Prefabricated Buildings

The elements of prefabricated structures (sandwich panels, light steel construction elements, roof elements, stairs and corridors for prefabricated multi-story buildings) have been designed and painted in advance at the factory and have been dispatched to the site for mounting. Reinforced concrete flooring is required for prefabricated building. The material for the finishing is also supplied to be mounted at the site: electrical equipment, lighting, windows and doors, floor covering, sanitary. According to the Project of the customer, the pre-wired sandwich panels can be manufactured in the factory prior to dispatch.

The walls of prefabricated building: Sandwich panel outer and inner walls with a high galvanized steel surface (sandwich panel surface steel thickness between 0.40 mm and 1.20 mm.) The sandwich panels are pre-painted at the factory. We offer three different types of insulation: rockwool, polyurethane or expanded polystyrene (sandwich panel insulation thickness from 40 mm to 150 mm). The type and the thickness of the insulation depend on the customer’s project.


The roof of prefabricated buildings: Roof structure of high galvanized steel. Cover: sandwich panel, high galvanized and painted sheet, lacquered sheet, gutter finished sheet, metal tile.


Exterior door: Aluminum, galvanized and painted steel, PVC, aluminum or steel exit door, metal security railing.


Interior door: Mdf, PVC, aluminum, fire door.


Window: PVC double glazed window, aluminum window, mosquito net, sunshade, PVC or aluminum shutter, metal security railing.


Electricity: We supply all electrical equipment (electrical panels, cables, plugs, switches, TV, telephone, internet and networks). Wiring can be done via PVC channels above the walls (upon request: pre-wiring of sandwich panels at the factory).


Prefabricated Building
Prefabricated Building
Prefab Building
Bâtiments Préfabriqués


Customized design and construction according to the needs of the client


The building is delivered completely finished (the panels are painted in the factory)


Quick assembly (reduction of the number of pieces, no need for welding or cutting parts)


Option to disassemble and transport the structure to a new site.


Optimization of logistic expenses (special packaging)


Optional supplies: desks, chairs, tables, beds, bedding, kitchen equipment, water boilers, solar panels, special lights, AC, electric generators, storage racks, workshop equipments, security and surveillance equipments…

As a leading supplier of prefabricated buildings, we offer many quick assembly and competitively priced solutions to create a variety of spaces according to the customer’s needs. We offer structures with a wide range of dimensions and architectural variants on one or more levels. Our prefabricated solutions are used to create spaces for a wide variety of uses: site housing (living base), house on one or more levels, dormitory, offices, administrative building, sanitary facilities, changing rooms, temporary or permanent clinic and hospital, spaces for restaurant and kitchen, workshop, school and various light steel structures. These lightweight sandwich panel structures with a highly galvanized steel frame have an average lifespan of 80 years.  It is important to choose the best prefabricated supplier with an international assembly team that knows how to respond quickly while respecting international quality standards.


Our company, the largest prefabricated building supplier in Turkey, offers prefabricated solutions that will meet and exceed the requirements of quality, price, delivery time and assembly. Our modular prefabricated buildings are custom-made and meet the quality standards and climatic conditions of each country. Our factories of more than 12000 m2 are located in Turkey and we continue our production according to local and international standards of quality management and production. We export our prefabricated structures to more than 90 countries across 6 continents. Our technicians and our local partners specialized in the assembly of prefabricated buildings will assist you locally in the installation of your temporary or durable prefabricated buildings.


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Use our prefabricated building system to create a multitude of spaces

Prefabricated buildings can be used in all fields of activity for the creation of spaces with extremely varied use. You can easily create many temporary or durable prefabricated buildings such as schools, site offices or housing. Easy to install on a simple concrete slab, our prefabricated sandwich panel system is custom made according to your design and requirements in terms of thermal and acoustic performance. We use pre-cut sandwich panels up to 100 mm thick with rockwool or polyurethane insulation. We offer acoustically insulated ceilings and ceramic or insulated floor coverings. The prefabricated structure is adapted to difficult climatic conditions such as hurricane zones or coastal areas.


You will be able to use our prefabricated construction for the fulfilment of the following temporary or permanent projects:

  • Office space
  • Workshop
  • Locker room for sports and construction areas
  • Temporary or sustainable schools
  • Restaurant building and prefabricated kitchen
  • Prefabricated housing
  • Washroom building (WC – shower)
  • Storage space
  • Temporary administration building
  • Building kit for construction site living quarters

What should you consider when choosing your prefabricated building supplier?

After careful consideration, you’ve decided on a prefabricated building and all the advantages it offers. When the time comes to make your project a reality, there are several things to consider when choosing your prefabricated building supplier. Here are some tips we’ve put together to help you make the right choice.


Above all, you should avoid unnecessary complications by ensuring that you find a solution that’s quick and easy to install, which will save you valuable time and energy. Your preference should lean towards prefabricated building suppliers that offer assembly services or assembly supervision. Production speed is another factor to consider, and the supplier’s commitment to meeting agreed-upon deadlines is of vital importance.


Each region of the globe has its own specific climate, so you’ll want to make sure you choose a prefabricated building supplier that offers solutions tailored to each country’s climatic conditions in terms of thermal performance. These solutions must also be corrosion resistant.


Finally, for your convenience, you may want to consider prefabricated building suppliers that offer turnkey solutions with interior amenities such as air conditioning and furniture, for example.

Module-T Prefabricated Building Supplier

There are plenty of reasons to choose Module-T for supplying your project with prefabricated buildings. With main headquarters in Turkey, Module-T produces high-quality prefabricated buildings and supplies them to clients based all around the world. The production process is speedy thanks to our highly efficient methods and careful planning of all necessary calculations before beginning the manufacture. Once your solution is ready, we can promptly dispatch it to your project site and at the same time send over a qualified assembly team to rapidly install the units and fittings for you, without needing to manufacture anything in situ. This is considerably faster and more efficient than with traditional construction methods using concrete buildings.


Another good reason for choosing Module-T as a prefabricated building supplier is the premium quality of the materials used in the buildings. The interior and exterior sandwich panel walls are coated with highly galvanized rust-proof steel in varying thicknesses. These panels can be insulated with rockwool, polyurethane or expanded polystyrene in varying thicknesses, all depending on the climatic conditions of your project site. The building framework is also strong, sturdy, and durable. These buildings will therefore provide a long-lasting solution to ensure optimal comfort and safety of users.


A particularly attractive feature of these prefabricated buildings is their customized design. As a prefabricated building supplier, we stand out by offering a wide range of buildings with different designations and in various layouts, with the addition of optional extra fittings if required. By being flexible, we ensure that your prefabricated building solution is exactly tailored to your needs. Therefore, if you cannot find just what you are looking for, ask us. Simply tell us your needs and we can design a modular building solution that will perfectly fulfil your requirements. Module-T provide temporary and permanent building solutions for all applications, such as (but not restricted to) sleeping accommodation, office spaces, restaurants, and schools.



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