Quick Assembly Modular Containers

A modular container provides a cost-efficient alternative to traditional construction.


As a modular container manufacturer, we supply portable cabins for sale to 120 countries, where they can be joined or linked to create the space you need.


If you are looking for a portable cabin manufacturer, our modular containers for sale are versatile, durable, and adhere to international building standards.


We manufacture our modular containers remotely using high-precision technology, with each structure cleverly designed so it can be erected, dismantled, and relocated quickly, making it suitable for use on permanent and temporary sites. This portability leaves the scope of application for mobile cabins immense.


Our modular containers are typically used to create residential labour camps at construction, industrial and mining sites. A prefabricated container can also be used as office or administration space or to provide a workforce with safe and secure offices, accommodations, canteens, locker rooms, or sanitary facilities.


If you are looking for a portable cabin manufacturer to assist with your business expansion or want to quickly create a fully functional workspace, a prefabricated container cabin provides a timely and affordable solution.


To learn more about our purpose-specific and bespoke modular container solutions, please refer to the brief overview of our modular products, services, and prices below.


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Construction site modular container set with galvanized steel frame. Insulated rock wool up to 100 mm thick, polystyrene or polyurethane foam. A comfortable construction site container including all electrical equipment and lighting.


The top and bottom frames of our construction site containers are pre-assembled in the factory; sandwich panels are delivered as galvanized and painted.

There are four handles on the roof for lifting hooks. You can also easily move or relocate with a forklift.


6 meter-long-(15m2 area) 10 sets of standard construction site container are delivered with only one 40-foot sea container.

12 meter-long-(30m2 area) 5 sets of standard construction site container are delivered with only one 40-foot sea modular container.


Special production is possible. Sanitary container (WC and Shower) / Multi-room container / reinforced construction site container for heavy displacements / High-rise construction site container / secure  site container. Optional: air conditioning, computer and telephone network, office equipment, cloakroom, closet, bedding, bathroom WC, kitchen.

Benefits of Modular Containers

Using a modular container to provide a worksite with sanitary facilities, offices, dormitories, or storage space is not a new concept. However, recent years have seen a surge in the use of portable cabins due to their many cost, time, and environmental benefits. Some advantages of a modular container include:


  •       Cost Effective: Due to the remote manufacturing process, less labour is used to manufacture the buildings. In addition, the precision technology used and the elimination of bad weather delays mean waste and production time are kept to a minimum, resulting in considerable financial savings and a rapid return on your investment.


  •       Time Efficient: The time it takes from the order of a modular container to its delivery is typically between 30% and 50% less than choosing to build a conventional construction.


  •       High Quality: The materials used to build our prefabricated modular cabins are carefully chosen for their strength and durability. The state-of-the-art technology that makes each section also ensures they adhere to current building regulations and are earthquake and cyclone-resistant.


  •       Durable: The use of galvanised steel frames and sandwich panel walls ensures our modular structures are strong and can withstand multiple assemblies and relocations. Additional strength and insulation can also be added if the module container is planned for use in a challenging climatic region.


  •       Innovative Design: It is possible to customise and enhance all our standard and bespoke mobile cabins to make them fit for purpose. Interior walls can be added or removed, heating, cooling, and energy-saving additions can be included, and you can add various fixtures and fittings, provided the size and structural integrity of the structure allows.


  •       Green: Our portable cabins can be placed on blocks or light cement foundations, meaning the site recovers if the building is ever removed. Furthermore, due to the remote build process, harmful carbon emissions from construction vehicles are kept to a minimum, which is better for the environment.

Transportation and Assembly of Modular Containers

Module-T has organised the design, manufacture, and delivery of modular containers to locations over six continents, so our team is well-versed in arranging our buildings’ economical land and sea transportation to almost any location – no matter how remote.


Our prefabricated buildings are manufactured at our facility near Istanbul, Turkey.


The top and bottom steel frames come pre-assembled, and the sandwich panel walls include a choice of insulation and thickness and arrive galvanised and pre-painted as requested.


Once the sections are complete, they are carefully packed into a sea container for movement to the site. The time it takes to deliver your construction and the cost differ according to the size of your order and your whereabouts.


To give you an idea, a 10 set of 15m2, 6m long standard modular containers can be transported in one regular 40-foot sea container. A 5-set of 30m2, 12m-long standard prefabricated construction should also be able to fit in a single sea container.


A forklift or crane is used to carry each section into place using the lifting hooks attached. These sections can be placed on light cement foundations or blocks, which can be laid before arrival to save time.


