Modular School Buildings

Modular School Buildings USA

22 February 2023
Modular School Buildings

Modular School Buildings & Modular Classrooms USA

Get in touch with Module-T for all your modular school buildings and modular classrooms USA! As a leading international modular school building manufacturer, we provide a fast, affordable, and efficient service to help expand your existing campus or provide classroom space for students. All our constructions adhere to US building codes and regulations, making them ideal for use in colleges, universities, schools, and other educational establishments in the United States. Learn more about our services and our range of prefabricated classrooms and modular school buildings below.

Some of Our Products

Modular School Building: Modular School and Educational Buildings

Module-T’s range of modular classrooms and other education modular buildings can be either temporary or permanent constructions. They are made in our factory in Turkey, shipped to your location, and quickly assembled at your site. There are many reasons why modular school buildings are so popular in the States. Some of these include:

 Price and Speed of Delivery: Traditional stick-built constructions are costly and can take months or even years to complete. In contrast, modular structures are premanufactured and precision-made remotely. They are built in a controlled environment that isn’t affected by bad weather or unreliable labour delays, ensuring quality construction and time-efficient production and delivery every time. This results in significant savings of up to 30% in most cases.

 Minimal On-site Disruption and Risk: Carrying out heavy on-site construction in an environment frequented by children or minors poses considerable risk and danger. This is often why schools delay or refrain from building traditional constructions. In contrast, modular school buildings offer a practical and far safer alternative. Due to the off-site construction of the schoolrooms, there is far less risk on-site. Light foundations are all that is required, which can be laid over a weekend whilst the building is being manufactured. Once the modular classroom arrives, it can be assembled quickly, in a matter of hours or a couple of days in most cases, which can be timed to coincide with a weekend, half-term, or school vacation.

Quality Assured: All the components of our modular education buildings are precision-made using state-of-the-art technology to ensure uniform quality. The buildings adhere to US building codes and the most recent seismic and cyclonic regulations. They are highly durable and often outperform conventional builds in challenging weather situations and environments.

Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient: Modular construction methods cause far less damage to the landscape and environment, and far less waste ends up in landfills. They are fully insulated, double-glazed, and can be optimised in many ways to make them more sustainable, e.g., solar panels, additional insulation, use of recycled materials, smart lighting etc. This also leads to long-term savings in utility bills and energy costs.

They Can Be Customised: All the modular school buildings and modular classrooms USA we produce can be highly customised. The décor, interior fixtures and fittings, and placement of electric and utility connections can all be chosen during the design stage. Other additions like air conditioning, heating, cabinetry, and security systems can also be added if necessary.

Quick to Assemble: Our modular classrooms and school buildings are made remotely in our facility in Istanbul and shipped to your site for assembly. They arrive in a container, in flat-pack form, where local contractors can quickly unpack and assemble the structure using the attached lifting hooks and simple tools. Utility contractors and electricians can attach the connections to the pre-cut sockets, meaning the prefabricated schoolrooms can be erected in a few hours or days at most. Once they are joined, they form a watertight, fully functional classroom. For example, our standard 60 m² classroom only requires a few hours to assemble, therefore can be delivered and ready for use over a weekend. An entire modular school can be built quickly, timed to coincide with a school vacation, and up and running in just a few weeks.

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Features of Our Modular School Buildings  

The standard modular school buildings produced by Module-T come in two standard sizes, 30,00 m2 and 45,00 m2. Alternatively, a bespoke classroom can be made. The basic features of our constructions include the following:


  • Precision-Cut Sandwich Panel Walls: The interior and exterior walls of the modular school buildings are of sandwich panel design and fully insulated with a choice of expandable polystyrene, rock wool, and polyurethane insulation. The wall thickness varies from 50 mm to 200 mm and is optimised for acoustic and thermal performance. The walls can be coated or painted in a variety of colours and designs and pre-cut with the electric socket, networking, and necessary connections in place.


  • Galvanised Steel Roof: The roof of our prefab classrooms is made from high-quality galvanised steel. This comes topped with painted galvanised, gutter-finished sheets or metal tiles.


  • Exterior Doors: PVC, galvanised painted steel, aluminium, or metal doors provide access. Several designs are available, and all can be fitted or customised with locking or intercom systems, security bars, or cameras.


  • Interior Doors: The interior doors we provide can be either PVC, aluminium or MDF. Fire doors are also available.


  • Windows: Aluminium or PVC double-glazing are the standard options. Sunshades, shutters, metal security bars, alarms, locking systems, and mosquito nets can all be fitted if required.


  • Utility and Electric Connections: All our modular school buildings come pre-cut with utility connections. Options include electric points, telephone sockets, TV and AV connections, networking, and internet connections.


  • Bespoke Customisations: Our modular school constructions can be highly customised to suit their purpose. Regular classrooms can be designed, or the space can be used as science labs, theatres, assembly rooms, reception rooms, or art studios.
Modular School Buildings USA

Module-T Can Deliver Modular Schools in All States of America

Module-T can organise the swift design and delivery of all the modular school buildings in the USA where you need to expand your existing facility or create a school or college from scratch. Our logistics team is well versed in organising the fast and efficient delivery of schoolrooms to all states in America. For more information and an initial quote, please get in touch with us.


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