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5 September 2023

Module-T is a leading modular building manufacturer in Turkey. We can supply high-quality prefabricated constructions to commercial and industrial sites throughout America and internationally. From our factory near Istanbul, our modular building Florida range includes various innovative modular structures, all built in sections using modern materials and the latest technology to ensure they adhere to current US building codes and regulations. Our highly versatile solutions create versatile spaces that can be customized in numerous ways to suit your purpose, and they can be designed, produced, and delivered quickly to your site for assembly, saving you considerable money and expense.

Modular Building Florida

Modular offices, school buildings, accommodation, and workspaces are now widely used in Orlando and Florida, as the sustainability benefits, time-savings, and financial advantages of the remote build process and offsetting labour costs make them a savvy alternative to conventional construction.

If you need to expand your existing site quickly or create an entirely new space for your team, here’s a look at the type of prefabricated constructions we produce, the benefits of using modular buildings, and why using prefabricated structures has become so popular in Florida.

The Rise of Modular Buildings in Florida

The Sunshine State boasts a thriving economy, and the price of purchasing, constructing, or renting commercial premises is high. Creating an additional workspace for your team can prove a very costly and challenging endeavour, which is why many organisations in Florida are now turning to a modular building manufacturer like Module-T for a timely and more affordable alternative to conventional methods.

Although prefabricated buildings are not new, recent years have seen significant advances in the technology used to produce modular accommodation, offices, and other constructions. The remote manufacturing process has been streamlined, and new materials and technology are used to ensure that each structure element is high-quality. You can create fully functional spaces for almost any purpose, plus the lightweight foundations required mean they are far more sustainable than most stick-built constructions and can be used on both temporary and permanent sites.  

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Uses of Modular Buildings in Florida

The modern prefabricated buildings we produce can be used in many ways. Browse our website to view the details and specifications of a wide range of practical standard constructions you can customize to your requirements. Some of the most popular modular buildings we supply include:

  1.     Modular Offices: Our range of portable office containers is designed specifically to provide comfortable permanent or temporary space for an administrative or management team. These strong, lightweight constructions vary from 15 m2 to 292.50 m2 to accommodate large and small teams. Various configurations can be created, with open and closed spaces for desks and chairs, and compact kitchens and washrooms can also be added.
  2.     Modular Schools: The speed at which we can design, deliver, and assemble prefab school buildings makes them a popular choice for education authorities and institutions in Florida. Each school building can be customized to create science laboratories, art studios, lecture rooms, or traditional classrooms.  
  3.     Modular Accommodation: The prefabricated accommodation containers we provide come in standard dimensions of 20 and 40 feet and are generally used to provide secure overnight accommodation for staff. They can include separate living and sleeping spaces, be dormitory in style, or include kitchens, seating areas, and restrooms. Alternatively, they can be linked to locker rooms, WC, and sanitary containers as part of a more significant work site or labour camp.
  4.     Modular Construction Areas: A major advantage of modular construction is that various purpose-made modular structures can be interconnected to create entire construction site camps, schools, or even infirmaries. Accommodation containers, shower and sanitary units, locker rooms, modular kitchens, and canteen containers can all be linked and used to form all the facilities and amenities you need for your crew.

Advantages of Our Modular Structures

You can benefit in many ways by using a modern prefabricated building. Four key advantages include:

  • Quick to Assemble: One of the key benefits of modular construction is that they are quick and easy to install, and no cutting or welding is required. The pre-insulated ceilings and walls arrive pre-assembled with the electric and utility sockets already in place. Hooks are attached so the elements can easily be lifted into place using a crane or forklift, and they can be placed on light cement beams or bases, arranged quickly before arrival. As a guide, it’s usually possible to assemble 20-foot modular offices in just two hours.
  • Quality Assured: All the buildings in our modular building Florida range are purpose-built to your specifications and adhere to EU and US building standards. They are also seismic and cyclonic resistant and optimised for acoustic and thermal performance with a choice of Rockwool, polyurethane, or polystyrene foam insulation.
  • Cost-Effective: You can typically save more than 30% by opting for a prefabricated construction rather than a conventional build. The remote and precision manufacturing process leads to less waste and savings in time and labour costs, all financial advantages passed on to you as the client.
  • Highly Customisable: The design and configuration of our modular schools and other buildings can be amended and enhanced in many ways to make the space work for you. Interior walls can be erected or moved to create individual workspaces or open-plan areas. Elements like air conditioning, heating, security cameras, window bars, etc., can be added, and additional strength and insulation can be included if wished.
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Turkey’s Best Modular Building Manufacturer Module-T is in Florida

Module-T is a leading international modular building supplier with a vast portfolio of prefabricated constructions that can be quickly transported to your site in Florida. We are specialists in the custom design of modular accommodation, modular schools, prefabricated office buildings, and various other large and small-scale standard buildings, of which each can stand alone or be linked via staircases or stacked on top of one another to save space.

Apart from offering a complete design and build service, our team can also arrange the swift and economical transportation of our constructions to any location in the United States. To make things easy, we can also arrange for a specialist assembly team to attend the site if necessary.


If you want to know more about our modular building Florida constructions or for an initial quote, please contact us.



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