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Module-T is a specialist modular building manufacturer in Türkiye. We are well known for our modular office, sanitary, and accommodation containers, but we also supply fabric buildings and semi-permanent and permanent tent structures.


We organize the manufacture and delivery of tent and fabric buildings worldwide, and they are suitable for use in most locations. These strong, light-steel framed structures can be modified to create many practical and creative spaces, and they are ideal for use at road shows, exhibitions, banquets, functions, or to form sports arenas, emergency relief wards or dormitories, or to create covered stadiums.


Discover more about our fabric buildings and tent structures below.


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Technical Specifications of Fabric & Tent Structures

Recent years have seen a boost in the demand for steel-framed temporary, permanent, and semi-permanent tent structures, as modern construction methods now ensure they are a fast, cost-effective, and more sustainable alternative to traditional constructions.

As a modular and fabric buildings manufacturer, we supply various standard sizes and widths of light-steel-framed tents that can be enhanced in many ways to suit their purpose. See below the fabric building specifications:

  • Structure: The frame of our tent structures is made from vertical and horizontal high galvanized light steel.
  • Walls and Ceilings: We use a variety of high-quality, wind- and weather-resistant tension fabrics to form the walls and ceilings of our fabric buildings.
  • Windows and Doors: Many of our permanent tent structures can be fitted with PVC or aluminum-framed double-glazed windows and steel or aluminum sliding, drape, or traditional doors. If necessary, these can be equipped with alarms and security features.
  • Optional Extras: Our fabric buildings can be enhanced aesthetically and structurally, and the interiors can be open-concept or sectioned according to your needs. Air conditioning, appliances, security features, cabinetry, workstations, storage shelves, restrooms, and other facilities can also be included in the design.

Transportation and Assembly of Fabric & Tent Structures

Our specialist logistics team organizes the fast and efficient transportation of our prefabricated buildings and tent structures worldwide.


Once the tent frame and fabric panels are ready, they are flat packed in sections and loaded into a container, then taken by land and sea to your location. When the container arrives, depending on the size of the structure, a forklift, crane, or a few personnel can install the sections onto a light foundation, forecourt, or stable surface (no heavy groundwork is necessary). The steel frame can be bolted together easily using simple tools, and the fabric panels can then be attached using the connection kit we supply.


It usually takes a few hours to assemble a steel-frame fabric building, and our support team is on hand to offer advice. For large or complex fabric-building projects, we can arrange for an assembly team to attend.


Areas Where Fabric & Tent Structures Can Be Used

During the years we have been established as a fabric building manufacturer, we have supplied tent structures for use in many innovative ways. Possible applications of permanent tent structures include:

  • Disaster and Emergency Relief: Fabric buildings are quick to manufacture and supply, so they are ideal for use in disaster and emergency relief zones. They can be used to provide medical facilities and hospital wards, shelter for those who have been displaced, orphanages, project management centers, or areas to store emergency supplies and equipment.
  • Sports Arenas and Events: You often find temporary fabric buildings used as covered sports arenas and event spaces or to provide schools with additional covered sports areas.
  • Concerts, Functions, and Events:fabric building can be transformed to provide a weather-proof and comfortable space to hold weddings, functions, and events.
  • Warehouse Storage: Many industrial and commercial sites use our permanent or semi-permanent tent structures as storage spaces for their goods, vehicles, construction supplies, equipment etc.
  • Commercial Building and Restaurant Enclosures: We can tailor-make a fabric building that can be used to extend your site or enclose a patio or forecourt.

Benefits of Fabric & Tent Structures

The use of fabric buildings is increasing for many reasons. Some of the advantages of a steel-framed tent structure include:

  • Easy to Assemble/Dismantle: One of the main advantages of a tent structure is that it is strong and can be used like a traditional building. It can also be dismantled and relocated, making it suitable for use on temporary and fixed sites.
  • Time-Efficient: Commercial tent structures are quick to design, manufacture, and supply, saving you considerable time compared to traditional constructions.
  • Cost-Effective: The remote manufacture of fabric buildings eliminates time-consuming bad weather delays and reduces labor costs, both savings we pass on to our clients.
  • Sustainable: Tent structures and fabric buildings require minimal foundations, so the land they are placed on can recover quickly if the structure is moved. In addition, onsite disruption and harmful carbon emissions from vehicles are kept to a minimum.
  • Versatile: You can customize fabric buildings and tent structures in many ways to create interesting and practical spaces. During the design stage, you can specify the look and interior of the space and modify the structure to suit your purpose.

Cost of Fabric & Tent Structures

The tent structures and fabric buildings we manufacture are tailored to your requirements, so many factors need to be considered before we can supply a permanent tent structure price. The cost of a fabric building will depend on the following:

  • The Size: We manufacture various sizes and widths of light-steel framed tents or can custom-make a fabric structure for you. For this reason, the cost will vary.
  •  Customisations: The choices of fabric, insulation, and any upgrades you include in the design will affect the fabric building price.
  • Structural Reinforcement: We give you the option to reinforce the frame and structure of the tent to withstand extreme climates and locations. This will incur an additional cost.
  • Transportation: Our team is skilled at organizing the most affordable way to transport your tent structure from Türkiye to your site. Costs will vary according to your location.

Why Module-T Fabric & Tent Structures?

Module-T has manufactured modular constructions and high-quality fabric buildings for over 15 years. From our base near Istanbul, we have supplied clients in over 120 countries with standard and bespoke prefabricated buildings and tent structures for a wide variety of uses.

As a leading fabric buildings manufacturer, we are committed to offering superior quality constructions at highly competitive prices.

If you would like to know more about our range of tent structures and fabric buildings for sale, please contact us for an initial discussion and a free quote.


Yes, a fabric building is a lightweight steel-framed and fabric structure designed to be easy to assemble, disassemble and relocate.

Yes, you can incorporate many features, including appliances, air conditioning, heating, technology, networking, CCTV, and security systems, into the design of our fabric and steel tent structures.

Our fabric buildings can stand alone or be placed side by side and connected.

Permanent and semi-permanent tent structures require minimal advance groundwork. Most can be assembled on a simple flat surface or light cement foundation.

All the sections of our light steel and fabric buildings are made with advanced precision technology to make sure they meet international building standards. They are extremely durable and can even withstand the challenges of extreme climates and locations.



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