Modular structure Uganda

Modular structure Uganda

28 March 2023

Modular Structure Manufacturer and Supplier in Uganda

Module-T is an international modular structure manufacturer that supplies top-quality prefabricated buildings for use on industrial and commercial sites throughout Africa. From Turkey, we manufacture and ship strong and affordable prefabricated offices, accommodation blocks, sanitary buildings, and other modular structures for use in Uganda. Learn more about our Modular Structure Uganda product range and services below.

Some of Our Products

Modular Structures in Uganda

There are many situations where using prefabricated modular buildings is relevant in Africa. These solid and versatile constructions are more affordable than conventional structures and built to withstand extreme heat and humidity, making them ideal for use in Uganda’s challenging climate. They can be used to expand an existing site or to create an entire work, labour, or refugee camp.


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Modular Structure Uganda


Our products can be used individually, stacked, or placed side by side, and they are typically used by the mining, industrial, oil, gas, and heavy engineering sectors. However, they can be used for many other purposes. If you are looking for a modular structure supplier in Uganda, please look at these popular products from our Modular Structure Uganda range and see our website for our complete product range.

Modular Structures: Affordable Prices for Construction Sites, Offices, Living Spaces, and Other Areas


Our Modular Structure Uganda range includes many purpose-built constructions, which can each be modified in various ways to suit your purpose. Three of the most popular buildings we supply to Africa include:

  •       Modular Structure Offices: Our pre-manufactured offices can be used on almost any site to create a workspace for your administrative or commercial team. Standard sizes range from 45 m2, suitable for 5 staff, to 292.50 m2 to accommodate a larger group. The buildings can be highly customised, including receptions, WC and washrooms, meeting spaces, kitchens, single offices, or even call centres or commercial spaces. They can be joined to other modular structures or stand-alone.
  •       Modular Living Accommodation: Our commercial accommodation buildings traditionally provide safe and comfortable overnight accommodation on construction, gas, mining, or industrial sites. These strong structures come in various sizes to sleep between 10 and 50 people, and they can include single or shared rooms with facilities or be of a basic dormitory style.
  •      Modular Structure Locker Buildings: Temporary and permanent staff often require a secure space to change and store belongings. We produce modular locker buildings ranging from 20-foot to 40-foot for this exact purpose, including benches, metal lockers, showers, sinks, toilets, or changing cubicles. They can be for single-sex or unisex use.
Modular structure Uganda
Modular structure manufacturers

Module-T: Turkey’s Leading Modular Building Manufacturer

Module-T is a global modular structure manufacturer that has specialised in the design and build of prefabricated constructions for over 15 years. We are committed to supplying high-quality modular solutions at affordable prices. Some of the advantages of ordering from Module-T include:

  1. Quality Assured: We use high technology in the making of all our modular constructions. Our trained team and strictly controlled processes ensure that all the modules are of a uniform quality that adheres to international building codes and regulations.
  2. Time and Cost-Effective Service: Our factory-built manufacturing process ensures that all the buildings in our modular structure Uganda range endure no costly bad weather delays. They are built and shipped quickly and can be assembled easily at the site, saving you considerable time and money.
  3. Flexible Designs: Module-T produce a variety of purpose-designed standard buildings, or we can make a structure to your specifications. We work with you to customise the structure to fit your purpose.
  4. Easy Assembly: Modular structures are far lighter than conventional buildings and arrive at your site in a flat pack form ready for on-site assembly. They come with lifting hooks and can be put together in a matter of hours using a small team and simple tools. You can use local contractors, or we can arrange for an expert assembly and installation team to attend.
  5. Relocatable: Our prefabricated structures are built to withstand multiple assemblies and relocations.
  6. Sustainable: Module-T ensures our buildings are sustainable where possible. Compared to traditional builds, far less waste is produced, and the off-site manufacturing process ensures minimal harmful carbon emissions. The structures can be assembled on minimal foundations, minimising the impact on the landscape, and allowing the site to recover quickly if the building is relocated.

We provide Procurement and Installation Services to all parts of Uganda.

Module-T offers a quality full service to all clients, from initial order to delivery and assembly. Our modular structure offices and other constructions are shipped from our factory in Turkey to your site in containers with all the sections of the building expertly packed to save space and transport costs. As a guide, an average 140 m2 modular construction can be transported in a single 40-foot shipping container.


Once your container is received, you can use local contractors to erect the structure. Alternatively, we can organise an expert installation team to ensure your modular building is erected quickly and correctly. Our team liaises with you throughout the process to ensure the project runs on time and within budget. For more information on our modular products and services, please get in touch with us.



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