Most of our commercial container buildings can be assembled easily in just a few hours using a few staff and regular tools. Alternatively, we can arrange for a specialist Module-T assembly team to attend.



What Are Containers Made Out Of?  

As a large portable cabin manufacturer, our production facility makes various standard and custom modular containers. For this reason, the specifications of different purpose-specific containers may differ. However, see below the standard specifications of many of our construction site and office containers:


  • Structure: High galvanised and painted steel frame with insulated sandwich panel surface and walls.
  • Ceilings and floor: Vinyl-coated fibre cement panels come as standard flooring. The ceiling is made from insulated polyurethane.
  • Walls: Both the interior and exterior walls are sandwich panels with insulation up to 100 mm thick.
  • Insulation: Polyurethane, rock wool or polystyrene foam is used as insulation.
  • Flooring: Standard modular containers come with vinyl flooring as standard. Parquet or ceramic tiles are optional.
  • Window and door joinery: Aluminium or PVC framed windows are standard. Oversized windows, bay windows, blinds, security bars, railings and shutters are also available.
  • Interior: Our containers can be customised in many aesthetic and structural ways to make the space best work for you.


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Modular container

Modular container



If you are looking for a perfect quick solution to accommodate your workforce, look no further than Module-T. We have over 15 years’ experience delivering large-scale worksite camps across 6 continents, and are leading experts in designing, manufacturing, and installing top-quality, highly prefabricated modular container. Our flatpack modular container are prefabricated steel units that can be used as offices, hospitals and clinics, schools, building site worker camps, overnight accommodation, shower and WC facilities, locker rooms, and anything else you can imagine. These units are especially ideal for companies operating in public infrastructure development as well as in the mining and gas and oil industries.


Our flatpack modular container come with a wide range of benefits. They are rapidly produced, assembled, and transported to clients, as well as being safe, durable, environmentally sound, and available at competitive prices. We are also more than happy to send over our in-house technicians from Turkey to help you with assembly. While most companies hire their own local technicians to assemble their units, our own highly trained technicians know our flatpack container like the back of their hand and will provide an excellent assembly service that simply cannot be matched, so it is worth taking advantage of this little extra that we offer.


Both our efficient production capacity and consistently high-quality service have made Module-T successful enough to put it on the international scene. So, wherever you are in the world, you will be guaranteed a modular building solution tailored to your exact needs. To get an offer or make a specific request, simply visit our website and fill out the query form or give us a call. Our friendly and professional staff will be delighted to help you.


A   is a cost-effective investment that’s perfect for unlimited usage. Individual components are manufactured off-site and shipped to the site complete and ready for assembly. On-site tasks such as assembly, interior, and exterior finishes take less amount of time compared to conventional construction projects, which means you get to enjoy reduced project schedules.


What Are the Usage Areas of Prefabricated Containers?

Prefabricated containers can be used for various construction needs. There are many usage areas of prefabricated containers on the market today. Here are some of the usage areas of prefabricated containers:


  1. Office Containers

Prefabricated buildings are common in the construction of office projects. Thanks to their versatility, prefabricated container cabins can be utilized in the construction of offices. If you’re keen on setting up a productive working space in harsh environments such as construction sites, prefabricated modular offices are a great option.


  1. Accommodation Containers

A key trend in the use of prefabricated containers is their usage as accommodation cabins. The beauty of prefabricated container cabins is that they come in various styles and designs. Thus, portacabins can be arranged to make living spaces such as luxury homes, rentals, hotels, or even portable houses. In projects characterized by spatial constraints, prefabricated container cabins offer great convenience.


  1. Sanitary Containers

Because of their durability and highly galvanized structure, prefabricated containers are ideal when it comes to the construction of bathrooms and restrooms. Movable toilets made from prefabricated containers go a long way in helping organizations maintain sanitation and proper hygiene.


  1. Locker Containers

A key innovative trend in multifunctional organizations and institutions is the provision of locker rooms for employees and customers to store personal property. Prefabricated locker containers are a convenient solution employed to meet this need.


  1. Showroom Containers

Prefabricated container cabins are converted into creative spaces easily. When setting up showrooms, portacabins are placed side by side and on top of each other to make spacious display spaces attractive to the public.



How Much Does a Prefab Container Cost?

The cost of our modular containers varies, as many factors must be considered before determining a final portable cabin price.


Every modular project we manufacture is different, as are each client’s requirements and location.


