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We are a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated buildings. These premanufactured buildings are highly versatile, and among the many applications, they make an ideal prefabricated restaurant building solution for site camp restaurant projects.

Prefabricated Construction Jamaica

The range of prefabricated restaurant buildings we manufacture is highly versatile. These strong, purpose-built constructions are used to provide social dining, and catering facilities for industrial and construction sites, form refectories at schools or be placed on factory forecourts and used as staff cafeterias. We supply prefab restaurants in several standard sizes and designs that can all be modified in many ways to include all the facilities you need for your personnel. Find out more about the price of these portable products and their benefits below.

What are the advantages of a prefab restaurant building?

Our prefab restaurant building comes with multiple advantages. The first and foremost of these is the great speed and efficiency with which they can be produced and assembled, which is ideal for projects with short deadlines. Before delivery, we carefully calculate all necessary conditions and required building measurements well in advance to prevent delays. Our prefab restaurant buildings are also aesthetic and much more economical and environmentally friendly than traditional buildings. Our buildings are pre-produced in our factory in a process that creates minimal waste, and assembly on your worksite generates no waste material at all. Naturally, flexibility is another important advantage of our prefab restaurant and kitchen building. It can be readily customized to suit the needs of individual clients, and moved if you need to adjust the layout of your product.

  • Quick to Deliver: Our modular restaurant containers are made in sections at our facility in Turkey. They are then flat-packed and economically transported by land and sea to your site. Typically, we can design, manufacture, and deliver the complete structure within a few weeks, saving you considerable time compared to a traditional build.
  • Cost: You can enjoy significant financial savings due to the remote manufacturing process and reduced labour costs and time.
  • Quick to Assemble: All our prefabricated restaurant buildings arrive in specially packed containers. They can be placed on a simple concrete base or beams and erected quickly using a crane, a few labourers, and simple tools. We can also organize a team to assemble as another option.
  • High Quality: The precision technology we use to make our prefabricated buildings ensures they adhere to US and EU building regulations and comply with seismic and cyclonic standards.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The advanced machinery, innovative materials, and technology we use to make our container sections ensure minimal waste is created. The structure’s lightweight frame, base, and portability also mean that the land can recover quickly should the building be moved to another location.




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Why choose a Module-T prefabricated restaurant building?

There are numerous reasons for choosing Module-T as a provider of prefab restaurant building solutions. As well as the fast production, our signature service also includes sending over a qualified assembly team to your worksite to assemble your building solution in next to no time, which is much faster and more reliable than hiring local contractors who may not be so familiar with our buildings. Furthermore, our prefabricated restaurant building stands out thanks to its premium quality and weather-resistant materials. For example, the main framework is made from high galvanized steel that is corrosion-resistant and can be made to withstand extreme humidity in some climates. And of course, our aim is to provide clients with the best solution that meets their exact needs, so we can readily customize our prefabricated restaurant and kitchen building in its fittings and layout to allow for this.

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Prefabricated Restaurant Building Prices

We are a leading international manufacturer of prefabricated restaurant buildings, and as such, we produce several standard sizes and designs or can custom-build a restaurant container to your needs. A few factors must be considered before we can provide you with a final cost or quote. These factors include:

  • The Size and Design: Our standard restaurant containers are 257,50 m2 to cater to 126 diners, 90 m2 to seat 60 staff, and 60 m2 to accommodate 40 personnel. Standard interiors include open seating areas with closed kitchens. The interiors can be modified to accommodate storage, refrigeration, serving hatches, canteen serving stations, and various seating arrangements. The design and size you choose will affect the price.
  • Structure: Our prefab restaurant containers are made with a strong galvanised steel frame that can be reinforced. The sandwich panel walls have three choices of insulation:  Rockwool, polystyrene foam, or polyurethane insulation and depending on your requirements the thicknesses are between 50 mm and 100 mm.
  • Wall Thickness: The walls of the building will also help shape the cost. They can be 50, 60, 80, or 100 mm thick.
  • Logistics: The price of transporting your prefabricated restaurant building from Turkey to your location must also be considered before a final cost can be agreed.



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