Modular Accommodation Buildings

Quick Assembly Modular Accommodation Unit  

A modular accommodation is a building made from prefabricated containers of standard dimensions that are assembled and connected to form housing spaces on one or more floors. The prefabricated modules are of standard dimensions of 20 or 40 feet.

Modular accommodation buildings are widely used for constructing emergency housing or accommodations for workers on a site.

Modular Accommodation Buildings

We offer numerous options (floor coverings, bathroom facilities, furniture, ventilation and air conditioning systems) and manufacture your modular buildings according to your plans and architectural requirements.


As an example, see below for our selection of modular accommodation building of varying capacities.

modular accommodation unit

105 m² - Modular Accommodation 10 PE

modular accommodation

210 m² – Studio Type Modular Accommodation Building – 10 PE

modular accommodation

175,5 m² – Modular Accommodation – 20 PE

modular accommodation unit

263 m² – Modular Accommodation Building – 50 PE

Modular accommodation building provides the following advantages:

  • Rapid onsite installation: Panels are shipped pre-cut from the factory and floors & ceilings are delivered pre-assembled. Assembly of the prefabricated container and their connections takes place quickly. This modular solution allows you to construct a temporary or permanent dormitory in just a few days.
  • Low cost: Construction costs for a modular building are two to three times lower than traditional construction.
  • Portability: The modular system is bolted; there are no welds. Dismantling modular construction is as quick as its installation. As such, you can reuse your accommodation unit on other worksites.
  • Robust structure and fully insulated building: Construction of modular accommodation building is performed after a static analysis and complies with anti-seismic and anti-cyclonic standards. The modular building is insulated in order to maintain thermal and acoustic standards.
  • Custom design: We design long-term or permanent modular accommodation units according to your plans and architectural requirements.
  • Low civil engineering costs: The modular building is set on concrete blocks. The cost of the concrete foundation is low.



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