We produce a broad range of standard modular container solutions, which range in size and purpose. Each portable construction can be enhanced structurally and aesthetically in many ways, with upgrades charged at an additional cost. In addition, the price of transporting the container from our factory in Turkey to your location also varies, as does the price of labour to lay the blocks or cement footing at your site in preparation for assembly.

Types of Modular Containers

As one of Turkey’s largest modular container manufacturers, we produce an impressive range of standard and custom prefabricated modular buildings. For a complete overview and specifications on the container commercial buildings we produce, please refer to the relevant sections on our website. In brief, some of our most popular prefabricated modular container products include:


Accommodation Containers

Our modular accommodation containers can be highly customised to suit the needs of your team and come in standard dimensions of 20 or 40 feet. The interior of these highly versatile structures can be configured in many ways. It can be open concept with bunk or single beds or include individual bedrooms, bathrooms, and a small sitting area or kitchenette. Our prefab accommodation containers can stand alone or be joined to modular constructions, e.g., sanitary containers, locker rooms, canteens, offices, etc.


Canteen Container

Module-T supplies commercial canteen containers in standard 20 and 40-foot dimensions. They are generally used on worksites to provide staff with a comfortable and hygienic catering area, dining facilities, or a social and kitchen space. They can include fully functional kitchens, storage, serving hatch, and tables and chairs. These modular buildings can also be linked to other modular containers or stand-alone.


Container Homes

Prefabricated container homes are gaining popularity as they provide a fast, affordable, and convenient alternative to conventional housing. Our easy-to-assemble and quick-to-install range has a standard interior of either 15m2 or 30m3. The interior and exterior can be customised in various ways, including single or multiple bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living space if wished.


Container Shop

The use of flatpack container shops is growing as these cost-effective, portable spaces can be assembled and dismantled quickly and transformed into modern merchandise points, forecourt cafes and coffee shops, used to sell souvenirs, or used as point-of-sale points in stadiums or car parks. Each can be customised and fitted in many ways. Our standard selection comes in 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft dimensions.


Dormitory Containers

Originally designed as a modular container for construction sites but suitable to accommodate any large team, our prefab dormitories provide a comfortable space for multiple people to reside. Delivered in standard dimensions of 6,00 × 2,50m or 12,00 x 2,50m, modular dormitory containers can be connected to other modular buildings, such as WC and sanitary containers, canteens, or locker rooms. Single beds, bunk beds, and lockers or compact restroom and shower facilities can be included, depending on your preference.


Showroom Containers

Flatpack showroom containers are popular due to their versatility, as they can be used as forecourt sales offices or merchandise areas, customer service points, receptions, showrooms, or even a home office, art studio, or gym. Made from fully galvanised light steel and insulated sandwich panel walls with a feature picture window, standard sizes include 11,70m x 2.5m, 6m x 2.50m, and 3m x 2.50m with a height of 2.30m or 2.50m.


Flat Pack Containers

Module-T’s Flat Pack Containers represent the pinnacle of modular design, combining ease of transport with swift assembly. Engineered for versatility, they cater to a range of applications, from office spaces to educational facilities. Their compact, flat-packed state ensures cost-effective and efficient transportation. Once on-site, these containers can be rapidly assembled, showcasing Module-T’s commitment to providing flexible and durable solutions that meet the evolving needs of modern construction.


Locker Containers

The portable, modular locker containers we supply provide a strong, safe, and secure environment to change, refresh, and store belongings. Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, they can include metal lockers and benches or compact showers, sinks, and sanitary facilities. Typically used on construction sites or sports stadiums, they are available in standard sizes of 6m x 2,5m or 6m x 5m.


Office Containers

Our range of modular office containers is typically used to provide small and large teams of management, projects, or administrative personnel with workspace on commercial, construction, or industrial sites. We supply prefab offices in many standard dimensions, ranging from 15m2 to 292.5m2. Each of our portable offices can be customised to be of open-plan or closed design and either include compact restrooms, kitchens, and locker rooms or be joined to other sanitary, social, or canteen containers.


Sanitary Containers

Our modular WC and sanitary containers provide the solution if you need to provide modern, easy-to-clean, and hygienic toilet, sink, shower or restroom facilities for your site. Available in standard sizes of 1.50m × 2.50m, 2.00m × 2.50m, 4.00m × 2.50m, and 6.00m × 2.50m, they can be enhanced in many ways and can also be joined to other modular constructions to provide the sanitary and washroom facilities on a labour camp.


Guards Houses and Kiosks

Prefabricated modular guard houses are generally used on sites to provide security personnel with a safe, water-tight space to work to protect a facility or sensitive area. However, we now also supply guard houses for use as point-of-sale kiosks, payment points and ticket booths. These strong, portable structures are designed in sizes ranging from 1,50m x 1,50m to 6m x 2.40m.

