Modular School Building Mozambique

Modular School Building Mozambique

27 February 2023
Modular School Buildings USA

Fast & Affordable Modular School Buildings in Mozambique

Our modular classrooms and other education modular buildings are widely used in Africa and many other continents because they are affordable, highly durable, quick to assemble, and fast to deliver. Modular school buildings also enjoy many other benefits compared to traditional constructions. Find more information about our education buildings and the main advantages of modular school buildings in Mozambique below.

Some of Our Products

Easy-To-Install Education Modular Education Buildings

Prefabricated construction has been around for decades, but its popularity has boomed over recent years as more people understand its benefits over conventional construction. Module-T is one of the world’s leading prefabricated building and modular schoolroom manufacturers. We have been producing top-quality prefab constructions from our facility in Turkey for 15 years. Our structures adhere to current building regulations, are easy to install, and are incredibly hard-wearing. Learn the reasons to buy modular school buildings below.


Advantages of Modular Classrooms:

  • Financial savings: Modular classrooms boast all the benefits of traditional structures at a cheaper price point, making them a wise choice for most purposes.


  • Quick to produce and deliver: The fast manufacturing, delivery, and assembly of prefabricated buildings make them ideal for schools, significantly reducing onsite risk and disruption.


  • Sustainable: The heavy machinery used in conventional building methods generates carbon emissions that can harm the environment. In contrast, the prefabricated nature of modular school buildings results in far fewer emissions and less wastage, making them far more sustainable and environmentally friendly.


  • Long-term savings: All our prefabricated school buildings come optimised for long-term savings on running costs and energy bills. The sandwich panel walls are fully insulated to reduce heat loss, the windows are double-glazed, and you can make other amendments; for example, you can fit solar panel water heating and energy-saving LED light bulbs.


  • Can be customised: Although we provide many standard education modular buildings to save on cost and time, we can design and manufacture bespoke classrooms or customise any modular construction to suit your needs. Popular additions include changes to the interior floor plan and layout, interior design, paint and décor choices, cabinetry, additional electric and networking connections, lockers, chairs, and desks. You can also add cladding and design features to the exterior of the buildings.

Get support from our Expert Team

Module-T: Turkey’s Leading Modular School Building Company

Module-T is a modular school building manufacturer that supplies all the buildings you need to create a fully functional education facility in Mozambique. All our prefabricated structures are incredibly hard-wearing, comply with current building codes, and can be up and running quickly, making them ideal for use as a school. See our range of education modular buildings below:

Modular classrooms offer an affordable and practical way to create additional teaching space. These structures provide a warm and comfortable space for students and can be highly customised and used as science labs, humanities rooms, libraries, art studios, or traditional classrooms. These are some of our most popular products, and we offer two standard sizes: 30,00 m2 with a capacity of 12 students and 45,00 m2 with room for 30 students.

Depending on the school, some teachers and students may board or be required to stay overnight. Our modular accommodation buildings are ideal for this use. We produce a wide range of prefab accommodations, from ensuite living containers to large communal dormitories that provide safe, comfortable accommodations for 20 students. These buildings come in various sizes that can all be highly customised and linked to any of the modular buildings we produce.

Ensuring the hygiene of your school is vital for the well-being and health of all at the facility. Our range of modular sanitary buildings is purpose-made to offer hygienic, easy-to-clean, and practical washroom facilities to students and staff. These functional buildings can be single or unisex, including toilets, urinals, sinks, and showers.

Our standard modular locker rooms and changing rooms vary in size from 40 feet to 40 feet and can be as simple or customised as required. These versatile structures offer a clean, safe place for students to store their belongings and can include metal lockers, benches, changing cubicles, and hanging hooks. They can also have toilets, showers, and washroom facilities or be linked to sanitary containers or accommodation blocks.

Catering to the social needs of the students is also essential, and our modular restaurant and kitchen buildings provide a place for all onsite to gather and enjoy meals or hold functions. We manufacture several standard canteen buildings ranging in size from 60,00 m2 to seat up to 40 to 237,50 m2, catering to 126 students. These fully insulated and durable buildings include space for a commercial kitchen and can be amended to contain serving stations, food storage areas, tables, chairs, benches, and many other customisations.

Modular School Building Mozambique

Fast Delivery to All Over Mozambique and Neighboring States

Module-T can organise fast shipping and delivery of all of our school buildings to Mozambique and other African countries. If you would like to know more about Module-T’s product range and school buildings, please get in touch with us. To view our complete product range, please see our website.



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