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The Module-t WC & shower container is a sandwich panel sanitary container that is commonly used by companies operating in the construction and mining industries. With its sophisticated structure and high-quality shower and WC units, it is perfect for satisfying the sanitary needs of your workforce.

Sanitary Container

There are multiple advantages of this WC & shower container. Firstly, it is a quick-mount sanitary container that can be installed and dismantled in just a few hours. This is largely thanks to the fact that all sandwich panels are cut and painted, and the chassis pre-assembled at the factory before being delivered. So essentially, the sanitary container is already built when it arrives at your site. It then just needs assembling, for which we can send over our own specially trained technicians to do this for you; another reason for why assembly is so fast. Furthermore, the WC & shower container is easy to transport using lifting hooks if it needs to be moved to another site. We provide the option of specially reinforced sanitary containers if they need to be transported frequently.

The sanitary containers are made from premium-quality materials that make a strong and insulating structure. The walls of each container are built from high galvanised and painted steel sandwich panels, both internally and externally, and lined on the inside with insulating stone wool, polyurethane or polystyrene foam of up to 100 mm thickness, depending on climate. The ceiling is also insulated with high-grade polyurethane, and the base is made of vinyl-coated fibre cement panels.

Another plus point is the flexibility of internal unit configurations and choice of materials for internal fittings. As a business with a strong customer-based focus, we pride ourselves on producing custom-made WC and shower containers for construction site camps. Clients can select from a choice of internal arrangement plans that we offer, or can request their own if necessary. Regarding selection of materials, clients can for example opt for ceramic or stainless steel WC units and sinks, or choose to have under-basin cabinets, water heats or fibreglass septic tanks. The sanitary container can also be easily combined with other prefabricated containers to extend the living spaces of clients’ workforces. For example, sanitary containers can be combined with office spaces.



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