Advantages of Prefabricated Containers

There are many reasons why the use of prefabricated containers is a rising trend around the world. Here are some of the reasons why prefabricated containers are a good choice for you:


Fast Assembly

If you’re looking forward to saving time and completing your project fast, portacabin is the way to go. Compared to traditional concrete construction, installing a portacabin is quicker and easier. What’s more, installing prefabricated structures can be done using simple tools and requires minimal labor since a huge chunk of the construction work was handled in the factory.


Fast Production

Aside from the fast assembly, the portacabin is ideal because production is fast. The construction industry is constantly expanding, and with it comes an ever-rising demand for portacabins. With such a huge role, manufacturers are always scaling up and fast-tracking production of all kinds of prefabricated structures.


Environmentally Friendly

By using prefabricated modules in your construction project, you’re helping the environment. Aside from their energy efficiency, there is no application of harmful chemicals when prefabricated building materials are being assembled. Additionally, 100% of the materials used on-site and off-site can be recycled; thus, it is eco-friendly.


They’re Economical

When compared to traditional construction, modular construction offers more significant cost savings. Using prefabricated containers is more efficient in terms of material wastage. Using prefabricated containers in projects is less expensive because fewer building materials and less labor are required.


They’re Long Lasting

Prefabricated structures can last a lifetime. The high quality of prefabricated container cabins means that the structure is tough, durable, and can withstand climatic extremes and physical and environmental pressures.

Prefabricated modular container

Why Module-T Modular Containers?

Module-T is a modular container manufacturer committed to the design and build of high-quality prefabricated constructions at competitive prices.


Over the 15 years we have been established, we have supplied our prefabricated modular solutions to a wide range of global locations and assisted in creating and expanding worksites in the gas, oil, public infrastructure, mining, and construction industries, to name but a few.


We are a portable cabin manufacturer that exports large and small-scale flatpack constructions for use as WC and sanitary facilities, accommodation, locker rooms, offices, warehouses, security booths, canteens, offices, and housing – all of which can be installed quickly and up and running in a fraction of the time it takes to build a traditional brick-built structure.


If you are looking for modular containers for sale and wish to know more about any of the modular containers mentioned, please contact us.

Why Choose Module-T As Your Prefabricated Supplier

Here are the top reasons our clients choose us:


  • We Are Experienced and Easy to Work With.

We will provide our clients with a qualified assembly team to assist in the assembly process.


  • We Are Passionate About Helping You Succeed.

We share detailed assembly plans with our clients once they order with us.


  • We Are a Business Partner You Can Count On.

Our team of experts is always on standby to provide assistance to our clients during the whole process.

Do you plan to have a fabricated or modular construction project? Module-T is a professional prefabricated container manufacturer and supplier you can trust.


Contact us today to get a quote.

Quick and Easy to assemble modular flat-pack container!


Our modular flat-pack container units offer a perfect prefabricated portable solution that make them ideal for use as site offices, locker room, housing, storage area and sanitary facilities.


Is Modular Construction Cheaper?

Yes, due to the remote manufacturing process, lack of bad weather delays, reduced labour costs, and minimal wastage, prefabricated modular constructions typically save you more than 30% compared to building a conventional construction.


Can Modular Containers Be Moved?

Yes, one of the main advantages of a prefabricated container is that it can be moved and relocated, this is why they are ideal for use on temporary construction and industrial sites. Unless you have requested to optimise the structure for use on a permanent basis, most of the modular containers can be disassembled and relocated quickly.


Do Modular Containers Come with Appliances?

Yes, they do if you choose to include them in the order. During the design process, our modular constructions can be customised in many ways, including cabinetry, appliances, and various other fixtures and fittings, as necessary.


Can Modular Containers Be Stacked?

Yes, due to the strength and innovative design of modular containers, they can stand alone, be placed and linked beside one another or the units can be stacked to create all the space you need. Stairs and walkways can be built to allow for easy navigation between buildings, and multi-storey office blocks or entire labour camps can be created.


Do Modular Homes Come With Plumbing?

All the modular buildings we supply come pre-laid with the pipes, wiring, sockets, and fittings for plumbing, electric and utility connections in place. The final connection to your local supply is done on-site.


What Are the Requirements For Having a Modular Container?

Before you agree to build or use any structure on a site, including a modular container, you must first check with your local authorities what permissions are necessary, if any. All locations are different, as are the building rules and regulations. 



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