solutions are earthquake and high-wind resistant. The permanent modular office buildings are a fully insulated solution that meets both thermal and acoustic performance requirements. We offer many options to make your prefabricated modular building more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Options concern floor covering, paint, the type of exterior cladding and the choice of door.

We make your modular building to measure

Need an economical office building that also meets your architectural expectations? Our modular building is the ideal economical solution. In fact, the price per square metre is on average two to three times less expensive than the price of a traditional concrete building. In addition, you save on construction costs as much of the permanent modular office buildings will come to you pre-assembled. Assembly is carried out according to our detailed plans. Installation does not require any welding or cutting.  Then this modular light steel structure is installed on a simple concrete slab or pads. This saves on building foundation costs. Finally, we make your modular building to measure and adapt the technical characteristics of the building to local climate conditions (type and thickness of insulation, interior height, special anti-corrosion paint, aluminium doors and windows, roller shutters and special roofing).

We will be happy to meet your requirements for production of a permanent modular office building. We are a leading manufacturer that guarantees you compliance with delivery times and with your specifications. Our team of technicians can assist you either on site or remotely for the installation of your modular office building.



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