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10 ft flat pack container

The 10 ft flat pack containers maximize the efficiency and adaptability of office spaces. These containers offer flexible solutions for business owners looking to create dynamic work environments that make work smoother. We provide first-rate production capabilities and a dedication to custom solutions that support your objectives to make your space requirements a reality at the best 10 ft flat pack container price!


Check out this blog to understand as we are a 10 ft flat pack container manufacturer how we create these containers are revolutionary in the fields of small workplaces, transitional housing, and modular solutions.

10 ft flat pack container

10 Ft Flat Pack Container Specifications

The 10 ft flat pack container stands out as a creative solution since it combines usability and adaptability for different space utilization needs. This container exhibits various distinctive features that make it an excellent option for various purposes, all displayed with meticulous attention to detail:


  • This container, which is 300X240cm with a total capacity of 7,2 m², has an intelligently planned interior that makes the most of its space.
  • It offers an easy portable option as the container can be lifted with a lifting hook and loaded into a single shipping container.
  • It has an effective layout that allows for the placement of one staff desk, and two chairs making it appropriate for a small office setup for two people.
  • The sensibly designed 10-foot office container has a typical inner height of 250 cm.
  • It is a perfect solution for small on-site workstation requirements with a total assembly duration in just about two hours.
  • You can choose from a variety of door and window options, including steel or aluminum doors and aluminum or PVC windows.
  • They have optional upgrades at your disposal, including anti-intrusion bars, magnificent bay windows, and practical roller shutters.
  • Sandwich panels are carefully crafted into the walls, and you can choose from thicknesses of 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, or 100mm.
  • Insulation choices include Rockwool or polyurethane insulation.
  • Ceilings and floors also insulated with variable thicknesses catering to desired thermal performance.
flat pack containers
Modular Container

The container’s proportions and strategically positioned windows guarantee a well-lit, ventilated working space. Overall, it offers a novel solution for small offices. Its innovative layout, use of windows, placement of doors, and effective use of space all work together to create a welcoming and practical workstation.



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