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Light Steel & Prefabricated Hangar

metal hangar building provides a fast and cost-effective alternative to a traditional hangar or warehouse construction. Our lightweight steel-framed constructions are precision-made to meet international building standards, and they can be enhanced and configured in various ways to suit a purpose or location.

Steel Structures

From our factory in Türkiye, we supply a full range of standard and custom-built light steel buildings to clients throughout Europe, The Americas, Africa, Asia, Canada, and The Middle East.


If you are looking for a high-quality fabric building manufacturer or want to know more about our innovative and versatile prefab hangar range, please consider the details below.


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Steel Structures
steel structures

Analysis, Design and Assembly of hangars, warehouses and industrial structures made of steel, according the the needs of the client. Provisioning of the metallic structure and the cladding (made of steel sheet or sandwich panel), as well as gutters.

Technical Specifications of a Light Steel & Prefabricated Hangar

Module-T is a specialist fabric building manufacturer that tailors our light steel constructions to your requirements. They can be structurally enhanced, and the interiors configured in various ways as outlined below:

  • Size: We design and manufacture a range of metal hangar buildings in sizes and heights to suit your specifications.
  • Structure: The frame of our prefabricated hangars is formed from vertical and horizontal high galvanized bolted steel.
  • Walls: The hangars’ structure is galvanized steel, and the cladding is non-flammable A1 plasterboard. The façade cladding comprises concrete fiber panels in a rock, natural, or wooden appearance.
  • Roof: A standard prefab hangar has a panel and galvanized steel roof. Coatings come in a choice of galvanized and painted trapezoidal sheet or sandwich paneling with polyurethane insulation. Drainage pipes and guttering are either PVC or metallic.
  • Windows: PVC or aluminum-framed double-glazed windows, sliding or guillotine-style, can be included in the hangar design. Parasols, rolling shutters, and security measures can also be fitted.
  • Doors: Steel, aluminum, or PVC fire-resistant doors are available. Shutters, alarms, and security measures can be added on request.
  • Windows: Modular hangars can include double-glazed aluminum or PVC-framed windows. These can be sliding or guillotine-style, including anti-intrusion bars, shutters, or other security measures.
  • Options: You can modify and customize your metal hangar building to include many features. Popular options include adding WC and restroom facilities, air conditioning, heating, storage shelves and cabinetry, CCTV, alarm systems, and cabling and sockets for networking and technology connections.
steel structures
steel structures

Transportation and Assembly of Light Steel & Prefabricated Hangar

Module-T is a fabric buildings manufacturer skilled at organizing the fast and cost-efficient transportation of small and large-scale prefabricated buildings and hangars to sites worldwide. Our constructions arrive flat-packed in sections in a container. Each element comes pre-painted and includes the sockets for electric and utility connections as specified in the design.


Minimal groundwork and only light foundations are required, and a crane or forklift truck can be used to lift the sections of the metal hangar building into place. Typically, it takes just a few hours to assemble a basic hangar. For large modular or complex projects, we can arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend.


Areas Where a Light Steel & Prefabricated Hangar Can Be Used

A prefabricated hangar is versatile and can be modified for many purposes – it’s one of their main advantages. A few applications of a metal hangar building include:

  • Storage: Perhaps the most common application of a prefab hangar is for storage, as depending on the size you order, you can store small goods, products, and supplies or even cars, yachts, and airplanes.
  • Workshops: A hangar can create a manufacturing plant or a wide range of workshops.
  • Agricultural/Farm Buildings: Modular hangars can provide farmers with a solid, watertight space for livestock, machinery, feed, seeds, wood, equipment, or produce storage.
  • Military and Defence: Due to the speed with which our hangars can be produced and the number of possible customisations, they are ideal for use as temporary buildings or warehouses for military and defense purposes.
  • Schools: A light steel hangar lends itself perfectly for use as an indoor sports facility, reception, or college auditorium.


Benefits of Light Steel & Prefabricated Hangar

Aside from considerable savings in cost and time, many benefits can be enjoyed by investing in a metal hangar building rather than a conventional counterpart. Some advantages of our hangars include:

  • Portable: Prefabricated hangars are quick to design, manufacture, deliver, and assemble. They can also be dismantled and relocated many times, making them an excellent choice for temporary and permanent use.
  • Adaptable: A light steel hangar can be modified in many ways to fit a purpose. The structure can be reinforced to withstand challenging climates or frequent transportation, and the interior can include a wide range of appliances, fixtures, and fittings.
  • Quality Assured: A Module-T hangar is quality-assured and built to adhere to American and European building standards.


Cost of Light Steel & Prefabricated Hangar

You can make considerable savings by ordering a prefabricated hangar rather than purchasing or commissioning the build of a conventional structure. It is, however, difficult to state a prefab hangar price without first establishing your requirements, as several factors need to be figured into the equation. These include:

  •  Size: The size of the portable hangar you need will affect the cost.
  •  Insulation: We offer a choice of insulation types and thicknesses for optimum thermal and acoustic performance.
  •  Modifications: Any structural or interior alterations or enhancements you make will influence the cost.
  • Transportation: Transport costs vary according to the size of the hangar building you order and your location.



Why Module-T Light Steel & Prefabricated Hangar?

For more than 15 years, Module-T has been a leading fabric building manufacturer supplying a broad range of modular constructions for use on industrial and commercial sites. We manufacture various modular constructions from our facility near Istanbul, and our prefabricated buildings can now be found on sites in over 120 countries.


If you want to create a high-quality and versatile space for storing your goods, vehicles, or produce, our prefabricated hangars provide a time- and cost-effective solution.


Please contact us for a free quote or to learn more about our metal hangar buildings and other modular constructions.


Yes, one of the key advantages of a prefabricated hangar is its portability. They are light steel structures that require minimal foundations, so they are relatively quick and easy to erect and dismantle, meaning they can be relocated if necessary.

Yes, if you wish to include appliances in your hangar, we can include them. The cabling and sockets, utility connection points, and any other features you require can be included during the initial design stages.

Yes, a metal hangar building is a versatile modular construction that can stand alone, be connected to, or be stacked on top of other modular constructions.

prefab hangar requires minimal groundwork and can be assembled and placed on beams or a light cement foundation.

Our prefabricated light steel hangars are strong, safe, and built using the latest precision technology to ensure they meet American and European building standards. They also offer excellent earthquake and cyclone resistance.



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