Temporary Prefabricated Building

What is a temporary prefabricated building?

Our temporary prefabricated building is a modular structure that provides an effective and affordable solution to accommodating your workforce. The buildings are made from lightweight, prefabricated, high-galvanized steel frames and sandwich panel walls, which makes them strong, sturdy and rust-proof.

Temporary Prefabricated Building

These constructions are also insulated with rockwool and polyurethane and can be installed twice as fast as traditional concrete equivalents, thus saving you lots of valuable time and money. Moreover, they are easy to dismantle once a project is completed and can be transported to and reassembled at a new site for reuse. Thanks to the high-grade materials, design, and fittings, this temporary prefabricated building ensures optimal safety and comfort for all users involved in a project. Because the materials are also highly durable, the temporary prefabricated building is also economic and environmentally friendly, since it will not need replacing for decades, thereby saving you money, as well as minimizing harmful environmental impacts through disposal of construction waste.

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What projects can use temporary prefabricated buildings?

Our buildings are highly versatile and can be used to provide temporary Module-T solutions for all kinds of projects. Potential sites include schools, offices, site accommodation blocks, sanitary facilities, hospitals / clinics, conference rooms, kitchens, and restaurant areas. The buildings have been carefully

designed to satisfy the various safety and insulation standards of each country, and the fittings can also be easily customized depending on the specific geographic and climatic conditions for a project in any part of the world. Furthermore, they can be flexibly configured to match the shape and space requirements of individual projects, both by being connected laterally and stacked on top of each other. After ordering your solution, you will get it delivered in special economic packaging, both by maritime and land transportation, to any location across six continents. A specialist assembly team can be sent over too to install your prefabricated solution for you, thus saving you even more time.



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