Flat pack container price

Flat Pack Container Price

Module-T is one of the leading flat pack container manufacturers that specialises in modular and prefabricated construction, and we are committed to offering you a highly competitive flat pack container price. We manufacture our easy-to-assemble flatpack containers from our production facility near Istanbul, then export them for use on industrial and commercial work sites across the globe, even in particularly challenging locations. We offer a broad range of standardised and custom-made modular constructions; all optimised for time and cost savings. Our innovative designs have advanced a lot over the 15 years we have been established, and we now offer an impressive portfolio of prefabricated office buildings, modular accommodation containers, sanitary facilities, locker rooms, flat pack showrooms, and other prefabricated structures that can be altered to suit your purpose.

Flat pack container price

A flat pack container price depends on several factors:

  • Container size: Module-T manufactures a wide range of standard purpose-built constructions that vary in size and price.
  • Insulation: Our containers are optimised for thermal and acoustic performance, and the sandwich panel walls are insulated with polyurethane, rock wool, or expandable polystyrene. The insulation thickness varies from 50 mm to 100 mm according to the climate where the building will be used, which will affect the price.
  • Additions: Our flatpack containers can be customised in many ways. Additions like air conditioning, solar panels, heating, security systems, and upgraded fixtures and fittings can be added. You can also alter the interior, adding to the flat pack container price.  
  • Transportation: Our prefab containers are made in Turkey, then specially packed in sections and transported to your site for assembly. The cost of land and transportation will depend on your location.

10” Office Prefabricated Container
(7,2 m²) Capacity: 1 Persons


20" Office Containers (14,4 m²)
Capacity: 2 Persons


20” Double Office Container (14,4 m²)
Capacity: 2 Persons

OC-A6000.4 - 600x240cm

20” Office Container With Sanitary
Capacity: 1 Persons

SC-A6000.3 (600x240-cm)

WC container 20”

SC-A6000.4 (600x240-cm)

Shower container 20”

CH-A6000.1 - 600x240cm

Two Rooms Dormitory Container 20’’ with shared sanitary

CH-A6000.2 - 600x240cm

Dormitory container type studio 20

Multi-Purpose Flat Pack Containers

As one of the outstanding flat pack container manufacturers that supplies a variety of large and small-scale portable building, our modular and prefabricated construction range includes:


  • Flat Pack Office Containers: Our versatile portable office containers are designed to offer a strong, durable commercial and administration space ranging from 15 m2 to 292.5 m2. They can be highly customised to include air conditioning, heating, solar panels, extra technology and network points, CCTV, window bars, and many other features.


  • Portable Accommodation Buildings: Ideal for use on emergency relief, construction, mining, and industrial sites, our flatpack accommodation containers come in various standard open-concept and sectional designs. Sizes vary between 105 m2 to 263 m2.


  • Flat Pack Locker Containers: Our locker rooms offer a secure, practical space for employees to refresh, change, and store belongings. Our standard 20-foot and 40-foot models can include metal lockers, benches, showers, sinks, and toilets.


  • Modular Flat Pack Showrooms: Available in standard sizes of 11.70 m2 by 2.50 m2 or 3.00 m2 by 2.50 m2, our popular and versatile portable showrooms feature a picture window and office/commercial space. They can be used in many ways, including a point-of-sale kiosk, forecourt sales office, customer service point, payment point or accounts bureau, or even a home office or gymnasium.


Our prefabricated flatpack containers offer a cost-effective, quick-to-supply alternative to conventional constructions. They can also be quickly assembled and dismantled, many times. If you would like more information or a quote, please contact us.



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